Class Season 2 Release Date Could Get An Approval Soon! The Murder Mystery Is Not Ending Yet!

We, thrill lovers, are used to watching classic murder mysteries, right? The nerve-chilling background music, the clandestine chase and the intense characters draw us toward this genre. But when you mix a murder mystery, a high-school drama and an emotional war, the Class series is manifested. Dealing with heartfelt emotions, Class has soon become the most highly anticipated series of 2023.

It is a young adult high-school drama that brings an emotional rollercoaster to our doorstep and highlights the class barrier we have created. A school–or a college–is supposed to be a discrimination-free place but so far, our schools are nowhere close to being fair and just. This thriller series has been creating quite a few ripples which is why season 2 has become such a mystery. Know everything about class season 2 here!

Class Season 2 Release Date

Where money matters the most and classes are the criteria for judgement, nothing is as simple as it seems. Class is a series that is trying to weave too many tropes together and so far, this blend appears to be highly appealing. It targets the young audience and presents us with harsh truths wrapped up in an enthralling murder mystery.

Name Of The ShowClass
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Class Season 1 Release DateFebruary 3, 2023
Class Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

As for the release date of season 2, everyone is in a dilemma. The OTT giant, Netflix, is quite notorious for its approval and cancellation process. It analyzes the series quite thoroughly before approving season 2 and we all know how many wonderful series have been cancelled so far. Class Season 1 will have to perform quite outstandingly for season 2 to get approval. And it appears like Class season 1 will be a brilliant series with all the elements complementing each other perfectly.

Season 1 is due for release on February 3, 2023. If everything works in our favour, we might get a release date soon for season 2. Class Season 2 is speculated to drop by the third quarter of 2024 and confirmation should pop by late 2023 or early 2024. Hopefully, we will get a confirmed release date soon!

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Is Class An Adaptation Of A Spanish Series?

Class Season 2 Release Date

Yes, Class is an adaptation of an infamous Spanish series entitled Elite. The director, Ashim Ahluwalia, has confirmed that this is an Indian take on the Elite series with the plots and characters altered to highlight the Indian class discrimination issues. Though we have no details about the series yet, we do know it isn’t going to be a point-by-point representation of the Elite series. The makers are introducing new cliffhangers, removing some details and changing the existing storylines to tailor to the Indian audience. 

Teenagers are the most complex creatures, right? We have all been through that wild phase where trouble seems to be the most appealing. This series has picked up every type of teenager–be it the quietest one or the social butterfly–and weaved a coming-of-age series that will hopefully be as iconic as the Elite series is.

What Could Be The Story Of Class Season 2?

The story of season 2 depends entirely on season 1. Since this is a murder mystery, cliffhangers are a must. These cliffhangers will serve as a base for season 2 and all the other seasons that we might witness. Though this is an adaptation of Elite, we have no idea how much Ahluwalia’s Class is going to stick by Elite.

If we are to predict season 2, we can expect our scholarship students to stand up for them more firmly and fight for their innocence. Establishing their place in an elite community wouldn’t be a piece of cake that’s for sure. The spoilt kids wouldn’t go easy on them and their arrogance would become a huge barrier. The murder mystery is going to be a major trope for season 2. Hopefully, we will get an amazing season soon!

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Class Season 2 Cast Guide

Class Season 2

The series centers around three kids who land a scholarship to an elite school in New Delhi entitled Hampton International. These kids, Dheeraj, Balram, and Saba, hail from underprivileged backgrounds and are suddenly forced to face the arrogant and spoilt kids. Now, they have to balance their financial condition and new expectations.

Dheeraj, portrayed by Piyush Khati, is enamored by the glamour of their new school and tries to blend in with his surroundings. While Balram aka Balli, brought to us by Cwaayal  Singh, has confidence radiating off him in waves, his beauty and self-confidence come in handy when he auditions for the modeling team of Hampton. Saba, enacted by Madhyama Segal, is intimidated by the out-of-the-top facilities of the school despite being a genius herself.

Dheeraj’s best friend, Neeraj, has also been given a lot of importance in the series. He is brought to us by Gurfateh Pirzada who has become a highly acclaimed actor in the past years. Neeraj has a distorted moral compass and encourages Dheeraj to steal money from these immoral riches. He, too, arrives from the lower class and has a more complex personality than he lets on.

Another character who has a significant role in this series is Suhani, played by Anjali Siwaraman. Even though she comes from an elite family, she is simply sweet and humble. When she comes face-to-face with Dheeraj, chemistry starts to bloom which is later doused by Suhani’s classmate. She is going to help our fighters weave their way through the elite class all the while battling their economic class barriers.

The other cast members include Ayesha Kanga, Moses Kaul, Naina Bhan and many more talented actors who are contributing to this series. The makers of Class have gathered an enormous cast ensemble to deliver the best experience.

Class Season 1: What’s The Series About?

It all begins with a simple word Class that serves as the foundation of the series. Three students, Saba, Dheeraj and Balli land a scholarship to Hampton International school. They hail from the lower class and are suddenly forced to compete against the higher-class students. The teachers frown upon them, the students cannot bear their presence and this scholarship clan is trying to fit in there.

The irony unfolds when Balli qualifies for the modelling team and his confidence starts to make the elites uncomfortable. Their proficiency in English starts to make them feel inferior and the elites start to use their weakness to their advantage. Here begins the series of taunts, pranks and bullying.

The rich kids are lost in the world of glamour and consider themselves royals while the newcomers are peasants to them. Everything changes the second a student of Hampton is found dead on the street in her party clothes. All the fingers point towards the new students and they suddenly become the prime suspects in a murder they seem to have no hand in. The whodunnit aspect of this murder mystery has kept everyone on their toes, us included!

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The Makers Take On Class Series

Ashim Ahluwalia has become one of the most respected directors of the Indian film industry with his continuous efforts. He brings the Class series with a broad vision and high aspirations. In an interview, Ahluwalia revealed that Class is his dream series. Ever since he witnessed the Spanish Elite series, he has been aspiring to create an Indian representation of it.

He is bringing this series to us hoping that it would change our perspectives and create a drama that has a deep meaning lying beneath it. The director knows how crucial it is to portray the complicated emotions and struggles a young adult has to go through and he has worked towards covering it wholly. This is why he has chosen popular young actors who are as talented as they come.

Class Series Can Stir Controversies

Class Season 2

Dealing with the barriers of classes, this series has chosen quite a sensitive topic. Though the scenes are relatable, it doesn’t mean they are widely accepted as well. In a country where classes are a sore topic, this series has the potential to cause ripples if the makers don’t handle it carefully.

The language barrier is prominent throughout the series as well. We all live in the modern generation where English is the leading language. But it doesn’t mean our national language is charting low on the spectrum. Class series needs to tread carefully if it doesn’t want to become a new hot topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Class Series About?

This series revolves around three kids who get a scholarship to the Hampton Internation school of Delhi. They are later convicted of murder and are forced to face the two worlds residing within one state.

2. Is Class An Adaptation Of The Elite Series?

Yes, it is an adaptation of a Spanish series entitled Elite.

3. Will There Be A Class for Season 2?

Though there is no confirmation yet, we may get a season 2 of this series.

4. Who Is The Creator Of The Class Series?

Ashim Ahluwalia is the director and planner of this series.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Class Season 2?

So far, there are no confirmations regarding the series which is why we have no trailer as well.

6. Where To Watch Class Series?

Class is a Netflix original just like Elite is. You can stream this series on Netflix!

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