Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Release Date: Will The Huge Fan Base Save The Show?

When it comes to Indian tv series, there have been quite some shows that have been breaking the stereotype of being overly dramatic, however, some shows still exist that are overly dramatic, but the directors have added something more to utilize this. We all know overly dramatic shows don’t have a lot of fans as they seem unrealistic but at the same time, they can be turned into comedy shows and the entire situation with the stereotypical scenarios can be directed in such a way that people find it funny and that is what sandwiched forever did.

The show sandwiched came out quite some years back, but it surely made sure to let its audience know what a fun family drama can be like and the audience response to the show was quite huge, along with that if we look at the IMDB rating of the show, it a massive 8.5 which just proves how much the audience has loved the show. Along with the critic’s comments have also been quite positive with an amazing cast, whom we have seen in quite some successful web series and tv shows earlier.

Now the main question that exists is that, it has been quite a long time since the first season of the show came to us, and from the ratings only we know this show has got quite a big fanbase, which has already been very restless over the past few years and have flooded us with a question regarding whether the show is canceled or now. Now according to our reports, there have been no announcements regarding this, so as of now, we shouldn’t consider the show to be canceled and wait till the makers give out any further announcements.

Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Release Date

Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Before moving into the discussion regarding the release of the show’s second season, the show, the first season of the show, and its related dates must be cleared. The idea of the show has been in the minds of the makers for quite a long time and the work already began in the year 2019. After nearly a year-long procedure, the final series with a total of 15 episodes made it to us all on a single day, which is on the 25th of December 2020.

Name Of The ShowSandwiched Forever
Season NumberSeason 2
Sandwiched Forever Season 1 Release Date25 December 2020
Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The series as we have already mentioned is pretty well and it has got a huge fan base, who have been recently raising a lot of questions regarding the second season of the show, however, based on the success of the show and no official announcement regarding the cancellation of the show, we can confirm that the show still hasn’t been confirmed and there is a great chance that we are going to receive a second season very soon. If the works regarding the second season start by the middle of even 2023, we are surely going to receive the second season of the show by the end of this year or maybe the start of 2024, however, for any more updates we will have to wait a little longer.

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Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Story

For the story of the show’s upcoming season, as we all know we haven’t got much information as we still haven’t received a trailer for season 2. However, based on the series and the storyline we have seen so far, we can confirm that a new member is going to be included in the family and the couple Naina and Sameer are going to get a dog. However, we can also expect that some drama regarding getting a baby will be there and there will be more chaos in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Cast

For the cast of the show, we have seen quite some well-known actors from the Bollywood industry in the first season only and they are supposed to be continuing in the upcoming season of the show. The question regarding new characters still remains unanswered and will only be known after we receive a trailer for season 2.

Sandwiched Forever Season 2 Trailer

As we all know there has been no confirmation regarding the second season of the show and thus, we also haven’t received any trailer as of now.

Where Can We Watch Sandwiched Forever Season 2?

The second season of the show is going to make it to us on the SonyLiv platform just like the previous season of the show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 2 of sandwiched forever?

As of now, there have been no confirmations for season 2, but actually, there is a great chance that we will get a season 2.

How many epsiodes are there in the first season of sandwiched forever?

There are a total of 16 episodes in the first season of sandwiched forever.

How many seasons of sandwiched forever are there?

As of now there is only a single season of sandwiched forever

Did the couple in sandwiched forever get a baby?

No by the end of the show, they didn’t get a baby but they brought a dog as a new member of the family.

Will the second season of the show be available on Sonyliv?

If the second season of the show happens, it will be available on the Sonyliv platform streaming.

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