Ghosts Season 5 Release Date Brings Good News For The Fans!

Have you ever come across a series or movie that includes hilarious hauntings with a great storyline as well as characters? I can guess you just have seen a series that totally fits the statements that I have mentioned above, right? Yes, you have heard me right, Ghosts is a kind of series that has a great plot and the characters of this series are top-notch too. 

If you are thinking that Ghosts is an American series then the following statement will change your whole thinking and you will gain so much knowledge about this series. Ghosts is a British series which is a sitcom and this popular sitcom has created by the cast members of Yonderland and Horrible Histories which includes Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond and the directors of Ghosts are Tom Kingsley, Nick Collett, and Simon Hynd. 

Ghosts is produced by Matthew Mulot and it was first released on 15 April 2019 and till now the series has only 4 seasons. Well, we can not say 4 seasons are less because it’s been a few years and this sitcom already has 4 seasons is low-key a big thing for the fans. But we can also state that it is not only a big thing for the fans but it is also very beneficial for the show as well as the whole production team. There are four seasons of Ghosts only because viewers of this sitcom enjoyed the content of the show or else there would not have been more seasons of this series, right?

This is why fans have high hopes to see more seasons of Ghosts. Viewers of Ghosts are waiting for the makers of Ghosts to announce the release date of the fifth season of Ghosts. And this topic has been getting so much attention on the internet, we are getting to see so many requests for the 5th season of Ghosts. 

Today, you will be reading all the essential information about the fifth season of Ghosts. We can not turn a blind eye to this hot topic, so follow every line of this article to learn all the information about your favorite sitcom, Ghosts. 

Ghosts Season 5 Release Date 

Ghosts is a great sitcom with so many hilarious scenes, if I try to be more specific then Ghosts is such kind of a sitcom that is totally made up of funny scenes solely. Well, the series is not only hilarious but the storyline is also very catchy which is why fans love this show so much. 

Name Of The ShowGhosts  
Season NumberSeason 5
Ghosts Season 1 Release Date 7 October 2021
Ghosts Season 5 Release Date Renewed

After the release of the fourth season of Ghosts, fans started to create questions about the fifth season. And now that we have already come to the topic that fans started to question about the fifth season then we can guess what kind of questions they are asking, right? “Is Ghosts renewed for a fifth season? And when will it be released?” These questions are trending all over the internet and I am sure you must have seen many articles related to it, so let me give you a specific answer too. 

Ghosts is coming back with its 5th season, we are finally going to get a hilarious ride of hauntings. Well, the exact release date is not yet announced but it looks like Ghosts season 5 will be released in late 2023 or early 2024. Once we get the official release date of the 5th season of Ghosts we will update you. 

Ghosts Season 5 Story 

The detailed plot is not yet shared but according to the sources, the fifth season will focus on the new chapter of Alison and Mike. These two will try to earn more money by exploring stuff related to their property. 

But, we are sure that the fifth season will also be hilarious like the previous seasons because every season of this sitcom has made the fans laugh so hard. We can expect the fifth season to make us laugh like that too. 

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Ghosts Season 5 Cast 

Most likely the star cast will remain the same and we will see the same faces in the fifth season but unfortunately, we will not be able to see our favorite Character Mary played by Katy Wix as she has already departed this popular sitcom in the fourth season. 

You can learn about the star cast of the previous seasons of Ghosts and the main star cast of Ghosts Season 5 here. The list of star cast lineups of this series is quite long as it has more than 3 seasons, so here is the list of the star cast of Ghosts.

Lolly Adefope as Kitty, Mathew Baynton as Thomas Thorne, Simon Farnaby as Julian Fawcett, Martha Howe Douglas as Lady Fanny Button, Jim Howick as Pat Butcher, Laurence Rickard as Robin / Humphrey’s Head, Charlotte Ritchie as Alison Cooper, Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Mike Cooper, Ben Willbond as Captain, Katy Wix as Mary, Yani Xander as Humphrey’s Body, Nathan Bryon as Obi, Geoffrey McGovern as Barclay Beg Chetwynde.

Jessica Knappett as Lucy, Cornelius Booth as Philip, Richard Durden as Charles / Solicitor, Raj Ghatak as Martin, Bridget Christie as Annie, Ania Marson as Heather Button, Ed Kear as Dave Houses, Isabella Laughland as Clare, Jeremy Limb as Button Butler, Steve Oram as Terry, Anya McKenna Bruce as Jemima, Bould as Carol, Imran Adams as Kevin, Sutara Gayle as Betty, Jon Furlong as a Group Leader, Rachel Denning as Jo, Keeran Anwar Blessie as Nervous Butler, David Ahmad as Anthony.

Michael Fenton Stevens as Tony Vanoli, Nisha Aaliya as the Documentary Presenter, William Andrews as Josiah who is the husband of Annie, Gina Fillingham as Building Inspector, 

Aaron Collict as Caveman, Billy Byers as Young Daley, Caoilfhionn Dunne as Director Petra O’Keefe, Simon Bubb as Malcolm Surveyor, Paul Cawley as Dead Doctor, Ethan Alston as Colin, Jackie Clune as Gwen, Leon Herbert as Errol, Neil Edmond as Rev. Gerald Hatch, Mario Demetriou as Mini Cab Controller, Richard Dixon as Edmund, Ben Ashenden as Captain of the Guards, Paul Lancaster as Trouserless Man.

Richard Glover as Maddocks, Atilla Akinci as Voice Coach, Declan Baxter as Ambrose, Lauren Douglin as Andi, Eleanor Holzer as Hazel, Dan King as Caveman, Sophie Thompson as Bunny Beg Chetwynde, Rosie Cavaliero as Fiona Legge, and more are there. 

Ghosts Season 4 Recap 

The overall plot of Ghosts depicts a squad of spirits that lives in a country house but a young couple inherits the house and they try to turn the whole house into a classy hotel. What will happen to the ghosts when the whole house will be turned into a luxurious hotel? You can watch the series to find out the whole thing, I can assure you that you will not get bored of watching this series. 

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Ghosts Season 5 Trailer 

When we want a particular series to have more seasons then the first thing we get excited to see is the official trailer for it.  The same thing is happening to the fans of Ghosts. They are unable to control themselves from searching for the official trailer for the fifth season of Ghosts.

“The show is confirmed to have a fifth season which means the official trailer for the fifth season must be out too.” this must be the thought that you must be getting into your mind, right? Well, the situation is actually different, the official trailer for the fifth season is not yet out. It feels like the trailer will be out once the show announces its confirmed release date. 

You can check the trailer for the fourth season on YouTube. You can also watch the trailers for the previous seasons on YouTube too. 

Where To Watch Ghosts Season 5?

You can stream the previous seasons of Ghosts on HBO Max, Vudu, or Apple TV. But you can not stream the fifth season on HBO Max, Vudu, or Apple TV because it is not yet out. 

Ratings And Reviews

Here’s how fans reacted to the series, the series got an average of 8 rating, which is pretty good. The makers that’s why have decided to bring a new season.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Katy Wix leave Ghosts?

Katy Wix left Ghosts because she got busy with her other projects, so she left the show. 

2. How many seasons are there?

There are a total of 5 seasons of Ghosts but the fifth season is not yet out. 

3. Is Ghosts confirmed to have a fifth season?

Yes, Ghosts is confirmed to have a fifth season. 

4. Is Ghosts a hit series?

Yes, Ghosts is a hit comedy series on BBC.

5. Where to watch Ghosts?

You can watch Ghosts on HBO Max, Vudu, or Apple TV.

6. Is there any video of Ghosts?

Yes, there are many videos of this sitcom that are available on YouTube. 

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