Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2 Seems To Be Under A Lot Of Pressure? When Will The Anime Arrive?

If you’re predicting the storyline of this anime based on its title, be prepared to be sorely disappointed. This isn’t an anime created to empower women or has a feminist touch to it. Nope, this is more of a teenage drama with a cliche trope but with the same powerful impact. You’ll be amazed to know this anime series is centred around a boyish girl who’s trying to make his best friend that she is a girl and he should stop treating her like that. 

This best friend also happens to be Tomo’s crush. It isn’t spectacularly unique but this anime adds a magical touch to it which is why season 1 is amazing and well-received. Now, we are all waiting for season 2, aren’t we? Catch on the updates of season 2 here!

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2 Release Date

We have all witnessed countless shows and animes based on the best-friend-turned-lover trope, right? So, we cannot exactly expect something over-the-top. We do expect the signature humour and passion from the anime. If this show delivers it all right–which it has been doing so far–we will get a season 2 soon. And if unfortunately it doesn’t, season 2 would have to face the backlash.

Name Of The ShowTomo-Chan Is A Girl
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 1 Release Date5 January 2023
Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The pressure is high but so are the hopes. Tomo-Chan Is A Girl anime is based on Fumita Yanagida’s manga series of the same name. It has 8 volumes and only a few have been adapted by this season. Season 2 could pick up the remaining volumes and continue its run easily. 

The makers haven’t confirmed anything yet and since season 1 is still ongoing, we cannot expect confirmation soon. If everything works in our favour, Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2 could drop by the third quarter of 2024. Hopefully, we will get a concrete release date soon!

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Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2: What Could Be The Plot?

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl anime portrays Tomo’s struggle to win Junichiro’s heart. He considers Tomo his best friend and although he is quite territorial, he is in deep denial as well. Junichiro would often end up yelling at himself because of his wayward thoughts and distances himself from Tomo as much as he could. While Tomo struggles to hide her boyish personality and make Junichriro fall in love with him.

Season 2 entirely depends on the ending of season 1. The cliffhangers would decide the future of season 2 but the main plot wouldn’t change. Tomo would have to struggle a bit more to shatter Junichiro’s resistance. Both of them would have to fight their emotions and choose what they exactly want all the while balancing their current relationship.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2: Will Be Introduced To New Characters?

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl anime closely follows a predefined storyline. It has a rich cast ensemble and is brought to us by the infamous Hitoshi Nanba. The main lead of this series, Tomo Aizawa, is voiced by Rie Takahashi in Japanese and Lexi Nieto in English. She is pretty boisterous and is often outspoken unless she comes face-to-face with Junichiro.

Junichiro Kubota, Tomo’s neighbour and best friend, is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in Japanese and Ricco Fajardo in English. He considers Tomo his best friend and enjoys ruffling her feathers but that’s as far as he lets himself feel for her. Quite over-possessive yet in deep denial, Junichiro is a tough nut.

The other characters include Misuzu Gundo who is Tomo and Junichiro’s best friend, Carol Oiston, the new addition to Tomo and Misuzu’s group and Kosuke Misaki, who has a deep crush on Tomo. In season 2, we could expect a few more characters but these characters would also be returning indefinitely.

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Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 1 Mid-Season Summary

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2

So far, we have had only 3 episodes of season 1. In these episodes, we have been introduced to a love pentagon. Tomo loves Junichiro who was previously involved with Misuzu. Kosuke is deeply fascinated by Tomo but isn’t vocal about it. Carol is infatuated with Kosuke but doesn’t come forward and speak about it. Meanwhile, Tatsumi, a classmate of Tomu and the rest, has a crush on Misuzu.

It is quite chaos with everyone having feelings for someone who is already infatuated with the other. This hilarious comedy series has some noteworthy elements like the bonding between the girl gang and Junichiro’s messy feelings towards Tomo. Though Tomo has somehow succeeded towards dragging Junichiro to date, it just feels like another hang-out. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy, you are going to love this anime series!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Anime About?

It is a romantic comedy that depicts Tomo’s struggle to make his best friend fall in love with her.

2. Is There A Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Manga Series As Well?

Yes, there is a manga of the same name written by Fumita Yanagida.

3. Who Is The Creator Of Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Anime?

Hitoshi Nanba is the creator of this anime series.

4. When Will Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2 Premiere?

So far, there has been no concrete release date declared by the creators.

5. Is There A Trailer Available For Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Season 2?

No, there isn’t a trailer available for this series.

6. Where To Watch Tomo-Chan Is A Girl Anime?

You can watch this anime series on Crunchyroll.

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