Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date, Story, And Predicted Story!

Do you like summer? Probably not because the summer in India is unbearable to be very honest. However, in countries of the West, summer is a significant season for most of them. By the term West, I am trying to indicate the continents of North America and Europe. 

Why are we suddenly focusing on the West? The answer to the question lies in the world of entertainment. Every piece of English entertainment comes from the world of Hollywood which is situated in the West. Summers in their region holds importance. If you have noticed their school term, the institutions provide a long break between two academic years in summer. It is not like we do not get a summer break here, but their summer breaks indicate the end of a school year. 

It is during this very summer when children, teenagers, and young adults go out for trips. Many incidents happen during such trips or in general during these summer breaks. Some of the incidents are good, some are not. Sometimes scary things happen during these breaks. Things like teenagers disappearing and not coming back for the remaining school years anymore. 

It sounds strange, but this is what happens. We may not know all such stories, but some of these stories have been provided to us by the entertainment industry. When a series about a bunch of teenagers or young adults are made, the timeline of the story usually focuses on these summer breaks. Some of these stories that are portrayed may be true, some may not be true. 

Why are suddenly focusing on summers and scary incidents happening to young adults during that period? Well, today’s topic of discussion is going to be the well-known series, Cruel Summer. Unlike the summer described in Taylor Swift’s song, this series portrays a summer that is ‘Cruel’ in every sense of the word. 

In this article, we will focus on the series’ upcoming season, cast, production, and some predictions. If you have watched the series, you will know exactly why I introduced the term ‘scary’ in the introduction, and if you have not watched the series, get ready to add this super interesting and mind-boggling series to your watchlist as soon as possible. 

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

For viewers who have already watched the series, there is good news for you. Cruel Summer season 2 is on the way. The work for the second run of the show has been started, and we will get the show soon. Although the exact release date of the show has not been announced, we are predicting and expecting to get the show sometime this year. 

Name Of The ShowCruel Summer
Season NumberSeason 2
Cruel Summer Season 1 Release Date20 April 2021
Cruel Summer Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

If you have not watched the show, you should catch up on the first season of the show before you decide to watch season 2 of the show. The story of both seasons will not be connected. Season 2 of the show will have a different story than season 1 of the show, but if you understand what season 1 is about, you will probably have a better understanding of season 2 of the show. 

For you to get either a recap of the story of season 1 or to know about the story of the same, you will have to continue reading further. 

Cruel Summer Season 2 Story

Cruel Summer is an anthology thriller series. This is why we will have a different storyline in season 2. 

The first installment of the show is based in the fictional town of Skylin, Texas. The story revolves around teenagers with some shady things going around/with them. Season 1 of the show focuses on the same day over three different but consecutive years: 1993, 1994, and 1995. It is kind of strange, but this setting of the show is unique which makes the viewers deeply engaged with the show. 

In the first season, we have two teenagers named Kate Willis and Jeanette Turner. Both of them are situated on different sides of the spectrum. Kate Willis is the popular girl in the school. Everybody knows about her, and she is the beloved of all. There is nothing unusual about Kate. In this perfect picture of Kate comes the not-so-perfect Jeanette Turner. Jeanette is a girl who is very different from Kate. Popularity does not come anywhere in her vicinity. She is awkward and does not ‘fit’ into her world of Kate. 

What would happen if the positions of Kate and Jeanette are interchanged? You do not have to think much because this is exactly what has happened with the two girls. It is during summer when Kate mysteriously disappears one day without any trace. The ‘popular girl’ vanishes into thin air, and the not-so-popular Jeanette takes over Kate’s life. Roles get reversed right at this point. 

However, the situation does not stay the same forever. Kate reappears after a year, and she accuses Jeanette of knowing how she disappeared but not doing anything about it. As a consequence, Jeanette faces backlash and hatred from everybody. It gets known through several twists and turns that Jeanette has been hiding something. 

The second installment of the show will not follow the story of Kate and Jeanette anymore. On the contrary, it will follow another mysterious story. The official synopsis for the second season of the show tells,

“Set in an idyllic waterfront twin in the Pacific Northwest, the second chapter follows the rise and fall of an intense teenage friendship. Approaching the story from three different timelines surrounding Y2K, the season twists and turns as it tracks the early friendship between Megan, Isabella, and Megan’s best friend Luke, the love triangle that blossomed, and the mystery that would impact all their lives going forward.”

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Cruel Summer production unit

The first season of the show has been created by Bert V. Royal. The executive producers of the show are Max Winkler, Bert V. Royal, Tia Napolitano, Jessica Biel, and Michelle Purple. Nicole Colombie is the producer of the show. The cinematography of the show has been taken care of by Damian Garcia, Jayson Crother, and Allan Westbrook. The music for the first season of the show has been produced by Wendy Mekvoin and Lisa Coleman. Editors of the first season of the show include Christopher Nelson, Meruduth Simmers, Damien Smith, and Jeff Israel. 

Cruel Summer cast

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

Now that we have already discussed the storylines that are shown in season 1 and will be shown in season 2 of the show, and the production, let’s get to know about the cast of both seasons. 

Season 1 of the show has Olivia Holt as Kate Wallis, the popular girl of the school, the one who goes missing. The awkward Jeanette Turner is played by Chiara Aurelia. Froy Guitierrez plays Jamie Henson who is Kate’s boyfriend, later Jeanette’s. Harley Quinn Smith plays one of Jeantte’s best friends, Mallory Higgins. Angela Prescott is played by Brooklyn Sudano. Blake Lee is seen as Martin Harris. We have another best friend of Jeanette who is played by Allius Barnes. Nathaniel Ashton plays Ben Hallowell and Michael Landes is seen as Greg Turner. 

Other than these members we have Sarah Drew, Barret Carnahan, Nicole Bilderback, Andrea Anders, Ben Cain, and Jason Douglas in the first season of the show. 

The second season of the show will include Sadie Stanley, Griffin Gluck, Lisa Yamada, KaDee Strickland, and Sean Blakemore. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Lexi Underwood will replace Eloise Payet in the role of Isabella. 

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It has been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Sadie Stanley will play Megan Landry who is a computer coder. She is a student from a blue-collar family. Griffin Gluck will be seen in the role of Luke, Megan’s best friend. 

Cruel Summer trailer

Although season 2 of the show is in the process of being presented to the audience, the creators of the show have not released any trailers yet. However, the first look of the second installment of the show has been released by its creators. It is predicted that we will have a trailer for the second season of the show pretty soon. 

Till that happens, if you have not watched the trailer for the first season of the show, click on the link given above, at the beginning of the article, to watch it. 

Cruel Summer on-screen

You can watch the first season of the show on Amazon Prime. You will have to have a subscription to watch the show on the said ott platform.

The second season of the show is set to premiere on Freeform. It is expected and predicted that the specific date of its release will be revealed by the creators of the show soon enough. We will have to wait for some more time before the second season of the show is completely set for its release. 

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FAQs about Cruel Summer

When will Cruel Summer 2 be released?

It will be released sometime in 2023, the exact date of the show’s release has not been revealed yet.

How many seasons of Cruel Summer are there?

There is one season of the show presently, and season 2 of the show will be released pretty soon during this year.

How many episodes of Cruel Summer are there?

There are 10 episodes of the show as of now. The running time of each show is 42-45 minutes approximately.

Is the show worth watching?

Definitely! The show has received good ratings from critics all over the internet. 

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