Top 10 Hottest Sonic Girls: Who Stand On Number One?

Sonic the hedgehog is surely something that we all have heard of, however, we all don’t know much about the background of this series. We first gamers know about sonic the hedgehog from the video game series which was a Japanese game and was quite famous for how it did with the fans. At that time, it was quite the first animated series that had that level of graphics and gave the players such a huge choice among characters from whom they could choose about and play with the character they love. There have been many projects from this particular series and this series is also very special because it has got a nostalgic feel for all those 90s kids out there.

Top 10 Hottest Sonic Girls

Now moving forwards to what the anime or the recently released animated movie is all about., if we look at the amount of hype that the recent movie has received, we could surely tell that the fanbase that existed for years is still maintained and has been going over the period of time. Followed by that if we look at the level of hype the actual anime series came out in the 90s too, that was the point where the hype regarding the franchise mainly grew and people from all over the world started following this series.

Now following that, we all know how great of a character list sonic has got and the female characters have been something that has caught the eyes of all the fans out there. Now we may not call all of them hot but we may call them super adorable and gorgeous and based on their appearances there has been a lot of debate among fans regarding who is the cutest one, however, we have found some of the best recommendations, along with some critic comment on this topic and based on that we have decided to list it down so that there won’t be any further controversy regarding this. Practically speaking all of the characters are quite adorable and you may end up finding a big fan base for each other characters out there.

1. Rouge The Bat

Top 10 Hottest Sonic Girls!

Still, when it comes to hotness, we had to name this character above almost any character out there and that’s just because of the way she carries herself around all the time. There are many reasons for rouge being on the list, and the first one is because the character she has got makes her very attractive among the other characters that exist. When it comes to her profession, she is a spy and that’s a big thing that adds to her character, she is a part of the main squad so we get to see her quite often the best part about her is that she is very athletic and has a rational mindset when she decides on achieving something, we all know that she is going to achieve it somehow and at the same time, she has also got quite a seductive nature.

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2. Amy Rose

If we wouldn’t mention her right now, then we surely would have faced a lot of criticism from the critics as well as the fans all over the world, and that is because yes, most sonic fans out there have got a big thing for Amy all their life and that’s not just because she is hot or something. She is the kind of girl, who knows how to win the hearts of people and as we all know, we all root for her mainly because of the reasons that she has got a big thing for sonic out there, and practically we do want both of them to end up together. Other than that, when it comes to her dressing sense also, it’s quite nice, and fans have loved it overall followed her positive nature and optimistic approach towards everything have just given an extra add to her character.

3. Honey The Cat

The third character on the list had to be her, and that’s because of the great character she is followed by the entire set of her role into the main storyline. We all know, when it comes to fashion, we have got only one name and that is honey the cat, she is a professional fashion designer and even when it comes to dressing someone, we always know whom people may go to. When it comes to appearance, she is surely very appealing and along with that she has got a great character with a charm which many fans are just addicted to. Firstly, the character used to be a side character but soon things changed completely for her.

4. Blaze The Cat

For the fourth character on the list, she had to be there, otherwise, fans surely would have taken this lightly. The blaze has been a famous and loved character by all fans for sure and we have always loved a woman who knows how to deal with situations and can handle authority. Blaze is calm and she has an elegant nature that often charms people, and along with that, it is followed by the great styling sense she has always got. She is quite one of the main characters in the current running of the series and overall the character compiled with her appearance surely makes her quite worthy of the fourth spot on this list.

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5. Bunny Rabbot

Quite shocked to see her on the list, many people will be because we all know that bunny is a cyborg at this point as most of her body parts got completely replaced with mechanical parts due to some serious injuries but that does at all make her less attractive. There is a huge fan base out there who is completely in love with the character and has been crushing on her for a long time. Along with that, she is also quite attractive because of her nature, the way she handles situations and people, and overall because of the way she looks. She is extremely gorgeous and the way her carrying herself around is surely increasing her fanbase day by day.

6. Princess Sally Acorn

If you have been a sonic fan, for quite some time, you surely do know about this character and the level of drama that has gone on while she exists in the scene. Though it may not seem like it, sally is extremely hot, she has got one of the best physiques among all the sonic female characters out there, and followed by her dressing sense makes her more attractive. The way she carries herself around and her character is a bit dominating surely add to that.

7. Cream The Rabbit

This character is completely there because we all know every guy out there has got a soft spot for the good girls out there and cream is basically the good girl of the entire sonic series. She is extremely polite, and well-mannered, handles every situation with maturity, and is also a bit innocent. Followed with that when it comes to her appearances, she always dressed very elegantly a decently and that adds more to the charm she has. Overall, she has got great charm and her good nature of hers, actually adds more to her character. The character has more scope to grow and turn out into a beautiful woman soon.

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8. Tikal The Echidna

When it comes to a hot character, Tikal is surely one we need to mention in this list. This is because of the character she has got and also because of the way she dresses up most of the time. Tikal always is in her tribal clothes which adds a lot to her character and makes it more appealing, there are a lot of fans out there, who is a big fan of Tikal because of the proud and tomboyish character she has got over the years. We also know the background she has got adds to her character.

9. Sticks The Badger

Sticks have been quite a new character as we may say but based on how her character is set, she has a lot to contribute to the entire storyline. Other than that, if you have been looking for a super energetic female character who has spent her entire life in the wilderness, you will actually like sticks a lot. She has got an amazingly charming personality and that has been a big appeal for all the fans out there.

10. Perci The Bandicoot

The last one on the list had to be this one. Yes, we all know she may not have been a very main character in the series, but the amount of beauty she possesses and the name she has got all over the village, for her beauty just tells us how many male characters as well as fans she has got after her. There is not much when it comes to her contribution to the series, but overall, a great character she is.

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