Was Troy Donahue Gay? His Sexuality Revealed After His Death?

The very famous and iconic Hollywood celeb of all time, Troy Donahue is under our analysis. Sadly, we lost the star at the end of 2001 but what an exceptional actor he was! From stepping into the entertainment industry to establishing himself as a top-rated actor, Troy Donahue is surely seen among the best actors out there. He had an expanding career of more than 40 years in the industry and we can’t wait to discuss it all with you. He became highly popular during the period of 1950s and 1960s! 

He had a huge fan base and his fans still watch his movies on repeat! But hey there, do you know anything about his personal life? Or should we say can you recall anything about his love life? He had a very evergreen dating history and we would love to take you through his love life. On popular demand, here is everything we know about Troy Donahue and his sexuality!

Troy Donahue Biography

Name Troy Donahue
Date Of Death02.09.2001
Famous ForMovie And Television Acting Career
ProfessionAmerican Actor And Singer
Birth PlaceNew York
Net Worth$ 2 Million
Source Of IncomeActing Profession

Was Troy Donahue Gay?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. From a very young age, he became a part of the industry and thus he was many times captured under various media gossip. That man has attracted a ton of women out there and if you look at his bright love life carefully, then you might question his sexuality as well! He was married four times! Indeed, the iconic face was involved with many women out there. 

But the main question remains the same, is Troy gay or straight? Back then, the concept of being gay was seen as taboo! If you were a gay actor, then the industry is surely not the right place for you, this was almost everyone’s mentality out there. Since Troy was always seen with a woman or another, many thought he must have been involved with men as well! Surprisingly enough, many thought Troy was gay! 

The rumors surely bothered him a lot but he never addressed these publicly. As per our studies and analysis, Troy Donahue is not gay! We have never captured him cozy with a male actor or singer! He was mostly seen with popular female figures. As per his evergreen dating history, he was mainly interested in women! The renowned actor was 100 percent straight!

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Troy Donahue’s Love Life

His first authentic marriage happened at the beginning of 1964. He got married to the very beautiful and gorgeous American theatre actress, Suzanne Pleshette. But their marriage didn’t last for more than nine months, that year itself they filed their divorce case. Before this, he was engaged to Lili Kardell, but back in 1961, the actress sued him for damages, she claimed that Troy was brutally aggressive and had also hit her once. 

After separating from Suzanne Pleshette, he again got married in October 1966. This time Donahue tied the knot with Valerie Allen. The two were together for only five to six months. In April 1968, Valerie filed their divorce case stating that Troy has anger issues and often goes out of control. Again in November 1969, Donahue got married to his very own executive secretary Alma Sharpe. They had an intense bond and were married for almost 2 to 3 years. 

Unfortunately, Troy’s third marriage had to end in 1972. Donahue’s fourth and final marriage took place in 1979. He got married to a land developer named, Vicki Taylor. Their marriage lasted for only 2 to 3 years. In 1981, Troy was officially single again. Before dying, he was seen in a long-term relationship with the American operatic mezzo-soprano, Zheng Cao. He even got engaged to her. 

Did Troy Donahue Have A Child?

You might be thinking the actor died without any children but that’s not true. He had a son named Sean. Back in 1984, Troy was captured in an uncut interview, where he revealed the fact that in the year 1969, he was involved with a woman in L.A.

It was supposed to be a casual relationship, they met only for 5 a couple of weeks. Years passed by and then 13 years later, he came to know that he had a son named Sean. It was a shocking truth for him. Sources say that his son looked like him. 

Was Troy Donahue Gay? – FAQs

1. Is Troy Donahue proven to be gay?

No, Troy Donahue is not proven to be gay.

2. Was Troy Donahue jailed in 1958?

Yes, back in 1958, Donahue was jailed for 15 days. Sources say he was charged for speeding up his car.

3. Who was Troy Donahue’s last girlfriend?

Troy Donahue’s last girlfriend was Zheng Cao.

4. How many kids did Troy Donahue have?

Troy Donahue had only one kid. His son’s name is Sean.

5. Was Troy Donahue aggressive in nature?

Many of his ex-wife claim that Troy was highly aggressive and short-tempered.

6. How did Troy Donahue die?

In August 2001, the popular actor suffered a heart attack and was immediately hospitalized. But he could only survive for three more days, Troy Donahue officially died on 2nd September 2001.

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