Fantasy Island Season 3 Release Date: Season 3 Heavily Depends On Season 2 Success!

Life: it is a reality. We dream, but not always do they come true. Some dreams are like fantasies. We know they will not come true, but we still think about them. It is a strange thing, but it is also very true. As human beings, we are unable to stop ourselves from fantasizing.

It will be a blatant lie if we say we do not fantasize. We do. We do that all the time. Even if we know some of them are ridiculous to even think of, we still fantasize. Have you ever wondered what would happen if our fantasies come true?

Well, you may or may not have thought about it, but here we will discuss a series where the fantasies of human beings get fulfilled. The name of the series is Fantasy Island. The name itself suggests some element of fantasy has been ingrained in this series. If you have watched the series, and you are wondering what to expect next, then you are in the correct place.

If you have not watched the series and are hearing the name for the first time then also you are in the correct place. Here we will try to disseminate information about the drama that you may find helpful/useful if you are a watcher of the series or a non-watcher of the series.

Fantasy Island Season 3 Release Date

Fantasy Island has two seasons as of now. The second season of the show is an ongoing one. It is clear to us that the creation of the second season of the show was decided only after getting good reviews about the first season of the show. This gives us some hope.

Name Of The ShowFantasy Island
Season NumberSeason 3
Fantasy Island Season 1 Release Date10 August 2021
Fantasy Island Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

Currently, we do not have any news regarding the third season of the show. There has been no announcement or news regarding the third season of the show. The creators will probably decide about returning the show for its third run after reviewing the audience’s reaction to the show’s second installment.

If the show is set to receive a third season, it will not be long before we receive a third season. Considering the time gap between the first two seasons of the show, we do not expect the gap between the second and the third season of the show to be long enough.

The first season of the show was released on 10th August 2021. The second season premiered on 2nd January 2023. The episodes of the second season are getting released at their scheduled times. The fourth episode will be released on 23rd January 2023.

Fantasy Island Season 3 Story

The story of the second season of the show is a continuation of the first season. There is a continuity between the original series and the new 2021 series. This new series can be considered a sequel to the original series.

The plot of the show revolves around staying at a luxury resort. People staying at this resort get a chance to fulfilling their fantasies: the wildest of their dreams. This reboot follows the premise of its parent show.

Although the fantasies of the guests are fulfilled, they are not fulfilled completely. Their wishes do not turn out to be what they exactly wished for. The guests are seen to be transformed at the end through these magical experiences.

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Fantasy Island Season 3 Cast

The cast of the show includes Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke. Kiara Barnes plays the role of Ruby Akuda. Javier is played by John Gabriel Rodriquez. Recurring actors include Daniel Lugo ad Segudo, Gabriela Z. Hernandez as Dr. Gina, and Alexa Mansour as Helene.

Besides these actors, there appear many guest actors in the show.

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Fantasy Island Production

The show has been developed by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain. The executive producers of the show are Adam Kane and Anne Clements. Frances Lausell and Mark Grossan are the producers of the show.

Puerto Rico has been chosen as the location for the production of the show. Laurence Rosenthal is the theme music composer of the show. The cinematography of the show has been taken care of by Sonnel Velazquez and Santiago Benet Mari.

The series has 2 seasons with 13 episodes in total as of now. The distributor of the show is Sony Pictures television.

Ratings And Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the show get a third season?

The show may or may not get a third season. It is uncertain as of now.

When will the latest episode be released?

The fourth, and latest, episode of the show will be released on 23rd January 2023.

Is the show worth watching?

The show has a nice rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb and 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where can you watch the show?

You can watch the show on SONY Liv with a subscription.  

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