Is Drake Gay? Rapper Reveals Every Secret About Himself!

Drake has created history with his amazing song list and albums but he also has a long history of dating. This man is not getting attention because of his music but fans are also giving so much attention to his personal life and we all saw this coming, right? 

Recently, fans have been questioning the sexuality of Drake, they are not asking about his dating life but they are directly pointing out his sexuality. So we have mentioned all the important information about this 36-year-old rapper and his sexuality. 

Is Drake Gay?

Drake is not Gay. It seems like This Canadian Rapper is getting the public’s attention because of his new releases but because of his sexuality. Well, it is true that there are many rumors spreading about his sexuality but he is not gay. If you are wondering how come I am starting this so confidently then let me give you a brief description. 

Drake has always been seen dating popular singers like Rihanna, he has also dated many popular and gorgeous models. If he was gay then he would not have dated these popular and beautiful women.

Is Drake Single?

It seems like Drake is currently single. There is no particular information about his current girlfriend. We are still running out of information about his current dating status. If we get any update about his new girlfriend then we will inform you as soon as possible. 

Can we say that Drake is a popular public figure?

We do not need to say that he is popular because we all know how popular Drake is. This man has gained so much love and support from his fans and they are never getting tired of showing their love to him. 

Drake also has many popular songs like God’s Plan, One Dance, In My Feelings and the list goes on because he has so many hit singles as well as albums. 

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Drake Early Life 

He is popularly known as Aubrey Drake Graham and was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His parents got separated when he was very young and after their separation, he stayed with his mom. We can assume that his childhood was kind of hard because of the disturbances between his mother and father. 

Drake Personal Life 

Drake has a son even though he is not married. He was dating Rihanna back in 2009 but they broke up in 2019. He was also dating SZA in 2008 or 2009 but they also broke up. 

He has a son with the former model Sophie Brussaux but at first, he did not confirm anything, late Drake confirmed this good news through the release of his album “Scorpion”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are people assuming Drake is Gay?

Fans are always trying their best to learn tidbits about their favorite artist whether it is about that particular artist’s personal life or it is about that artist’s personal life. Fans never fail to dig for more information about their favorite artist and which is why Drake is getting involved in this kind of rumor. 

2. Is Drake really gay?

Drake is definitely not gay. He has a long dating history, which is enough to give us a notion of his sexuality. We are 100 percent sure that Drake is not gay and the same thing is written in the sources. 

3. Is Drake dating a boy?

No, at this moment Drake is not dating anyone, we are still not sure of anything. If he is dating someone then we will surely know about it as he is a popular singer, and his dating life will catch the attention of the Media. 

4. Does Drake make good music?

This is not even a question because he obviously makes amazing music. Drake’s songs are so Catchy and his songs easily grab the attention. We never fail to vibe on his songs, the rhythm automatically makes our feet dance and jam till we get tired. 

5. Is Drake a successful artist?

Drake has won many awards, he has topped the Billboard charts several times, and after all these, we can not say that he is not successful, right? He is a very successful rapper and songwriter. 

6. What is Drake’s Net Worth?

As of now, his net worth is $260 Million. We can state that Drake is one of the richest Canadian Rappers. 

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