12 Hollywood Actors Who Changed Their Religion: From Lindsay Lohan To Richard Gere

We don’t believe in one God, but we do believe in the fact that God’s grace has always been with us. There are numerous types of religion out there but it all comes down to one thing, whether it’s Islam, Buddhism, or Christianity, everything is somehow connected with the concept of spiritual upliftment! Coming to the main topic of the day, there are a bunch of actors on our radar who have renewed their hopes and faith, they have changed their religion and it has truly helped them to get better, spiritually and mentally. So let’s not delay any further and quickly get on board with the main topic of the day! 

12 Actors Who Have Changed Their Religion

NameEarlier ReligionReligion Changed To
Lindsay LohanRoman CatholicIslam
Leah Remini Church of ScientologyCatholic
Isla FisherMethodistJudaism
Elizabeth Banks Roman CatholicJewish
Shia LaBeouf JewishChristian
Zooey Deschanel Catholic Judaism
Richard GereMethodist Buddhist
Orlando BloomChristian Buddhist
Sharon Stone MethodistBuddhist
Katie Holmes ScientologyCatholic
Julia Roberts Christian Hinduism
Robert Downey Jr JewBuddhist

From the very gorgeous and talented, Lindsay Lohan to everyone’s favorite, Robert Downey Jr, everyone is on our list. We have found 12 exclusive Hollywood actors for you who have spoken freely about their newly found beliefs! Some have started following Judaism, some prefer walking on the path of Islam while others have restored their beliefs in Catholicism! The list is pretty long and you will surely enjoy it all.

12. Lindsay Lohan

The highly popular American actress Lindsay Lohan was once a Roman Catholic! The rumors started in 2017 and guess what she has addressed it all. She has faced a lot of backlash out there but she has decided to stick to her original decision! She was highly fascinated to learn everything about Islamic countries and cultures and that’s when she thought of reading the holy book of Islam. It was a life-changing decision for her. Some of her close friends in Saudi introduced her to the holy book of the Quran and that’s when she decided to experience the sheer joy of revival in her life.

11. Leah Remini

From leaving the Church of Scientology to learning everything about Catholicism, Leah Remini has decided to convert her religious beliefs. Back in 2013, she decided to walk off from the Church of Scientology. Sources say her conversion decision was highly influenced by her grandmother’s beliefs. It seems like her grandmother used to follow Catholicism. The highly renowned actress once said that simple Christian beliefs truly renewed her soul, and her peace has been restored. 

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10. Isla Fisher 

Raised in Australia, back in childhood Isla used to be a Methodist, but then she fell in love with Baron! From fully learning Hebrew culture to following the path of Judaism, the highly handsome English celebrity, Sacha Baron Cohen happens to be the main reason why Isla Fisher decided to change her religion forever. They both dated for almost two years and then in the year 2010 they decided to officialize their bond! The renowned Australian actress was deeply in love with Baron and thus decided to embrace the Jewish faith.

9. Elizabeth Banks 

No people, she is no longer a Roman Catholic! Yes Elizabeth Banks is recognised as a Jew, she didn’t complete the whole conversion process but for the past fifteen years, she has devoted herself to Judaism. After dating Max Handelman for 10 and a half years, she finally decided to marry him! They met in college and that’s when their relationship geared up. They have been married for 20 years now and after 5 years of her marriage, she started following Jewish culture. As per records, Banks’ two kids go to Jewish schools and the whole family just celebrates Jewish holidays.

8. Shia LaBeouf 

Next on our list is Shia LeBeouf, the actor never really experienced the greatness of spirituality but his life changed when he was filming for “Fury.” Shia’s mother originally happens to be Jewish while her father was Christian but unlike his parents, he never really felt connected towards any particular religion. Back in 2014, Shia decided to follow the path of Christianity. He fully transformed himself into a Christian. Praying truly changed his life and living views, LaBeouf said that Brad Pitt’s views truly influenced him a lot.

7. Zooey Deschanel 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

Zooey’s mother was a Roman Catholic while her father was a Quaker but unlike her parents, she was never really into religious beliefs! Born in a liberal family, the very talented American actor and musician never felt intensely connected to any religion out there. She had a fond interest in theology and loved reading it all but still, she didn’t like sticking her belief to a particular religion. It seems like everything changed when she married Jacob Pechenik, Zooey Deschanel is no longer an atheist! Yes, you read it right, the actress has converted to Judaism.

6. Richard Gere

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

Another iconic actor who changed his religion happens to be Richard Gere. Even before he established his name as a renowned actor he started following Buddhism. Brought up in a Methodist family, he never knew he would one day decide to convert his religion! Back in his 20s, Richard was heavily depressed, he forgot how to smile and lost all belief in hope. The actor was deeply confused about his haphazard life decisions and that’s when he decided to reach out to bookstores. Late-night readings have helped him a lot and just one such day he got his hands on Walter Evans-Wentz’s books and that truly changed his mindset. Those Tibetan books on Buddhism had an enormous impact on his life. For 40 years now, he has been walking on the path of Buddhism and he has even visited India and Nepal to broaden his knowledge about the long-standing Buddhist culture. 

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5. Orlando Bloom 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

No fans, your favorite actor, the very handsome and charming, Orlando Bloom is not Christian! In an uncut interview, the actor revealed that he firmly believes in Buddhism, and since the age of 16, he has been following the same. One of his school friends, named David, introduced him to Buddhism and he was extremely fascinated by the simple and subtle Buddhist culture! Bloom once said that Buddhism truly guided him to the right path. 

4. Sharon Stone 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

The very gorgeous, talented, and renowned American actor of all time, Sharon Stone is under our radar. She was originally an atheist from the beginning but with time her beliefs changed! Raised by Methodist parents, she never imagined she would change to Buddhism one day, but guess what she did what her heart told her to do. Sharon always wanted a balanced and peaceful life and Buddhism has truly helped her a lot, her whole perspective towards life has changed.

3. Katie Holmes 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

She no longer believes in Scientology, yes you read it right, Katie Holmes has come back to Catholicism. Sources say Katie was highly fascinated by the concept of Scientology. She married Tom Cruise in 2006 and that’s when she started following Tom’s religion. Katie was raised as a Roman Catholic but then she fell in love with Tom Cruise and we all know what happened after that! Their divorce was finalized in the year 2012 and thus Katie decided to stick to her original religion and returned to Roman Catholic culture! 

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2. Julia Roberts 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

Another popular celebrity who has converted her religion happens to be the very talented and beautiful, Julia Roberts. Back in 2010, her fans were highly shocked to learn that Julia was practicing Hinduism. Born in a Christian family, she never knew she would feel more connected to Hindu cultures and beliefs! Sources say Julia strongly believes in guru Neem Karoli Baba. Julia Roberts said once that Hinduism truly satisfied her soul. Back in 2009, the actress even visited the Hari Mandir Ashram situated in Pataudi.

1. Robert Downey Jr 

Actors Who Changed Their Religion

Last but not the least, our eyes roll over Robert Downey Jr! It seems like the actor has recently started believing in Buddhism. He openly talks about Buddhist culture. Sources say that he originally happens to be a Jew but currently, he is recognised as a “Jewish Buddhist”. He not only abides by one particular religion but tries to find a balance between Christianity and Buddhism. Some sources revealed that Robert Downey Jr was highly fond of Christianity and the Hare Krishna movement. That’s all from our end, for more such intriguing content, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Lindsay Lohan faced heavy backlash for accepting Islam?

Yes, you have read it right, sources say that western people were heavily upset and angry when Lindsay Lohan showcased her deep faith in Islam.

2. Does Robert Downey Jr firmly believe in Hinduism?

Yes, Robert Downey Jr genuinely feels connected to Hinduism and Buddhism, he is highly fascinated by the mythological Indian stories.

3. Was Julia Roberts questioned by her fans about her newly found faith in Hinduism?

In the beginning, Julia was troubled by a bunch of questions but with time her fans understood that they should respect Julia’s beliefs and faith.

4. Did Brad Pitt force Shia LaBeouf to accept Catholicism?

The rumor is not quite accurate, Brad Pitt did influence Shia to adopt Catholicism, but the actor was not forced by Brad Pitt.

5. Did Katie Holmes return to Catholicism?

Yes, after her divorce was finally done and dusted, Katie Holmes restored her faith in Catholicism.

6. Did Lindsay Lohan convert her religion?

Lindsay Lohan feels a deep connection with Islamic cultures and views, sources say she is still on course to become a proper Muslim.

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