Is Tessica Brown Alive? How Is Her Head Injury Now?

We are all makeup lovers, aren’t we? We enjoy taking our time doing our hair, puffing up our faces and picking the perfect outfit. And when we don’t have our stuff, we decide to replace those products, right? But sometimes these products do more harm than good. Tessica Brown, a woman who used an alternative to her hair spray, has had to undergo severe whiplash because of it. The Gorilla Glue Girl has made headlines with her viral hair spray video and is still under scrutiny.

The overly energetic, highly optimistic Tessica has undergone a lot of stress ever since she put the Gorilla Glue in her hair. From hair loss to surgeries, there isn’t a single thing Tessica hasn’t suffered through. Has this stunt resulted in her death? Or is Tessica Brown alive? Is she healthy or resting in peace? Here is everything you need to know about the Gorilla Glue Girl!

Is Tessica Brown Alive?

In early 2021, Tessica made a fatal mistake. She forgot to replace her hair spray and decided to use the Gorilla Glue spray to fix her hair in place. And it did fix her in place for more than a month. She tried everything from coconut oil to warm water but came out empty-handed. Her hair started to become so stiff, you could hear her nails clink loudly whenever she touched her hair.

Not only did Tessica suffer through stiff hairs, but she also had to undergo severe scalp aches. She even cut off her ponytail hoping that the glue would somehow wither away only to find herself in more trouble than before. Brown waited for over a month to finally visit a doctor, yes a month! But thankfully, the surgeon, Dr Michael Obeng, managed to remove the glue from her hair and the entire TikTok world was in awe of him.

After this tragic incident, Tessica received millions of followers and their sympathy. Ever since she has been a hot topic and a trendy social media influencer. Thankfully, her hair isn’t as bad as before and she is healthy enough. Upset, yes, but alive and kicking, too!

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Tessica Brown: The Reason Behind Her Death Rumours

It is no surprise that Tessica’s glue stunt made her the topic of concern, everyone was wondering about her hair and her health. She even admitted to having a severe headache because of the spray and was held in the hospital for a few extra days. This led to rumours of her death, some people even claimed that she was undergoing severe consequences and is on her deathbed.

Thankfully, all those speculations were false and she is now extremely fit. Her hair has become a bit normal and she is working to make them get even better. Hopefully, she’ll be back to normal in no time again. Tessica Brown is a fighter, albeit a bit careless but a fighter nonetheless.

Tessica Brown’s Expensive Surgery Made Free

Tessica Brown

For surgery this serious, the fees must be reaching the sky, don’t you think? Tessica waited for a month, trying home remedies to somehow cure her stiff ponytail. But then, instead of reaching out to a doctor, a doctor reached out to her and offered her treatment entirely for free. Michael Obeng, a dermatologist offered her a treatment albeit a bit risky one but somehow it turned out to be a miracle for Brown.

Of course, Tessica had to face severe whiplash. Her hair started to fall in bunches, the head started to ache profoundly. But thankfully, she is now in a better condition and has chosen to focus on the present and learn from the past.

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Where Is Tessica Brown Now?

Tessica Brown

Ever since this accident, Tessica has learnt a lot, especially about hair care and grooming. She has launched her own brand Forever Hair and is now a leading entrepreneur promoting natural ingredients in hair care. Aside from that, she is a mother of five kids who has an unyielding passion for child care. She is still frequent on TikTok and has become a social media sensation.

The Gorilla Glue Girl has faced several challenges in her life; this sticky hair mishap, a miscarriage and constant criticism. And yet, Tessica stands strong against everything. She has also been seen on a local cooking show, spreading her cheerful laugh and positive vibes. Hopefully, she wouldn’t fall into another accident like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Tessica Brown?

Tessica is a brave entrepreneur who rose to fame after she swapped her hair spray with glue.

How Old Is Tessica Brown?

Tessica is 41 years old as of 2023.

Is Tessica Brown Dead?

No, Brown is not dead yet. She is heartily alive and her hair is in good shape as well.

Did Tessica Brown Really Put Glue In Her Hair?

Yes, Tessica really applied Gorilla Glue in her hair to replace her worn-out hair spray.

Was Tessica Brown Aware Of Gorilla Glue?

It doesn’t seem like it but she should have at least read about the glue before applying it to her hair.

Does Tessica Brown Own A Hair Care Brand?

Yes, Tessica owns a hair care product line entitled Forever Hair.

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