Is The Glory Based On A True Story? Or Is It Just A Fantasy Story?

The glory is a recent Netflix original series that has been given to us b by the world-famous writer Kim Eon Sook, who has previously been very famous for other works such as the descendants of the sun and many others. this series is a south Korean web series that has gained a lot of attention in the last few days.

As we all know the industry of k drama has been growing a lot over the last few years a lot and the crime thriller genre has been one of them which has given us some of the greatest works in the history of k drama. On that list, this series surely makes a great name and makes it worth it for all the audiences out there.

For all those who have no idea regarding what this series is about, this series basically tells the story of a girl who used to be bullied during her school life so much that she had to drop out and now she is ready for her vengeance as she is the homeroom teacher of the children of those who used to bully her during her school days.

When it comes to IMDb rating, this show has received an 8.0 IMDb rating which just shows how great of a series this has been and followed by that when we look at the comments of the critics regarding this show, most of them have been very positive and many of the people out there have described this show as very realistic and worth a watch.

Following that, we have received a lot of questions regarding whether this show has been inspired by any true story, the answer is quite complicated, overall, it’s a no but there are certain facts we need to keep in mind before considering that.

Is The Glory Based On A True Story?

Is The Glory Based On A True Story?

As we have already mentioned this show is not adapted from a true-life incident of this sort, but as we know the culture of school bullying has been growing over the last few years in South Korea a lot and that has been a big inspiration for the writer regarding the show.

The writer’s daughter also played a big part, when Kim thought that her professional influence may have a lot of effect on her daughter’s school life, however, she surely clarified, that she has handled the situation well.

Then some of the incidents that we have seen in the web series such as a very famous hair scene where our protagonist was burned with a hair iron and that scene were actually taken up from a 2006 bullying case where some school bullies actually did this to a girl and that was surely a gruesome incident which just showed how sick of a generation it is and how some people lack humanity.

Overall many incidents like this in the movie have been taken up from real-life cases and when it comes to the audience it is surely supposed to leave a mark in the mind of many and some students would surely change their paths after seeing what such acts can bear them in the future.

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The Glory Release Date

 The makers of the show have been working on the script of the show for quite a long time, all the work started in the year 2021 and since then there have been a lot of discussions, recruitment for the cast, and many problems were also faced for the filming of the series.

After all this struggle the series finally made it to us on the Netflix platform on the 30th of December 2022, and that surely was a great way to end the year. Many people have been waiting for the show for a long time and finally, the release just made sure every audience was satisfied with such an ending to the year 2022.

The Glory Cast

For the cast of the show, we see some great names from the south Korean industry, such as Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, Lim ji-Yeon, and many others great names, all of them have surely contributed a lot to the series and without their efforts, this series surely wouldn’t have turned out to be this great.

Where Can We Watch The Glory?

Song Hye-Kyo as Moon Dong-eun (left) and Lee Do-Hyun as Joo Yeo-Jeong in a still from “The Glory.”

The glory series is a Korean drama series and as we all know it is a Netflix original thus the streaming rights to the show are only available on the Netflix platform. 

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Is The Glory Based On A True Story?: FAQ’S

1. What is the glory k drama about?

The glory k drama is actually about the entire concept of bullying and how bullying may face future consequences in the future.

2. Is the glory based on a true story?

The k drama is not completely based on a true story. but some of the scenes from the drama have actually been inspired by true-life events

3. Is the glory based on the life of the makers?

No glory is not based on the life of the makers of the show but practically, it was inspired by some of the statements of her daughter.

4. Is the glory available on the Netflix platform?

Yes, the glory k drama series is currently available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

5. How many episodes are available in the first season of the glory?

The first season of the show has a total of 8 episodes.

6. Will there be a second season of the glory?

There has been confirmation regarding the second season of the show as of now, but based on the success of the show, there is a great chance.