What Happened To Muhammad Ali? Did His Career End On A Bad Note?

One of the greatest names in the history of mankind, when it comes to sports, Muhammad Ali can surely be treated as the greatest of all time and it is not only us who consider it but people all over the world who have accepted this fact. This is not only because of his achievements in the field of sports but when it comes to his contribution to society for the welfare of mankind, it stands unparallel to any athlete out there.  

However, many of us may know for a fact that though his life was filled with glory, there have been certain events that have also resulted in his downfall. Muhammad Ali has been always a man who is very outspoken and he used to give his opinion on anything that used to bother him, there was also one incident where he was banned from boxing for more than three years and that was basically a form of trouble Ali, got into because of his refusal to serve the army.

Now though everything regarding Muhammad Ali seems so great and magnificent with millions of people following him even today as their inspiration, the end of Ali was not that glorified, to be honest. The way he had to depart from his career and the continuous battle he was going through with Parkinson’s disease, just didn’t leave him in a condition to carry on with his career.

He was also tricked into a fight that was beyond his physical limits and was humiliated in front of the entire world, however for all those fans who are getting a heavy heart listening to this, don’t worry because that is where mike Tyson came and many sure to take revenge for the GOAT.

What Happened To Muhammad Ali?

What Happened To Muhammad Ali?

When it comes to the career of Muhammad Ali, he can all time be treated as the greatest of all time. He had a record of 56 wins to 5 losses which are just inspiring when it comes to someone’s boxing career and other than that, his fighting style was absolutely unique. He was one of the fastest heavyweight boxers we have ever seen and he has held the title of heavyweight champion in boxing three times in his career.

However, towards the end of his career, everything changed, he started suffering from many health issues and he also got thyroid which was one of the biggest reasons his last fight was such a tyranny. He had weakened completely and lost his eyesight almost completely, soon he was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after his last fight. Everything changed when he fought against Larry Holmes, who was quite close to Ali, but took advantage of his physical condition and stripped him of his title.

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Muhammad Ali Religion

Muhammad Ali’s original name was Cassius Marcellus clay jr, however, he soon gave up his original name and treated it as a slave name and he then accepted Islam as his religion. Along with that he also had to face a lot of complications, such as his refusal to serve in the army because of his religious beliefs was one of the main controversies and this also banned him from boxing for nearly three years.

However, he chose Islam to be his right belief and became a Sunni Muslim and he was ready to give up many things for that. Many consider this as a strategic move and other stuff, but if you know Ali well, we all know how true he was to Islam and how he treated Allah in his life.

Muhammad Ali Early Life

What Happened To Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali was born in the state of Kentucky and he belonged to quite a huge family. He had got two siblings, and his father was a billboard printer and his mother was a domestic helper. He had always been a child attracted to artistic stuff, and from an early age only he was very much affected by the racial discrimination that all black people had to suffer at that time. However, Ali was dyslexic from the beginning only and thus he couldn’t ever read and write properly. He started his boxing career at quite an early age, however as we all know, it ended quite early too.

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Why did Muhammad Ali stop talking?

After a certain age, Muhammad Ali stopped talking because of the state of his battle with Parkinsons’ disease.

What were Muhammad Ali’s last words?

According to the reports we have received, Muhammad Ali’s last words were “ Stay Pretty”.

Who is the Goat of boxing?

Based on all-time records and everything Ali has achieved in his career, it can easily be stated that no boxer stood above Ali in the world of boxing

Who ended Ali’s boxing career?

The last time Ali ever went into the ring before his retirement was against the famous boxer Trevor Berbick

Who was faster Ali or Tyson?

When it came to foot speed, it is quite easily stateable that Ali is the clear winner.

What was the record of Muhammad Ali?

Ali before retirement has a record of 59 wins and 5 losses and he had claimed the world heavyweight boxing champion three times in total.