Is Case 63 A True Story? What Is The Show All About?

Months have passed by but Spotify subscribers are still listening to ‘Case 63’ on loop. Firstly, we would like to give a round of applause to Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac, they have done an exceptional job in the ten-episode podcast series! ‘Case 63’ has truly taken us by surprise, and we still can’t forget about the intriguing storyline of the newly launched podcast series. 

But hey there, have you ever tried to know the backstory behind ‘Case 63’? Since the podcast series revolves around the pandemic crisis, the majority of the audience thinks that the podcast revolves around an actual event! Are the rumors true? Is ‘Case 63’ based on a real-life story? Well, to clear all your doubts let us quickly get on board with the main discussion of the day 

Is Case 63 A True Story?

This happens to be the most popular question out there. Numerous issues taken up in the podcast series directly connect us to the pandemic! This particular podcast show takes us back to the drastic lockdown period! People died, many lost their loved ones, people were starving, the world was shut down, from schools to giant corporate offices everything was closed, everyone was crying for help, the world economy was at risk and in this difficult moment, we lost all our hopes! 

Case 63 truly touched our hearts, we couldn’t have asked for anything else but according to our estimates, the story of Case 63 is not true. Yes, the podcast takes deep references from the pandemic crisis but at the end of the day, we shouldn’t forget the fact that it is nothing but another fictional story! You actually thought a patient named Case 63 existed in real life? Well, if you think deeply, the rumor sounds extremely funny and baseless! In the story, we heard that the patient named Case 63 happens to be a man who claims that he has traveled back in time! The concept itself sounds highly questionable! Our estimates say Case 63 is not based on a true story!

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Case 63 Synopsis 

It all started when Case 63 knocked at the door of Dr. Eliza Knight. Simple therapy sessions changed into a game of reality and hallucinations. At one point in time, you will too start questioning the storyline of the series! Case 63 claims that he has come from the year 2062 and that’s when the story changed its pace! He warns Dr. Eliza about the upcoming threat. The destruction phase is not over yet. If you think the situation has become worse now, wait a bit more as the pandemic periods are about to come again, and deadly forms of viruses are waiting for us. 

Coronavirus was just a trailer of destruction, the world will soon turn into a land of graveyards. Case 63 has managed to come back in time, he must make people aware of the upcoming crisis, but will the psychiatrist believe his story? When reality becomes a question mark, when the future becomes doubtful, when the present sounds unreal, the popular podcast series which was released back in October 2022 is still seen among the best podcast series out there.

Oscar Isaac And Julianne Moore Shares Her View On Case 63

In a short interview, Julianne Moore revealed that Case 63 was her first-ever audio project; she was initially highly stressed about the podcast series! Case 63 was not just science fiction but a mix of everything! The dramatic twists and turns incorporated in the podcast series truly surprised and shocked us. Moore herself was highly astonished by the results of Case 63. She loved the fact that the audience was highly mesmerized by the story of the podcast series. 

Coming to Oscar Isaac, he loved to pair up with Julianne Moore and we couldn’t agree any more than this, the pair truly stood out to the crowd. Oscar Isaac loved the storyline of the podcast series and he couldn’t believe the fact that the audience was deeply curious to learn more about the podcast series. If you still haven’t got a chance to stream Case 63, then you are surely missing out on an incredible podcast series. Plug in your earphones and head to Spotify, Case 63 must be on your Spotify schedule! 

Is Case 63 A True Story? – FAQs

1. Is Case 63 based on a real-life event?

No, Case 63 is not a real-life story but the references to the pandemic, depicted in the podcast occurred back in 2020 and 2021.

2. Is Case 63 renewed for Season 2?

No, Case 63 is not yet renewed by Spotify.

3. Will Spotify show a green flag to Case 63 Season 2?

Case 63 Episode 10 ends with a cliffhanger, thus our estimates say Spotify might soon show the green light to Case 63 Season 2.

4. When will Case 63 Season 2 premiere?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, sources predict Case 63 Season 2 might roll out next year, particularly in autumn 2024.

5. Did a patient named Case 63 exist in real life?

As we mentioned above, all the characters including Case 63 are fictional.

6. Is Case 63 available for free?

Yes, you can stream all ten episodes of Case 63, exclusively just on Spotify. They are available for free.

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