Is Lockwood & Co. Based On A True Story? What Is This New Thriller Series About?

We, teenagers, are often misinterpreted, aren’t we? These adults don’t let us control anything, rather they try to control us. We are often told to stay away from major decisions but what if everything spins completely? What if we are in charge of the world and the entire adult depends on us? If you have wondered about this, be ready to watch this new Netflix series and watch your thoughts come to life.

Lockwood & Co. is a new thriller series in which the world is bombarded by ghosts and only teenagers can save the world. This fantasy thriller has already garnered millions of fans and all those fans have one question lingering in their minds. Is Lockwood & Co. based on a true story? Or is this yet another imaginary manifestation? Come, let’s dig out the truth!

Is Lockwood & Co. Based On A True Story?

From the extremely talented director of “The Kid Who Would Be King”, Joe Cornish, comes one more visual delight. Lockwood & Co. is a new thriller mystery series that is centered around teenagers who hold the reign to the newly formed world. In this series, we are about to witness a highly explosive world dominated by ghosts and spirits. The protagonists are the ghost-hunting teenagers who are stuck amid these devious entities.

Now, as for your answer regarding this series being a true story, the answer is a huge no. Lockwood & Co. is based on the fantasy novel series of the same name. This is a manifestation of Jonathan Stroud’s creative imagination, brought to us by Cornish. So, in a roundabout way, it is not a true story. Rather, it is a visual representation of Stroud’s mystery thriller.

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The Release Date For Lockwood & Co.

Is Lockwood & Co. Based On A True Story?

When everything in the world is turned to dust and humans are nothing but slaves, someone has to take the initiative. And who would that volunteer be if not a talented ghost-hunting trio? This trio leads the world towards peace and humanity by hunting down these mysterious ghosts. But of course, the task is quite complicated and the enemies are too resilient to give up.

Netflix has been taking up on young adult mystery thrillers and expanding its fanbase with it, this is one more experiment by this streaming platform. For all of us thrill lovers, Netflix is presenting this new psychic series from January 27, 2023. Hopefully, it would be as amazing as the trailer promises it to be!

Predicting the Plot Of Lockwood & Co.

Set in the post-apocalyptic universe, London’s shimmering opulence is diminished by the angry ghosts. These creatures now rule London and are expanding their reach. To stop them crush whatever humanity is left, multiple ghost hunters establish their agencies. But these are all full-fledged adults with grey hairs and an experience that cannot compete against these deadly ghosts.

So, when a bunch of teenagers start their agency and try to exploit these ghosts, the adult clan strongly oppose them. But when this agency is joined by the telepathic mind reader, Lucy, the trio starts to take on these ghosts highly. This eight-episode series has drama, mystery and thrill full to the brim. Hopefully, it would deliver everything that the thriller is hinting at and that we are expecting from it!

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The Cast List Of Lockwood & Co.

Is Lockwood & Co. Based On A True Story?

This is a supernatural mystery series that revolves around three main characters who prove to be the foundation of a better world. This series has a rich cast ensemble who all portray very complex characters. If the series sticks closely to the novel, we can easily predict the storyline and the characters.

Lucy Carlyle, a psychic girl with supernatural powers, will be portrayed by Ruby Strokes. Lucy is a highly complicated character who holds her cards close to her. She is fearless yet has some vices that threaten to destroy her and possibly Lockwood & Co as well. She is new to the city of glamour and has newly joined the agency as well. Strokes play Lucy perfectly and try to cover every small detail about this complicated psychic girl.

The next member of this extraordinary trio, Anthony Lockwood, is presented to us by Cameron Chapman. Anthony gives Lucy a run for her money when it comes to complexity. He is highly strong, is a fearless man who doesn’t think twice before taking a risk and is a bit vulnerable as well. Anthony is the founder of Lockwood & Co. and is an insightful ghost hunter.

George Cubbins, brought to us by Ali Hadji-Heshmati, is the right-hand man of Lockwood and is a research expert. He can efficiently dig out the truth and dislikes Lucy a bit too much and gives her a hard time. But Lucy slowly warms up his heart and the trio becomes the strongest clan ever.

The other cast member includes Ivanno Jeremiah, Jack Bandeira, Luke Treadaway and Morven Christie who help this elite duo weave through the murky waters. All of these cast members contribute to making this Netflix series a brilliant hit and will soon be seen on stage.

Meet The Author Of The Novel Series Lockwood & Co.

Before you delve into this series, how about you meet the author of the novel that inspired the creation of this thriller mystery? Jonathan Stroud published his first novel of this series in 2013 entitled The Streaming Case. He published his last instalment in 2017 and ended the novel series with the book The Empty Grave.

In an interview, Stroud mentioned that he is extremely pleased to witness Strokes, Chapman and Heshmati in a leading role. Also, he claimed that there would be some major changes in the show and that despite these alterations, the main plot has been left untouched. Cornish is using visual effects to lift Stroud’s series.

Now, in this Netflix series, we are about to witness the entire five novels in an eight-episode show. Stroud called the ghosts Visitors and now these visitors are out to ruin the residents of London, England. This war is going to be truly epic with Stroud playing the consultant and Cornish instilling his talent and experience into it.

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Know What The Cast Members Think About Lockwood & Co.

Lockwood & Co.

When it comes down to a series’ success, the cast is the major contributing factor, right? Especially when it comes down to such thriller series where expressions matter as much as the storyline. Lockwood & Co. is a supernatural mystery thriller that highly depends on its characters.

When Ruby Strokes was interviewed a while earlier, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the star as the main lead of this series. She claimed that it was a challenge portraying Lucy’s struggle since she is quite a complex character. Sometimes she is a fierce fighter, the other times her vulnerable past makes her quite emotional. We will witness an emotionally challenged, thoroughly abused and highly independent.

Chapman seems to be sharing Strokes’ opinions and is keen on delivering the best of the best. While Lucy is a complicated character, playing Anthony isn’t an easy task either. Even he has a traumatising past and is still affected by it decades later. Sometimes, Anthony is way more mature than his years but then he’s also reckless at other times. This young star is debuting his first TV role in this series, let’s wish him luck! 

Everything You Need To Know About Lockwood & Co.

This young adult fantasy series is a children’s tale. Stroud has written this series keeping the young age group in mind but now this Netflix series has evolved into something more epic. This trailer is out and now the countdown has begun.

One key detail that will be altered in this series is that Lucy is not a member of the trio, she is the leader. The newly-arrived superhero is going to demolish the ghost-hunting agencies who use the teenagers and misuse their powers. In this series, Lockwood & Co. would be led by Lucy and she would be having more weaknesses here as depicted by the trailer.

At the end of the trailer, Anthony asks Lucy if the ghosts had touched her. What she replied will not only shock you but it will also serve as a major twist in this series. Had the ghosts touched Lucy, she would have been dead. Now, this intense battle has become even better, right? Hopefully, we’ll get to enjoy this series soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lockwood & Co. A Thriller Series?

Yes, this is a supernatural thriller drama.

2. Who Is The Creator Of the Lockwood & Co. Series?

Joe Cornish is the director of this series.

3. Is Lockwood & Co. Drama Series Based On The Novel Series?

Yes, it is based on a novel series written by Jonathan Stroud.

4. Who Plays Lucy In Lockwood & Co. Series?

Lucy Carlyle will be portrayed by the talented Ruby Strokes.

5. Is Lockwood & Co. A Fictional Story?

Yes, it is a fictional story and is a representation of Stroud’s novel.

6. When Will Lockwood & Co. Release?

This drama thriller is scheduled for release on January 27, 2023.

7. Is There A Trailer Available For Lockwood & Co. Series?

Yes, Netflix has released an intriguing thriller for this series.

8. Where To Watch Lockwood & Co. Series?

Lockwood & Co. is brought to us by Netflix, you can stream it on this platform!

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