What Happened To Bernie Madoff’s Wife? How Deeply Is She Affected By Bernie’s Scandal?

When scandals breakthrough, families are affected the most. Bernie Madoff has caused a scandal that would last a lifetime, how can we expect his family to come out unscathed? Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth Madoff, has been deeply affected by her husband’s scandal as well. She is not only affected by it but she is shattered by such news as well. And we cannot even blame her for it, can we?

Ever since Bernie Madoff’s documentary was released earlier this January, we all have been relieving the greatest Ponzi scheme in the world. And since we are stuck on Bernie’s crime, we are also wondering what happened to his family after he was exposed. If you are also wondering what happened to Ruth Madoff, you’re in the correct place. Explore all about Ruth Madoff here!

What Happened To Bernie Madoff’s Wife?

In December 2008, the world got to know what a fraudster Bernie Madoff was. We all witnessed how he tricked his investors and used their money for his personal growth. Aside from Bernie’s rise, we also witnessed how his mask was torn off. He was in the limelight but his wife was dealing with the shadows Bernie left behind.

It’s been more than two decades now but still, Ruth Madoff is stuck in her past. If you’re looking for some drastic accident that happened to Ruth Madoff, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Ruth Madoff, as of 2023, is quite healthy but still struggling to overcome how life treated her. Ruth didn’t deserve the fate she was bestowed but you have to give some credit to this woman. She has dealt with accidents that we’ve only watched in the television series and still stands firm even at 81.

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Is Ruth Madoff Still Married To Bernie?

What Happened To Bernie Madoff's Wife?

We’ve witnessed multiple families that leave their criminal family members alone. We have also witnessed some families that stick by and fight for justice or at least try to support them. But Ruth Madoff took it to another level and stood by her husband until she had to face her son’s death. In 2010, when Ruth’s son suicide, she knew she had to move on from Bernie.

Despite that, she couldn’t find it in herself to divorce Bernie. The couple knew each other from high school and has been in love ever since. We cannot expect her to forget Bernie, can we? If Bernie wouldn’t die in 2021, she would have been still married to him. Ruth has chosen to be called Bernie’s widower rather than divorcing him. It would have been a fairytale love story had the hero not turned into a villain.

Was Ruth Madoff Involved In Bernie’s Fraud?

It was the 1960s when Ruth met Bernie and fell head-over-heels for him. The duo got married when Ruth was merely 18 and Bernie 21. The couple was living their dream life with their two sons, Mark and Andrew until Bernie ruined it all for them. 

Bernard Madoff was quite a clever man but he was a bit unreasonable, too. He took money from the investors, put it into an offshore account, and paid them their returns without actually investing it. This great scheme of his went on for decades until the other shoe dropped and Bernie was arrested. This led to the question of Ruth’s involvement in this scheme who was Bernie’s bookkeeper.

Ruth is far smarter than Bernie which is why it has been quite tough to believe she was innocent amidst this. If it weren’t for her excellent bookkeeping skills, Ruth would have been dragged into this mess as well. The FBI has thoroughly vetted her and deemed her innocent with the help of the records maintained by Ruth.

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Ruth Madoff: Is She Still Affected By Bernie’s Scandal?

What Happened To Bernie Madoff's Wife?

After Bernie’s scam was revealed in 2008, both Ruth and Bernie tried to kill themselves to avoid being questioned. The couple swallowed some sleeping pills and wished that they won’t see another sunrise and yet they did. After he was arrested, Ruth tried her best to stick by Bernie but was forced to choose between her husband and sons. She chose Bernie and tried to convince her sons as well.

But then, two years later, when Mark suited Ruth was torn to shreds. She decided to stay away from the world and isolated herself to the point she even dyed her hair to get away unnoticed. You cannot expect such a dedicated woman to be unaffected no matter how many decades have passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is Bernie Madoff’s Wife?

Ruth Maddoff is Bernie’s widower since Bernie is now dead.

2. Is Ruth Madoff Alive?

Yes, Ruth is alive and kicking.

3. Was Ruth Madoff A Partner In Bernie’s Fraud?

No, Ruth had no idea her husband was involved in such a fraud and wasn’t his partner in the Ponzi scheme.

4. Does Ruth Madoff Support Bernie?

Though she doesn’t actively support Bernie, she used to do that before Mark’s death.

5. Does Ruth Madoff Have Her Own Documentary Series?

Yes, Netflix has released a documentary that depicts the love story of Bernie and Ruth. It is entitled “The love of the Queens”.

6. Is Bernie Madoff Dead?

Yes, Bernie dies while serving his 150-year prison sentence in 2021.

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