What Happens At The End Of Bleach? Does Ginjo Decide To Harm Soul Society?

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is currently streaming online, have you watched all the episodes of the brand-new anime series? We can’t wait to witness the second part of this popular anime series. But hey there today we are sticking to the original story, let’s start from the beginning, let’s go back to the original manga tale! After a glorious journey of fifteen long years, finally, in 2016 we saw the epic ending of Bleach. The fascinating manga series was filled with a bunch of twists and turns but the ending of the story surely took us by surprise! It couldn’t get any better than this but the ending of the manga tale was highly questioned by the audience out there. 

Fans say they were highly confused by the final arc of Bleach! If you read closely, then you will see the story of Bleach ended with some loopholes. Just like One Piece or Naruto, Bleach as well has got a huge fanbase out there and fans are extremely curious to learn more about the second part of the newly launched anime series. But before anything else, let us quickly take you through the ending of Bleach, the final battle between Ichigo and Sternritter!

What Happens At The End Of Bleach?

The stage has opened up wide for the Substitute Soul Reaper, here comes the main protagonist of the story, Ichigo Kurosaki. It all starts when the truth of the Soul Society came as a shock to Ginjo! Seeking revenge and vengeance, Ginjo decides to harm Soul Society, and there comes the biggest twist of the story! Ichigo comes in front to save the Soul Society. As we dig deep into the tale, we will see how Ichigo and his friends line up against Ginjo and that’s when Ichigo gets back his lost powers! Now that Ichigo is back in his action form, the story takes another epic turn. 

Welcome the epic and horrifying army of Quincies, collectively they are known as the Wandenreich! For years, they have enslaved many Arrancars, all kept in Hueco Mundo, and thus begins another interesting chapter of the story. The situation becomes highly stressful when Wandenreich declares an outrageous war against the Soul Society, in this troubled condition all eyes are stuck on the Soul Reapers! In the final few chapters of the manga series, we were introduced to Yhwach! It seems like the ancient progenitor of the Quincies is planning to kill the Soul King! Will he succeed in his plan? 

As the story moves forward we will see how the Wandenreich succeeded in their evil motives! We lost many Soul Reapers here, sadly, the Head-Captain, Yamamoto also couldn’t handle the heat of the Wandenreich! The second invasion of the Wandenreich was much more drastic than the first one. Meanwhile, Uryū decides to follow Yhwach’s lead, but as the situation intensifies, a shocking truth comes into the picture. Finally, Uryū learns the actual reason behind his mother’s death. 

Ichigo and his friends initially try their best to stop the second destructive invasion of the Wandenreich, but they didn’t have a fair chance against them. In this particular event, the fans of Bleach were disheartened to learn that Yhwach succeeded in capturing the Royal Palace and was also able to kill the Soul King. This was a major shock for us, we still couldn’t believe the fact that the Soul King was brutally killed by Yhwach. This brings us to the ultimate battle of the manga series! 

The final chapter unfolds, and Ichigo and his friends prepare for the final battle. Thankfully, Shinigami survived the cruelties of Yhwach and the Wandenreich army. He has now decided to pair up with Ichigo and his friends. The team is all set and ready to attack and destroy Yhwach’s newly captured palace, it seems like they will mainly focus on Yhwach’s most powerful warrior, Sternritter. But don’t you underestimate the intelligence or strength of Yhwach, he is ready to shatter down Soul Society. But the tables will turn soon, and Ichigo decides to free Uryū and Aizen. Temporarily, the two warriors are kept free from prison. With the help of these two, Ichigo wins the most challenging battle of his lifetime.

The battle ended but the part and parcels of the war hugely affected the Soul Society. The last leg of the story starts with Rukia. Get ready to travel forward in time, as time exceeds, things change and all the Soul Reapers who survived the ultimate battle against Yhwach, finally get a chance to focus on their personal lives. Ten years later, Rukia is labeled as the new captain of the thirteenth company and she is not only a captain now but also a mother. Rukia starts sharing her life with Renji Abarai. His long-time best friend becomes her husband. 

On the other hand, Ichigo gets married to Orihime, they also have a son now. But the time travel doesn’t stop here. Two years later, we see Ichigo preparing himself for the Soul Funeral Ceremony of Jūshirō Ukitake. All the captains are looking forward to the funeral ceremony, everyone reaches the main spot except Ichigo. Our protagonist heads towards the Lieutenants of Karakura Town, he has charged with an important responsibility, he must capture Hollows which will be used later as a sign of sacrifice. All these Hollows are hidden by the Beasts of Hell and to capture these, Ichigo must face late Octava Espada. The story ends with a shocking revelation, the funeral ceremony will directly transfer the late captains to Hell. 

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Will The Story Of Bleach Continue Beyond The Funeral Ceremony?

The story of Bleach ended on a good note, but we also cannot ignore the fact that we learned a lot in the last chapter of Bleach. From learning deeply about the funeral rituals to getting introduced to the young Soul Reapers, the final chapter of Bleach was nothing but a chaotic rollercoaster for us. The story ended on an open note and that’s why the readers got highly confused by the end of the manga tale. 

There is surely room for more fascinating chapters and intriguing storylines. All eyes are currently stuck on Tite Kubo, if the writer plans to move forward with the story of Bleach, then just like Naruto received an extensive manga based on Boruto, Bleach might also make a comeback with Part 2. The next broad part of Bleach might be based around Kazui, Ichigo’s son. 

But sadly, the writer still hasn’t released any statement on the sequel to Bleach. Fans of Bleach were highly disappointed by the final chapter of the manga series. Thus, now and then, they come up with new questions on Bleach Part 2. As of January 2023, Tite Kubo hasn’t addressed any of the rumors out there. Just like you, we too would like to read Bleach Part 2. Hopefully, someday Kubo will answer all our queries and doubts.

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Is Tite Kubo Planning To Make A Manga Around Kazui?

The story of Bleach ends with some epic questionable areas. The stage remains open for Rukia’s daughter and Ichigo’s son. The readers would love to witness the story of Kazui, we would love to know what’s in store for the young Soul Reaper. Not only Kazui, but we would also like to see how Ichika evolves as an apprentice Soul Reaper. A new story might be waiting for us, after all the audience is highly curious to learn more about Ichigo’s son!

The readers of Bleach have a bunch of questions in mind! Some fan-based theories say we might see a sweet love story between Kazui and Ichika, anything and everything is possible here. But unfortunately, years have passed by but we still haven’t heard anything about Bleach Part 2. It seems like the manga series will never come back with another interesting storyline! That’s all for now, to know about interesting and exciting manga series, stay connected with us, just right here.

What Happens At The End Of Bleach? – FAQs

1. Did the manga series, Bleach end with a major cliffhanger?

To some extent, the story of Bleach ended with some questionable twists and turns!

2. How many volumes are there in total in Bleach?

As per the records available, the manga series, Bleach has a total of 74 volumes.

3. Is Tite Kubo working on Bleach Part 2?

Nothing has been announced yet, Tite Kubo is still silent on a sequel manga series! There is still no concrete information available on Bleach Part 2.

4. Did Ichigo marry Orihime?

Yes, if you have followed the story carefully, then you already know by now that at the end of Bleach, Ichigo did start a life with Orihime.

5. How many kids did Ichigo have?

As per our studies and according to the original manga series, Ichigo only had one son, namely Kazui.

6. Did Ichigo die in Bleach?

No, the main protagonist of the story, Ichigo didn’t die in the final chapter of Bleach.

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