Pathaan Part 2 Release Date, Story And Cast Of The Highly Anticipated Bollywood Action Film!

The much-awaited movie of 2023 hit the screens on January 25, 2023. Sharukh Khan’s Pathaan has started to get positive reviews. The film is all about ‘Bollywood Masala’. Full of action and suspense, Pathaan is definitely going to be one of the biggest movies of 2023. With Sharukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Salmaan Khan, and John Abharam as major actors in the film, the fans cannot keep calm.

The movie is about a JOCR agent, Pathaan aka Sharukh Khan, and how he is discovering the truth about Jim (the villain) who has made a biological weapon for smallpox to destroy India. The role of every character set by the makers is fantastic, and the role really looks realistic.

The most important question everyone is asking is if there will be a second part of Pathaan. Will Sharukh Khan come back with another part? What are the possibilities? And what do the makers have in their minds? Let’s dive into the possibilities of Pathaan Part 2.

Pathaan Part 2 Release Date

Let’s start with what Sharukh Khan said during his birthday interview. When reporters asked him about the film, he said that he wants everyone to pray for the film’s success. And if the film is a blockbuster hit, they can soon start making a sequel.

What does this mean? It tells that the success of Pathaan part 2 will heavily depend on how Pathaan does at the box office. If the movie makes it to the finish line, the director wouldn’t have any problem making a sequel.

Name Of The MoviePathaan
Movie NumberPart 2
Pathaan Part 1 Release DateJanuary 25, 2023
Pathaan Part 2 Release DateNot announced, But Hinted

In addition to this, the story of Pathaan is a never-ending story. Pathaan is an agent and the story will keep continuing until he dies. As Pathaan will get new investigations and new criminals with new stories, the story can continue.

But the most important thing to focus on would be, how Pathaan part one does. Currently, the makers or Sharukh Khan himself have not confirmed if there is a sureshot for part 2, but Sharukh has definitely given a hint that if everyone loves it, they could start working on Pathaan 2.

Overall, there is no Pathaan Part 2 release date as of now. We will have to wait a little longer, until all the reviews and ratings of part one are out, to make a conclusion. But seeing the craze at theatres, the movie has already become a hit.

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Pathaan Part 2 Story

Spoilers Ahead!

Pathaan Part 2 Release Date

As I already mentioned, Pathaan’s story can be stretched as long as the audience wishes to see it. To sum up Pathaan’s part 1 story, Pathaan is a JOCR agent (an agency that includes all the agents who retired after getting injured). He discovers how Jim who was a RAW agent earlier wanted to take revenge on India. Jim was a RAW agent who was caught by the terrorists and the agency didn’t offer to help him. In that incident, his family was killed but he saved himself. Since then, he just wanted to take revenge on India.

That is why Jim decides to help Pakistan Colonel by developing a biological weapon of smallpox in order to destroy India. Pathaan was all in for the mission and he wanted to stop it, but he was betrayed by Rubina Mohsik aka Deepika Padukone. At the end of the film, Rubins joins hands with Pathaan to kill Jim.

And finally, the story ends by stopping the biological weapon to destroy the country. Jim dies at the end and Pathaan and Rubina are free. Pathaan is now the head of the JOCR agency. Part 2 of the story could follow another case that JOCR is solving.

Creators could come up with plenty of ideas to create a new case and how Pathaan, Rubina, and Tiger aka Salmaan Khan aim to complete the mission. Salman Khan’s entry was a guest entry, so the next part could cover his major part too.

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Pathaan Part 2 Cast

The name of the film is Pathaan, so Return of Pathaan is very obvious. In the second part, you will definitely see Sharukh Khan, the heart of the movie again. Next would be, Deepika Padukone aka Rubina, who could also return for part 2 as now she isn’t from ISI anymore. She could join Pathaan’s agency and work with or for him.

Jim aka John Abraham will not return, as at the end of the film, Jim gets killed by Pathaan. So, you won’t be seeing John Abraham anymore. You can see more of Salmaan Khan aka Tiger in the next part. The first part just introduced who Tiger was, so the second part could cover his history and all other details.

Other supporting characters like, Dimple Kapadia won’t return as she dies from that biological weapon. Sharukh Khan’s other agents might also return to reprise their roles.

Pathaan Part 2 Trailer

The trailer for part 2 has not been released yet. But if the movie gets renewed, you can expect a trailer 2-3 months before the film actually hit the screens.

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Pathaan Movie Honest Review And Ratings

Pathaan Part 2 Release Date

There is no doubt that the film’s rating is going to be above average, you can see how the fans cannot keep calm. And everyone should be excited, as Sharukh is making a blockbuster comeback.

I watched the movie, and I think you should not look at the movie as a ‘serious one’ or ‘it should have a good story’. The movie is purely made for entertainment purposes and is a typical ‘Bollywood’ film, so you should look at it that way. If you change your perception of how to look at Pathaan, you are probably going to love it.

A full action-packed film, with lots of suspense (sometimes very predictable), a roller coaster ride is what Pathaan is. The fans are definitely going to watch the film. And as there are so many big faces in the film, the fan following has exponentially grown.

In my opinion, Pathaan is definitely a one-time watch film and not on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone. The film is made only for theaters. You should definitely give it a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the budget for the film Pathan?

The budget of Pathaan Part one is 250 crores INR.

2. Who is the writer of Pathan?

Siddharth Anand And Shridhar Raghvan

3. When was SRK last movie?

Before Pathaan, the last movie that he was in was Zero in 2018.

4. How much did SRK charge for Pathan?

SRK charged about 100 crores for the film.

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