Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Release Date And Predicted Plot!

For all the hardcore anime lovers, we are coming with so much exciting news for the folks in town. The action spices up with what is happening in Ayakashi Triangle. We can see that Matsuri is transforming into a gorgeous adolescent girl, all credit to Shirogane’s Jutsu. So here we are with Ayakashi Triangle Season 2’s release date, time, and number of days left for the same.

There are speculations in the industry, that season 2 is also going to be released in 2023. This news sure would make the anime fans go crazy, We are still waiting for confirmation from the production center.

Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Release Date

According to the speculations in the town, the release of the Season 2 of Ayakashi Triangle would be in the middle of this year or by the end of this year. The places where the release is going to be happening are the United States of America,  the United Kingdom, and many other countries in Europe.

Name Of The ShowAyakashi Triangle
Season NumberSeason 2
Ayakashi Triangle Season 1 Release Date10 January 2023
Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Currently, in Japan, the 2nd Episode would be released on January 17, 2023. Till now the Ayakashi Triangle episodes are streaming on Crunchyroll in Japanese Audio with English Subtitles. The platform which is streaming Ayakashi Triangle has announced that the episodes would be dubbed into English and German after some time of release.

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Ayakashi Triangle Season 2 Story

The trending fantasy and romantic comedy anime Ayakashi Triangle is based on one of the manga series which is Ayakashi Triangle. This is the creation of Kentaro Yabuki. Yabuki is famously known for his prior manga series such as To Love Ru and Black Cat. Maybe all the Manga Readers might be knowing that there are already 11 manga volumes in the market with more than 110 pages

The Beginning is with an Ayakashi, attracting shadows looking at Suzu Kanade. During this time, Suzu Kanade is buying a crepe at Sakura Ranch. The most dangerous beasts which are not visible to humans are Ayakashi. It is considered that Ayakashi is an evil spirit who is born from evil humans.

How is the Ayakashi Triangle Progressing?

How is the Ayakashi Triangle Progressing?

The most interesting and scary part at the same is that ninjas who are exorcists have been exorcising these dangerous beasts, Ayakashi since the very beginning of time.

The Ayakashi which is in the form of a cat is like a softball who is called Shirogane and is behind to eat Suzu. Even before Shirogane could make an attack on Suzu, we can see how Martsuri Kazamaki suddenly come to protect him.

Being anonymous to Matsuri, Shirogane has been existing for the past four hundred years. He is also famously known among the exorcist ninja clans.

Then comes a plot twist, when it comes to their attention of Suzu that Matsuri and Shirogane getting into each other, she decides to take a step. Shirogane is held responsible by Suzu for his misbehavior with Matsuri. Even though all these incidents happen, Suzu deep down trusts the innocence of Shirogane and believes that he is harmless.

In due course, Suzu gets pieces of advice from Matsuri about the dangers of the Ayakashi. This warning was given because the Ayakashi is not the category of beasts, that people shouldn’t be interacting with. Meanwhile, Matsuri tries his best to protect Suzu from taking away Shirogane. Though there was a distraction that was created because of Suzu’s thick legs.

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Ayakashi Triangle Season 1 Recap

In the fictional city of Omiko, the events of the Ayakashi Triangle are taking place. This place is located in the countryside of Japan. Omika is an unknown place to its citizens. The city is fully populated by Ayakashi, which is not visible to most people.

A large amount of one of the 2 types of energy is necessary to see the Ayakashi. First is Haku, which is the life energy, whereas the other one is Kon, the Spiritual Energy. The Series revolves around the story that Suzu Kanade and Matsuri Kazamaki, 2 childhood friendships, who have the magical power to witness around them the presence of Ayakashi.

Matsuri is the descendant of the Ninjas who is exorcists who protect the people from the evil Ayakshi. Whereas on the other hand, Suzu is himself an Ayakshi medium who has the energy to attract other Ayakashi toward her.

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Ayakashi Triangle Season 2: FAQs

1. Is Ayakashi Triangle Season 1 Finished?

The Season 1 of Ayakshi Triangle has recently started. There are speculations that by the mid of this year, the audience can expect an end to season 1. After the first season soon we will get to see the release of the second season to be announced too.

2. Does Kakuriyo have season 2?

For now, let’s take a moment to breathe and wait till we get the official announcement. Though there is a very high chance of Kakuriyo’s presence. However, we will be making sure to update you as soon as we get an official confirmation.

3. Who does AOI end up with?

There is a meetup that happens. A wrapped box and a rose-quartz hairpin ornament are left. As she goes to explore the gift. Then as collateral for Shiro’s debt of 100 million, Aoi is compelled to get married to him.

4. Who are the main characters of Ayakashi Triangle Season 1?

The main characters of Ayakashi Triangle Season 1 are Suzu Kanade and Matsuri Kazamaki. And also, it’s been said that these both characters will be appearing back for the upcoming future seasons of the series too.

5. When is the release date of Season 2 of Ayakashi triangle?

According to the speculations, it is believed the audience can expect season 2 can be expected during the mid of this year or by the end of the year. Still, the confirmation is yet to be received.

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