Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2 Possibility: What Are The Chances Of Its Return?

We all are well acquainted with our neighbours, aren’t we? Sharing things with them, bickering on random topics and sharing secrets with them have become our daily routine, right? But what if your neighbour turns out to be a deadly gangster with ulterior motives? Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga portrays an innocent boy struck with a dangerous-looking gangster who proves to be anything but that.

This manga series is under close scrutiny by millions of manga lovers. While Part 1 is nowhere close to an end, we all want to know whether Part 2 is looming over the horizon or if the writer is planning to cut it short. Catch on the latest updates of Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2 here!

Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2

Lighthearted, funny mangas are always more appreciated, right? We all enjoy some hilarious scenes, powerful characters and a strong storyline. This manga series has got us all covered with its fun elements, characters and storyline even if it is a bit cliche. The two main protagonists, Yuuhi and Aao have kept us rooting for them and the writer is quite talented as well.

So far, we have had less than ten chapters which is not nearly enough to decide the future of part 2. Watare Momose, the writer of Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 1 hasn’t revealed anything yet. But it doesn’t seem like he has any reason not to continue with how skillfully he has built the story and how well-received part 1 has been. Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2 is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2024.

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Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2: What Could Be The Storyline?

The continuation of part 2 depends entirely on part 1 and so does the storyline. As of now, we have witnessed a bittersweet relationship between Yuuhi and Aao. Even though Aao believes Yuuhi knows his secret, we have no idea what his super secret is. If we go by the speculations, this secret could pave way for season 2.

Also, there is Akane who has fallen in love with Yuuhi despite their age difference and her initial reluctance toward it. If Momose develops their relationship in this part, part 2 could highlight the struggle of Yuuhi to balance Akane and Aao which would be equally hilarious. Let’s wait and watch where Mimose takes this manga series.

Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2 Character Guide

Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2

Based on what we have witnessed so far in Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga part 1, we have seen four major characters. Yuuhi is an orphan who lives with his uncle and bears deep abandonment issues. He often feels lonely but then Aao and Akane burst through his life and fill it with chaos.

Aao is a very secretive person, and has a gangster persona but enjoys watching an anime that Yuuhi loves as well. Both of them have this hobby in common but they differ in every other aspect. Slowly, Aao is getting close to Yuuhi and has picked up on Yuuhi’s issue but hasn’t revealed anything to him yet.

Akane is Yuuhi’s friend who has deeper feelings towards him. She was reluctant at first since she is 3 years older than Yuuhi but is now over it. Though she tries to keep it low, her reactions make it a tough endeavour. She is quite sharp but gets very unreasonable when it comes to Yuuhi.

Marin is Yuuhi’s uncle who has adopted him but cannot dedicate enough time to him because of his hectic schedule. He tries to compensate Yuuhi by being with them whenever he could. All these characters are supposed to be in part 2 if it happens which we hope it would!

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2 Confirmed?

No, Part 2 isn’t confirmed yet. But since it isn’t cancelled either, we are still kindling hope.

2. Who Is The Main Lead Of Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 2?

The anime is about Yuuhi and Aao, two neighbours who have been tied together accidentally.

3. Is Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Part 1 Completed?

No, Part 1 is still ongoing.

4. Is Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga Worth Reading?

If you’re into thriller animes, this one is for you.

5. Which Chapter Is Me And My Gangster Neighbour Manga On?

Currently, there are less than 10 chapters available for us.

6. Where To Read Me And My Gangster Neighbour Part 2?

You can read this anime on the official site of Shounen Jump+.

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