My School President Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

My school president is a Thai BL. Its genre is romantic comedy school youth. It has a total of 12 episodes. It was released on 2 December 2022. It is still an ongoing series. It always premiered on Friday with 55 minutes of running time. The series is directed by Au Kornprom Niyomsil. It is produced by GMMTV. 

My School President Season 2 Release Date 

My school president’s Season 2 release date is not yet announced as season 1 is going on. If Season 1 is followed by Season 2 then probably Season 2 will be released in 2024. 

Name Of The ShowMy School President
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRom-Com Anime
My School President Season 1 Release Date 2 December 2022
My School President Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

But we cannot say that it is confirmed to have a second season because the makers of My School President have not yet mentioned anything about the second season. If there will be a second season then GMMTV will definitely update us. 

My School President Season 2 Story 

My School President Season 2 Release Date 

The story for the second season is still not known, so you can focus on the overall story of this series for now. 

The series focuses on two guys, Gun and Tinn. Gun is president of the School’s Music Club and he has a dream of winning the Hot Wave contest. But His dream is going to break as the club decides to disband. So he (Gun) decides to enlist the School Council President Tinn, whose mother is the School’s principal. Like most drama love stories, Tinn liked Gun for a very long time. And Tinn is determined to help Gun with the contest so he can propose to him. 

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My School President Season 2 Cast

The cast is Not yet been announced so take look at the season 1 cast: 

Norawit Titicharoenrak (Gemini) as Tin, Nattawat Jirochtikul (Fourth) as Gun, Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (Winny) as Win, Kittipop Serevichayasawat (Satang) as Sound, Pakin Kunaanuwit (Mark) as Thiuson, Passatorn Koolkang (Captain) as Me, Arun Asawasuebsakul (Ford) as Por, Theepakorn Kwamboon (Prom) as Phat, Napat Patcharachavalit (Aun) as Khajorn, Sarocha Wattitapan (Tao) as Tin’s mother, Gosin Rachakrom (Go) as Tin’s father, Pijika Jittaputta (Lookwa) as Gun’s mother, Thakorn Promsatitkul (Lotte) as Yak, Goals Opas-iamkajorn (Mick), Sivakorn Lertchuczyk (Guy) as MC Hot Wave, Jirapat Uttamanan (Khunnote) as Teacher Mentor, Kittipat Chalaragse (Golf) as Music Director, and Apichaya Kamnoetsirikun (Atom). 

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My School President Season 1 Recap 

In the first episode, The new principal of Niyomsil School divulges the plans to cut out the club from performing that aren’t reaching her standards, and Gun’s music club was one of them and topped her list. Gun stands for student president as it offers the power to choose which clubs are pulled but Gun gets beaten by Tinn who is the son of the principal. Gun’s next target is to set their club bar high in competition by performing but Gun is fighting with the time and Tinn wants to see them fail. 

Tinn has a crush on Gun. 

In the second episode, we see if Gun wins the student body election he will be forced to quit the Music Clu, where Tinn is forced to face his crush. Tinn decides to save the music club for Gun and wants to do it silently without anybody noticing that he is the one behind the save. 

In the third episode, Gun approaches Tinn to get help to sign the Hot Wave Application from the Principal. But the principal said she will only do it if they pass their midterms. Tinn then saw this as an opportunity and took a chance to tutor Gun privately. 

In episode four, a skilled guitarist enters the school whose name is ‘Sound’. Chinzhilla wants Sound to join the band. And it seems that Sound is the old rival of Tin And he joins the band to fuel the rivalry between the student council and the music club. Sound criticism of Gun’s leadership leads Gun to leave the band. 

In episode 5, as students are weighing their future possibilities and Gun’s mother is trying to keep her business alive, Gun decides to leave club and music completely from his life. Seeing Gun in lowered spirit Tinn took up a mission to make Gun cheered up. 

In episode 6, Chinzilla decides to do a shoot for their cover song of Tilly Bird’s Just Being Friendly. For the production, Thiu and Tinn helped, Thiu arranged it in such a way that Tinn got a chance with Gun to recreate the original MV. The two of them have been bothered by Tinn’s answer to the question that was asked, “Who does he like the most in Music Club? 

In episode 7, Tin, Yo, and Gun went on a date with Yo’s girlfriend, So Yo can come clean. Tinn wants to turn this date into a date between him and Gun. 

To know the further story, watch the series. The next episode will be released on the 27th of January. 

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My School President Season 2 Trailer 

My School President Season 2 Release Date 

The trailer is not yet available for the second season. 

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Where To Watch My School President Season 2?

You can watch My school President Season 1 on GMM TV. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is My School President a Thai Drama?

Yes, This is a Thai Drama.

2. Is My School President a Thai BL?

Yes, My School President is a Thai BL.

3. How many seasons are there?

There is only one season.

4. Is the trailer for the first season out?

Yes, the trailer is already out.

5. When will the second season get released?

For now, there is no information about the second season. 

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