Young Dolph Net Worth: How Much The American Rapper Used To Earn?

The very talented, renowned, incredible American rapper of all time, the one whom the music industry lost recently, the one and only, Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. is on our radar. Unfortunately, almost two years ago, when the world was caught up in Covid-19 when everyone was struggling with the hardships of the pandemic, Young Dolph was shot dead at Memphis! The real mystery behind his brutal murder case is still under investigation. His fans truly hope that one day Young Dolph will get justice. 

The rapper is no longer with us but all the songs which he has ever created or given to the music industry will always be alive within us. His fans miss him now and then and still couldn’t believe that he died due to cruel gunshots. We will surely try our best to analyze his death mystery for you! But before anything else, let’s quickly get on board with the main topic of the day, let’s review Young Dolph’s net worth! What did the American rapper leave for his two kids?

Young Dolph Net Worth

Sources say Young Dolph held a net worth of $3 million, since the rapper was killed in 2021, the numbers remain the same to date. As of January 2023, there is not much information on how his net worth will be divided among his two kids and his long-time partner and wife, Mia Jaye, but as per our estimates until the two kids become adults the whole property will be under his wife’s review! 

Most of the income earned by Young Dolph will go for his two kid’s higher studies and career streams. Young Dolph became highly popular during the year 2016, all thanks go to his highly popular album of all time, namely, King of Memphis! This particular music video also got a place on the Billboard 200 chart. It was ranked 49 but it is still seen among the best rap songs of all time. 

How Did His Net Worth Grow?Net Worth
Net Worth In 2021 $3 million
Net Worth In 2020 $2 million
Net Worth In 2019 $1 million
Net Worth In 2018$500,000

After 2016, the rapper saw an incredible height in his musical career. After “King of Memphis” came “Cut It”, his exceptional single too got a place on the Billboard Hot 100 list. As per our studies, in 2019, Dolph held a net worth of $1 million, but we all know the rapper changed the whole game in 2020. After all, how could we forget about his greatest album of all time, Rich Slave? 

His seventh album rolled out in 2020 and this added $2 million more to his bank account. If you still doubt this, then you should surely check the records for the 2020 Billboard 200 list! Rich Slave was at number four and Dolph was on cloud nine! Initially, we were expecting to see a few more great projects from his side, but before he could get on board with his upcoming music album, he was brutally shot dead in Memphis. The music industry surely lost another notable rapper!

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Young Dolph Helped People During Pandemic 

It wasn’t a celebrity stunt but truly an act of kindness! He wanted to help all the troubled people out there. He had a bad childhood, he has struggled a lot as a musician and he knows how difficult things can get for poor men out there. During the COVID-19 phase, Dolph was heavily focusing on his family relationships. He wanted to build a strong bond with his kids and also be a standing example for them. Despite his huge popularity, he never really appeared as a celebrity to his fans, he was always highly humble with them. The American rapper even donated $25,000 to his alma mater, Hamilton High School! 

Apart from giving donations, the rapper was also active in other social activities! He highly enjoyed giving motivational speeches in schools and colleges, he always encouraged young minds to lead a better life. He is also remembered for his popular Thanksgiving activity! After all, how could you forget about his food giveaway ritual?

Believe it or not, Young Dolph did distribute two hundred turkeys to individuals at the West Cancer Center! He wasn’t only a popular rapper but also a good human being! His fans are still highly shocked and upset over his sudden death. Sources say that he was supposed to provide more meals to the needy ones, but before he could do so, he was murdered by two infamous criminals.

Was Young Dolph Planning To Quit? 

Yes, the rumors are correct and accurate, Young Dolph initially wanted to take a long break from the music industry. The news emerged around 2020 and Young Dolph has also addressed all the rumors out there. As per his statements, the rapper wanted to devote his life to his two kids, he wanted to give them more attention and affection.

One of his Instagram posts clearly says that he is planning to quit music forever, all he wanted to do back then was to take care of his two kids! Hope you all remember his famous single, namely, “Sunshine”? 

You will be shocked to know that the rapper created this album for his son. Yes, once upon a time, particularly during the lockdown and pandemic, Dolph’s son wanted to hear some unique song and that’s when he started thinking of “Sunshine”. Well, guess what the rapper once again proved himself as an incredible musician, his renowned single, “Sunshine” truly touched our hearts.

But in this same context, we would like to clear up the false rumor out there, many thought Dolph was suffering from mental illness and that’s why he wanted to take a break from the rapping world, but the scenario was different from this rumor! 

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The Unresolved Mystery Behind Young Dolph’s Death

The date is still remembered by his huge fanbase, Young Dolph left the world on 17th November 2021. Sources say he was having a normal day, he headed out to buy some delicious cookies from the famous bakery in Memphis, namely, Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, but little did he know that some evil men were stalking him for days! Two gunmen out of nowhere appeared in a white Mercedes-Benz and shot him dead right in front of the bakery! 

Sources revealed the rapper had to face  22 gunshots! The two cruel gunmen took a direct shot at his forehead! They also aimed at his back, it was quite clear that they didn’t want to keep him alive. Thousands from Memphis came to the accident spot, all raided the road, just to see the last glimpse of Young Dolph! To avoid investigation difficulties, a curfew was also called at Memphis! Young Dolph’s burial happened on 30th November 2021. 

After months of investigation, finally, on 5th January 2022, the police got the hold of Justin Johnson, sources revealed he happens to be an infamous criminal. He had previously carried out a bunch of criminal activities, this man also had strong connections with popular criminal groups.

But the story didn’t end here, deep research showed Justin was also once a rapper, some say he was famous as Straight Drop! The other suspect in this brutal murder case was Cornelius Smith. Sources say he stole the car to murder Young Dolph. He was particularly caught on 11th January 2022 and was charged with first-degree murder, theft, and unauthorized weapon possession! 

The court hearings started on 12th January 2022 but as the lawyers started going deep into the mystery another name popped up in the court. The case became highly jumbled when a third suspect emerged in front of us and this brings us to Hernandez Govan. Studies said he was the one who hired Justin and Smith!

The next trial for Young Dolph’s case might happen in 2024. A lot of evidence has been brushed under the carpet and the investigation team still needs a good chunk of time to bring out the truth to us. Let’s hope the main culprit in this murder case will soon come into the picture. All in all, Young Dolph should receive the justice he deserved. That’s all for now, we will soon update you with more information on Dolph’s mystery murder case! 

Young Dolph’s Net Worth – FAQs

1. At what age did Young Dolph die?

Young Dolph, the famous rapper died at the age of 36.

2. How many kids did Young Dolph have?

Young Dolph shared a beautiful life with his wife, Mia Jaye. The couple had a total of two kids.

3. Did Young Dolph quit the music industry?

Young Dolph initially wanted to quit the music industry but he never stepped out from the music world.

4. How did Young Dolph die?

Young Dolph was brutally murdered by two cruel criminals, he was shot dead!

5. When did Young Dolph die?

As per the records available on the web, Young Dolph died on 17th November 2021 but due to the investigation procedures, his funeral ceremony happened on 30th November of that month.

6. Was Young Dolph depressed?

Many suspect something was continuously bothering Dolph’s mental health, but the rapper never really addressed the rumors out there.

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