Who In The NBA Are Jehovah Witnesses?

For all those who are interested in this list, we have got some huge names whom many of us have known but we may have never known the fact that they are following the faith of Jehovah Witnesses. NBA has always been a place where religion didn’t matter, and neither did any person any kind of racial characteristics mattered. Spots have always been a place, where personal identity had no significance, the only thing that is important for an athlete to be an athlete, is his sportsmanship and his skill. However, for all those who don’t know what Jehovah’s witness is, it is basically a part of Christianity only but it is far away from the mainstream Christianity that we see. They also believe in Jesus Christ like all other Cristian but according to them Jesus never got resurrected physically, it was resurrection at a spiritual level, and based on our facts, their normal practices are quite different from that of normal mainstream Cristian. The people who have accepted Jehovah’s witness as their faith, have a different governing body that is in New York and their method of preaching their beliefs is also quite different from that of any other religion. We have actually got some big names in the NBA industry related to this faith and we are going to list everything about them in this article.

1. Darren Collison

Who In The NBA Are Jehovah Witnesses?

One of the big names on our list had to be this one, Darren Collison is one of those names almost all NBA fans know very well and yes, this athlete was actually a Jehovah witness and he accepted this faith after he retired from his basketball career. Following the statements, we have received from the athlete, he even retired from basketball, because he decided to give more time to his family as well as the new faith that he has accepted from his heart. He let out an open statement regarding this. Now for all those people who don’t know much about who Darren Collison is, quite a famous basketball player, who has surely achieved a lot in his life and has retired very recently. He used to play for many teams such as the New Orleans Hornets, and Dallas Mavericks and he even signed for the Lakers for only a short period after retiring officially. There are many stories regarding him and his cabinet surely looks very nice because he has got quite some big trophies in it.

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2.  Danny Granger

Another big name in the industry, who was very well known for his playstyle and along with that the way he carried out his career even after he got injured quite a lot of times. However, he wasn’t one of those guys who gave up on the sports they love and pursued as a profession to follow a path more holy and to be closer to his faith. He did everything he could and he accepted the religion after quite some time after his retirement, which means faith actually didn’t have anything to do with his career. Overall, he also has played for quite some big teams and has been listed along with some big names for sure. He started gaining quite a lot of names for his extreme performed in the field of basketball since his high school days and since then he has been related to many big teams such as Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, and many others. Along with that he also got his name listed as an All-Star in one of the seasons which just shows his level of greatness.

3. Dewayne Dedmon

The last one on the list who is a Jehovah witness is also the only player currently who is actively playing and has not retired yet. he is also one of those players, who hasn’t accepted his faith after retirement but has decided to carry it on at the same time he carries on with his career. Dewayne Dedmond is currently someone who has been growing a lot and has been gaining a lot of prominence. His playstyle has been praised by many critics out there and along with that, he has also got himself involved with some big clubs out there such as the Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat( which is his current team), Orlando Magic, and many others.

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Are there any Jehovah’s witnesses in the NBA?

Yes, there is some Jehovah’s witness in the NBA, which includes Darren Collison, Danny Granger, and Dewayne Dedmon.

What NBA player is Jehovah’s witness?

There are a total of 3 NBA players who are Jehovah’s witnesses and they are Darren Collison, Danny Granger, and Dewayne Dedmon.

How many NBA players turned Jehovah’s witness?

As of now, there are only three NBA players who have turned Jehovah’s witness.

Which ex-NBA star is a Jehovah’s witness?

Darren Collison, whom almost all NBA fans know, turned Jehovah’s witness.

Is Jehovah’s witness a religion?

Yes, currently speaking Jehovah’s Witnesses is quite a well know religious belief with lots of followers all over the world.

Can Jehovah’s witnesses join the military?

No according to their religious beliefs, no Jehovah’s witness can join the military.