Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122 Release Date, Plot & FAQs: Everything To Know About the Ongoing Manhwa!

The Japanese world indeed has its own set of entertainment which includes anime and manga that has pervaded other parts of the world. However, besides manga, there is another genre of comics coming from the eastern half of Asia. You might have guessed it by now. Yes! We are talking about Manhwa. Manhwa are comics coming from the country of Korea. Currently, Korea is famous for its entertainment industry which includes K-pop and K-dramas. Even if we keep them aside, Korean comics are creating waves of excitement around the world as well. 

Under today’s topic, we will focus on the manhwa Mercenary Enrollment. Ongoing comics/series/shows have always a separate fanbase that is full of excitement and anticipation. There is a different adrenaline rush associated with these ongoing pieces of entertainment that are inexplicable to the world unless you have gone through it too. 

Mercenary Enrollment is an ongoing manhwa that is shaking the world of its readers. We will focus on the release date of the recent chapter, which is chapter 122, of the manhwa. If you are a reader of this, you will probably want to know when the next chapter will be released, for that you will have to read further. As for the non-readers of the manhwa, you will get to know some basic information about the series which will make you want to add it to your read list. 

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122 Release Date

The very recent chapter of Mercenary Enrollment, chapter 122, is set to release on Sunday, February 5, 2023, at midnight Korean Standard Time (KST). The wait for the new chapter will come to an end soon. The time of the release of the new chapter will vary according to the time zone of your location/country. 

This new chapter will be a continuation of whatever happened in chapter 121. The new chapter will come with new developments and new twists. It might also see new developments in the characters, and the story of the manhwa is expected to get more intense than it already has been up till now. 

It is predicted that the chapter spoilers in English will be released two or three days before the release of the actual chapter of the manhwa. You can get the spoilers on Reddit if you want to get a hold of them. 

Name of the MangaMercenary Enrollment
Episode NumberChapter 122
Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122 Release Date5 February 2023

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Mercenary Enrollment plot

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122 Release Date

The plot of this manhwa is unique. It is admirable how writers come up with such unique storylines every time. It is definitely quite amusing. 

Mercenary Enrollment has been written by YC and illustrated by Rak Hyun. Before going ahead, it should be kept in mind that this manhwa is not yet completed. It is ongoing, and its recent chapter will be released soon enough. 

The manhwa opens with a tragic incident but soon it takes a turn. Ijyu Ijin, the main protagonist, was unfortunately involved in a plane crash along with his parents. It was in this accident that he lost his parents. 

Ijin’s story does not end here, in fact, it is where his story begins. He gets taken up by an unnamed group and is given harsh training. It is after this training that he works for eight years as a mercenary in various battles across the world. 

When he returns to Korea after a decade, he faces various problems like bullies, kidnappers, and other criminals. He takes up the duty of defending his close ones and his precious relationships. It feels as if after losing his parents Ijin wants to protect every other relationship he has. He does not want to lose whatever is left for him. 

Mercenary Enrollment: Ijin’s details

Ijyu Ijin is a teenager. He is 19 years old and has served as a mercenary. His relatives include his grandfather, and his younger sister Yu Dayun. Ijin is pretty tall; his height is 179.5 cm/ 5’11”. Presently he is a student, and the story encompasses his struggles and adventures. 

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FAQs about Mercenary Enrollment

1. Is Mercenary Enrollment a manga?

No, Mercenary Enrollment is not a manga, it is a manhwa, a Korean comic. 

2. What is the theme of Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary Enrollment deals with a teenager who has faced a rough childhood. The story deals with the protagonist’s adventures and endeavors toward attaining a stable life.

3. Is Mercenary Enrollment available in English?

Yes, Mercenary Enrollment is available in English on Webtoon.

4. Is Mercenary Enrollment worth reading?

It is definitely worth reading. The storyline of the manhwa is different from its contemporary ones. The story of the protagonist is intense and full of hurdles that will soften your heart for him. 

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