What Happens At The End Of Boruto? Naruto And Boruto’s Relationship And What Could Happen?

Now Boruto has caught a lot of attention over time, and truly speaking if we look at Boruto as an individual anime and don’t consider any of its ties with the original series of Naruto and naruto Shippuden, it may not have the same level of attention, it has got over the last few years. However, some things regarding the Boruto anime are very unique. Firstly we need to consider the fact that Boruto was originally not in the hands of Kishimoto and that’s why the same standard of content isn’t there, however soon with the decline of watchers and fans and many other internal issues, Kishimoto had to come back and take on the work of Boruto, however, it will be very difficult to say that the state of the anime or the manga has changed anyhow.

Now other than this factor, another thing that is very noticeable in the anime or manga series is that they don’t follow each other or online you may read in many places, that both the anime and the manga for Boruto are different. Yes, we know it’s a very rare scenario and you don’t need to get very confused. For a fact, the anime is just 1 arc later than the manga and it often shows a lot of filler episodes with different material, however, covers every significant thing from the manga which has an impact on the main storyline.

Now one of the big questions, that many fans have already asked us a lot is what will happen at the end of Boruto, there are actually a number of observations and predictions regarding this, but we need to understand that Kishimoto is always unpredictable and that’s how the team has been made, currently the story has been made quite complicated that someone, who hasn’t followed the anime or manga for a few will get confused if they watch the current episode or read the manga.

What Happens At The End Of Boruto?

What Happens At The End Of Boruto

Now before moving into the prediction, the big thing that we need to clear out is that no Boruto hasn’t come up to its ending yet, and based on all the leaks and statements we have heard so far, 2028 is the year, when this anime, as well as the manga, may see the end coming near. There is a lot of content, but the entire thing with the otsusukis and the unknown existence of the karma is just at its starting level and we will have to wait for a long time before we see anything further.

We have the most predictable ending, as our first answer and that is just like naruto didn’t come to an end, it continued forwards with the Boruto anime series. We will see the same in the case of Boruto. Like if we look at the details just like Naruto and Sasuke in the previous days, there exists kawaka and Boruto in the present day and if the show is actually supposed to last that long and that is till 2028, we may end up seeing the characters grow up. There may be a few time skips and based on how it has been portrayed. Boruto may have a child and kawaka may also end up having one and they can move forward and give rise to a new series with more complicated. However, there is also a great chance that this may not happen, because we are already seeing the makers of the show utilizing all the story possibilities that are available. For any more information, we will have to wait a little longer.

Now other than this, we get to another prediction, where we may end up finding that the final pace in the shinobi world that lord jiraya once wanted to bring and had propagated all his life. He may have not been successful in it but we all know to whom he bestowed that duty and it is no one other than Naruto. now come on, yes we also know for a fact that Naruto’s role in the series has surely deteriorated and Boruto is nothing about Naruto but it is about his own journey, however, we can’t reject the fact that Naruto still exists in the anime and every important arc has got a big contribution from him. So may it be by Naruto himself or kawaka and Naruto, the otsusukis may finally be brought to an end and the hunger for power and the ten tails struggle that has been going on for years may also come to an end.  This ending may have a more chance because we already know that the repines from the audience regarding the Boruto anime or the manga haven’t been as great as the original series and thus the makers may decide not to stretch the series any further and bring a peaceful ending to it finally.

Now lastly, the final ending that we have come up with and you may have actually read it and seen it many times on social media if you have been a Naruto fan, and many Naruto fans were actually happy with this kind of ending and that’s because the entire arc of Boruto may turn out to be a dream. Yes you heard it right and though there is a very less chance for this Boruto may go on and everything but in the end, we may see the end of the final Tsukuyomi which none of the fans actually knew about and it was actually put on us as well as Naruto and everyone when they were fighting Madara Uchiha. Practically that will be something we will be very much looking forward to, but at the same time that is also something that the makers may not go for, because it has gone viral already over the social media, and if they follow the same story, the entire feeling regarding the show will get ruined and some fans also may get very angered because Boruto will be canceled.

Whatever happens, it is too early for us to predict a proper ending as of now, and this is something that we have collected from the internet and from our prediction-based team. For any more updates regarding the topic, we will have to wait for quite a long time from now, and that’s complete because Kishimoto is someone, we actually should be scared of, the content he ends up making is surely something we can’t predict completely on our own.

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Who Died In The Boruto Series?

As of now, three characters have died in the Boruto series, being in the shinobi world, means that we will lose some shinobis when we try to protect the village however in this case, three main characters have passed away and if you have been a Naruto fan, you surely know this character and will be very deeply affected by the deaths of these characters

Firstly we have the death of Kurama, one of the biggest shocks to every Naruto fan out there was the death of Kurama, the ninth tailed beast and the devil fox who always protected Naruto and has been through everything we have seen from the start of the Naruto series. We never expected the death of Kurama to be a part of this series however it happened, and though many people will argue that Kurama didn’t die, he may come back in some way, it seems like a far-fetched story.

Then we have Onoki, you may have forgotten about this character by his name but the title “third tsuchikage” will surely make you understand who he was. Onoki had a deep role in the fourth great ninja war and as we all know without him, the shinobi alliance would have suffered a great setback, other than that when we look at his contribution to the Boruto storyline also, he let a great impact on Boruto just before he faced his death and overall he was quite a successful character

The last one on this list is Ao, he was a shinobi from the land of hidden water and he was also a trusted member of the squad of the fifth mizukage. Many of you may remember him as he took a byakugan from one of the hidden mist shinobis. Overall, he thought being a side character had some important contributions to the show’s overall plot.

Where Can We Watch The Boruto Anime?

The Boruto anime is currently available for streaming on the Hulu platform, Crunchyroll, and the Netflix platform too.

Along with that, the naruto and naruto Shippuden anime is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll and the Netflix platform.

All the mangas for the show are also currently available online on various online manga reading platforms and along with that the hardcopy versions of these mangas are also quite easily available in the market.

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What Happens At The End Of Boruto?: FAQ’S

Is Boruto Finished?

No neither the manga nor the anime series has finished as of now.

Which Year Will Boruto End?

According to the present prediction, there is a great chance that the boruto series will come to an end in the year 2028.

Who Is God In Boruto?

Based on the current storyline, a new otstsuki has been introduced whose powers are rerally godly and that is shibai Otsutsuki.

Who Is Boruto’s Wife?

Based on how the story has been going and the fans demand, there is a great chance that Sarada Uchiha will be Boruto’s wife in the future.