The Wilds Season 3 Release Date Canceled By Prime Video: What We Know and What to Expect Next?

The Wilds Season 3 is back in talk. We were highly saddened over the cancellation of The Wilds Season 3, it was indeed a huge shock for us and we hope to see another installment of this highly intriguing drama series. Prime Video has canceled The Wilds Season 3, but a few sources say that the directors and producers of the series are looking for alternatives to release The Wilds Season 3.

You will be shocked to know that the crew had no idea about the cancellation of the series. Some say they were already on board with the filming process. Despite performing extremely well on Prime Video, The Wilds was brutally taken down from the popular OTT platform, what went wrong? Why The Wilds Season 3 was canceled? Well, there are numerous questions about the renewal and the cancellation of the series. Let us quickly review everything we know about The Wilds Season 3. 

The Wilds Season 3 Release Date

After two extremely successful seasons, the cancellation of The Wilds Season 3 seems unreal to us. Fans are still demanding the renewal of the series. The young adult drama series ended with a major cliffhanger and there is room for more. We still couldn’t accept the fact that The Wilds Season 3 was canceled by Prime Video, how could they say ‘No’ to The Wilds Season 3? This question has been bothering us for months now!

Name of the ShowThe Wilds
Season NumberSeason 3
The Wilds Season 1 Release Date11 December 2020
The Wilds Season 3 Release DateCanceled

Coming to the most asked question out there, will the drama series ever come back with a third installment? The Wilds must come up with Season 3, we yet don’t know whether the rumors are true but fans say the producers must look for other streaming platforms! The audience says Hulu or Netflix would love to make a place for The Wilds Season 3. Some even went ahead and said Prime Video should reconsider its decision of canceling The Wilds Season 3.

Looking at the current position of the drama series, The Wilds Season 3 is a year or so away from us. We still don’t have a concrete release date for you, our estimates say The Wilds Season 3 might roll out next year. Since many sources say the crew and the cast members were already brainstorming on The Wilds Season 3, we think the third installment of the show should be released within March or April 2024.

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The Wilds Story Season 1 And 2 Recap

The Wilds Season 3

It all starts with the drastic plane crash. In The Wilds Season 1, we saw how a group of young girls survive a brutal accident. But the problem wasn’t over yet, they find themselves on a deserted island, unaware of the fact that deep mysteries are hidden there. The land is filled with dangerous creatures and shocking truths.

They are looking for a way out, but little do they know that the situation will become even worse now. The second season of the show starts with a group of unknown boys, the story becomes highly twisted here. 

The girl group must survive along with these unknown men! Friendship, hatred, rivalry, and love, every type of bond is explored here. Season 2 was highly complicated and once again the story of The Wilds took us by surprise.

A lot of revelations happen here, the intriguing storyline of The Wilds has been highly acclaimed out there. The story didn’t remain restricted to the girls but now we were looking forward to all the teens stuck on the island. Our minds were blown by the story of The Wilds Season 1 and Season 2! This explains why people are still demanding The Wilds Season 3. 

What Can Be The Plot The Wilds Season 3?

Both the teen group learns a brand new truth about the island, the story is surely not over yet. On that stranded island, they all depend on one another’s existence and survival, they cannot fall apart. There was indeed a lot of potential left in The Wilds Season 3.

A lot of twists and turns were waiting for us. Some sources say The Wild Season 3 could have taken a 180-degree turn! Fans predict the directors were trying to bring up more social issues into the picture. We still have high hopes for the storyline of The Wilds Season 3. Hopefully, one day the epic drama series would appear again on our screens. 


On IMDb, the show got 7.3 ratings out of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Prime Video canceled The Wilds Season 3?

Yes, Prime Video has canceled The Wilds Season 3.

2. Did The Wilds Season 2 end with a cliffhanger?

Yes, you have observed it right, The Wilds Season 2 did leave us with a major cliffhanger.

3. Is The Wilds renewed for Season 3?

Yes, the young adult drama series, The Wilds was renewed for Season 3 but then it was canceled around May 2022.

4. When will The Wilds Season 3 premiere?

Our guesses say The Wilds Season 3 might roll out somewhere at the beginning of 2024.

5. Will The Wilds Season 3 be released on Netflix?

Nothing has been confirmed yet but as per our studies, The Wilds Season 3 is not releasing on Netflix.

6. Did Prime Video reveal the reason behind the cancellation of The Wilds Season 3?

No, Prime Video didn’t make any comment on the cancellation of The Wilds Season 3.

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