Is Anthony Padilla Gay? Did The Youtuber Ever Reveal What He’s Into?

The co-founder of the famous youtube channel, Smosh, the very handsome and talented, Anthony Padilla is in high talk. It seems like his fans would love to get a closer look at his sexuality, more specifically his love interests. He is not only seen as an amazing American YouTuber but we also recognize him as an actor, comedian, host, and writer! The list doesn’t end here, he has also played the role of director, producer, and editor! 

Whatever the job may be, Anthony Padilla has always stood out from the crowd, he is counted among the incredibly multi-talented Hollywood celebs out there. He gained fame in 2014 and that was a major turn for his career! His charming face can melt anyone’s heart out there! But the latest rumors around him have deeply shocked his fan base! Are the rumors accurate? Is Anthony Padilla not straight?

Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

It all started with one statement. If you still haven’t rolled your eyes through Daniel Howell’s gay crush list, then you are surely missing out on a lot of juicy gossip. It seems like Daniel Howell has a huge crush on Anthony Padilla! But before we tell you more about this, let’s clear the rumors out there, apart from Anthony, other known internet moguls were also present on the list. This not only fired the rumors that Anthony was gay, but many also started believing that Anthony was having an affair with Daniel! 

The recent video released by the famous Youtuber answers all the questions out there. It seems like the two celebrities have spent a nice day together! According to our full analysis and studies, they had a great time with one another, they even had four tequila sunrises but the main question remains the same! Are the two YouTubers dating each other? Can we call them a couple? Is Anthony Padilla caught in a cozy position with Daniel Howell? 

Well, firstly, let’s break your imaginary bubble, Anthony Padilla is not dating Daniel Howell. Anthony Padilla is not gay, but straight, yes he had a good time with Daniel but that doesn’t prove the fact that he is gay! Moreover, we have never caught the two YouTubers in any cozy situation. Lastly, Padilla is mostly captured along with women! We hope this has cleared up all your questions out there.

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Who Is Anthony Padilla Dating?

They are still together, people! Yes, you guessed it right, Anthony Padilla is continuing his relationship with Lauren Mychal, better known as Mykie! Initially, at the beginning of 2019, we guessed that Anthony was dating the famous make-up artist but it was not until September 2019, that the two talented YouTubers decided to officialize their relationship! It seems like Anthony is deeply in love with Mykie. If you still don’t believe us, then you should surely roll your eyes through their social media handles. 

Over the years, the two have become incredibly close to one another. Many even say that the two YouTubers might get married in the future. Anthony had a very difficult childhood life, he was mostly raised by his maternal grandparents and he always wanted to have a fairytale love life! It seems like his dream might soon come true. Let’s hope the two stay together for a lifetime!

Anthony Padilla’s Past Girlfriends 

As per our analysis, when Anthony Padilla was on the edge of becoming famous, his name was mostly taken along with Kalel Cullen Smith. If we are not wrong, the two were together for almost one year. As per our estimates, they dated around 2013 and 2014. Both were YouTubers and initially, they wanted to keep it private but it seems like they shared a toxic bond. When the two decided to go for a split, some shocking revelations came into the picture! No one could have guessed that the two would try to pull one another down. 

Kalel said Anthony was affecting her mental health while Anthony also said some harsh things about Kalel. After the two officialized their breakup, Anthony was rumored to be in a relationship with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. People say that dated somewhere in 2015. Though, some still doubt the authenticity of this statement. Again from 2015 to 2019, Padilla was seen along with Miel Bredouw. Somewhere in September 2017, they officialized their relationship! 

Is Anthony Padilla Gay? – FAQs

1. Is Anthony Padilla proven to be gay?

No, the rumors are inaccurate, Anthony Padilla is not gay.

2. Is Anthony Padilla single again?

No, Anthony Padilla is not yet single!

3. Is Anthony Padilla still with Mykie?

Yes, Anthony Padilla is still in a happy relationship with Lauren Mychal.

4. Is Anthony Padilla toxic?

Nothing can be said with surety now, but Anthony Padilla’s ex-girlfriend claimed that Padilla is very toxic and aggressive.

5. Is Anthony Padilla planning to marry Mykie?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but many suspect the two young YouTubers will soon take their relationship to the next level.

6. Is Anthony Padilla in love with Daniel Howell?

No, Anthony Padilla is not in love with Daniel Howell.

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