Who Is Radhika Merchant? Everything You Should Know About Ambani’s New Family Member!

Have you ever thought about why British people are so invested in the life of the royal family? They have got nothing to do with the royal family, they do not even know the members personally to be so invested in their livelihood, then why are common people so invested in them?

The simple answer to this question is, common people will always be invested in the lives of the people who are in the upper positions of society. If you are wealthy and are associated with something that has made you popular or famous, people will try to know more about you. 

The same thing happens when it comes to celebrities and business personalities. We, as common people, want to know every detail of their opulent lifestyles. This is a weird fascination, but at the same time forms hot topics of gossip. When celebrities get married, we want to know every nook and crook of the wedding details. This is very common and natural. Humans are always intrigued by something they will never get to know about completely. 

In this article, our focus will be on the recent hot topic in the business world of India. Who is Radhika Merchant? You must have heard this name recently in news articles and from various other sources. Today’s discussion will be focused on who this personality is and how she became engaged with the Ambani family. You will have to continue reading further to know all the details about Radhika Merchant. 

Who Is Radhika Merchant?

Who Is Radhika Merchant?

Miss. Merchant is a well-known figure in the world of business in India. She is the daughter of the famous business personality Virent Merchant. Viren Merchant is one of the richest businessmen in India. He is the CEO of Encore Healthcare. Radhika is not the only child of the Merchant couple. She has a younger sister named Anjali Merchant.

Encore Healthcare is a privately owned pharmaceutical company. It was incorporated on 30th Jan 2002. The company is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Presently, the authorized capital of the company stands at Rs. 150 lakhs. From the reports, it can be easily said that the company has been doing extremely well for the last 22 years. The board members of the company include Viren Merchant and his family members. 

Radhika Merchant’s family is from Kutch in Gujarat. She was born on 18th December 1994. According to her date of birth, Radhika is a Sagittarius. Currently, she is 28 years old. Aside from being a businesswoman, Radhika is also a classical dancer. She has been trained in the Bharatanatyam dance form for quite some time now. 

How did Radhika Merchant become a hot topic of gossip? Radhika Merchant has been engaged to the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Anant Ambani. Since then, people have been very much interested in knowing who is Radhika Merchant. 

Radhika Merchant: All About The Wedding!

Radhika is engaged to Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani. Both of them had their Roka ceremony held last year in Rajasthan. It was since then that she became a topic of gossip and is seen to be trending on social media platforms. 

The duo had their Roka held on December 29th at Shrinathji Temple in Rajasthan’s Nathdwara. After their Roka ceremony, the Ambani family released an official statement confirming the wedding of the two. The official statement says, “Anant and Radhika have known each other for a few years and today’s ceremony commences the formal journey of their marriage in the coming months. Both families seek the blessings and good wishes of everyone for Radhika and Anant as they start their journey of togetherness.”

Radhika and Anant had their engagement recently. They exchanged rings on 19th January in Antilia. At their pre-engagement party, Radhika was seen wearing a beautiful pink lehenga by Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jain. The pre-engagement Mehendi ceremony was held in Mumbai. 

People are now waiting for the release of the official date of their marriage ceremony. Needless to say, people will once again witness a luxurious wedding event taking place in the Ambani household where various celebrities will be seen attending the several functions associated with the wedding. Once the date gets confirmed, we will receive more information regarding the opulent wedding. We will be providing you with information about the duo in the world of business in India who will tie the knot pretty soon. 

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Radhika Merchant Early And Professional Life

Miss. Merchant has received high-level education. She has done her schooling in two different schools. She was a student of Cathedral and John Connon School and Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai. After her schooling was done, she went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics. 

Radhika graduated with a B.A degree in politics and economics from New York University. Besides being graduated from NYU, she also possesses an International Baccalaureate diploma. 

Before taking the reigns of her family business, she did internships to gain knowledge about her field of work. She worked as an intern at Cedar Consultants in Mumbai from June to August 2016. She interned in the role of a business strategy consultant. Radhika also was an employee as a sales professional in the prestigious and well-known firm Desai and Dewanji. In 2017 she has joined Isprava Group as a sales executive. She was an employee at India First as well. 

After serving both as an intern and an employee at various firms, Radhika finally took hold of her family business. At present, she is one of the board members of Encore Healthcare Pvt Ltd. She is a well-known businesswoman and is proficient in her field of work. 

More about Radhika Merchant

Besides her education and profession, Miss. The merchant is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. She has been a disciple of Guru Bhavana Thakar of Shree Nibha Arts for eight years. This academy is a Mumbai-based dance academy that is known for 25 years now. Her ‘Araangetrm’ ceremony was held at Mumbai’s Jio World Centre in June of 2022. This ceremony marked the end of her formal training and her first on-stage performance. 

Radhika Merchant is also a philanthropist. She works on various social causes. She has advocated for the Rights of Education and has worked to ensure education is accessible to all. She is involved with organizations working for the empowerment of women. Radhika is also an animal lover. She works for their welfare. Her hobbies include swimming, reading, and trekking. In simple words, Radhika is a woman of Indian culture. Not only is she well educated, but she is also a compassionate human being which is mostly proved through her hard work for animals and other organizations. 

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Radhika Merchant Net Worth

Radhika Merchant’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 8 crores to Rs. 10 crores according to DNA. Her wealth comes mostly from her family business Encore Healthcare. 

Her father’s net worth is estimated to be approximately Rs. 755 crores according to Times Now. Aside from being the CEO of Encore Healthcare, he is also the director of Encore Plyfrac Products, Encore Natural Polymers, Encore Business Centre, ZYG Pharma, and Saidarshan Business Centres.

Radhika is currently engaged to the youngest son of India’s second-richest person. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, is estimated to have a net worth of Rs. 7lakh crore approximately according to Forbes. Anant Ambani is currently a director on Jio Platforms and Reliance New Energy Solar. He is also the co-owner of Mumbi Indians, an Indian Premiere League (IPL) team. 

Radhika and the Ambanis

Radhika and Anant are said to be childhood friends. The official statement from the Ambanis confirms that there was/is a relationship between Anant and Radhika which the families have known about. Both families are now coming together to form a more closely bonded relationship through the marriage of their children. 

Radhika Merchant has a close relationship with Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh and Nita Ambani. She also has a good relationship with our future mother-in-law. She was seen attending the weddings of the other two Ambani children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Radhika and Anant know each other?

Radhika and Anant have been childhood friends. They went to the same school. Their families have known each other since then. They may have dated each other for some time now.

2. Is Radhika Merchant rich?

Of course, she is. She is the daughter of one of the most famous businessmen in India. She is rich. 

3. What is Radhika Merchant’s age?

Radhika is 28 years as of now. Her birthday is on 18th December. She turned 28 recently. 

4. Who is Radhika Merchant’s husband?

Radhika Merchant is not yet married. She is engaged to Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani. They are supposed to tie knots pretty soon. 

5. Is Radhika Merchant Gujarati?

She is Gujarati. However, she grew up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

6. Is Radhika Merchant dating somebody?

Radhika Merchant has probably been dating Anant Ambani. She is currently engaged to him.

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