Sky Rojo Season 4 Release Date Stands Uncertain!

Sky Rojo is a Spanish series which is translated as Red Leatherette. The Spanish series has a genre of thriller, crime, dark comedy, action and thriller. The series was directed by Álex Pina. The Netflix series was directed by Jesús Colmenar, David Victori, Óscar Pedraza, Javier Quintas, Albert Pintó and Eduardo Chapero-Jackson. It was composed by Iván M. Lacámara and Manel Santisteban. Álex Pina, Jesús Colmenar and Esther Martínez Lobato were the executive producers of the series. It was produced by Cristina López Ferraz. The series has been released on the OTT platform, with an amazing plot. The Spanish series are also very good, like one best example is Money Heist and the other is Sky Rojo. Sky Rojo is a thriller series that will take you on its adventure. The series has a good plot and has received an average response from the fans.

The series has received 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 86% of people liked it. The thriller series are always very interesting and fans get engaged till the end. They are often engaging and fans love to watch them. The plot of the series revolves around the life of three women who are forced into prostitution. Carol, Windy and Gina are the main characters of the series. Their lives become a mess after they start working in a Fantasy club. The owner of the club is Romeo, with whom all three get tangled up. The thriller series is good and fans liked it. 

After the release of the Sky Rojo, fans are waiting for the upcoming season of the series. Today, in this article, we will tell you about season 4 of the series. So, has the release date of season 4 been confirmed? To know, keep going ahead!

Sky Rojo Season 4 Release Date

Sky Rojo Season 4 Release Date

The release date of season 4 of the series has not been confirmed by the makers yet. We can expect season 4 of the series somewhere in 2023 or 2024. As of now, there is no news regarding the release date of season 4. The series first premiered on 19 March 2021.

Name Of The ShowSky Rojo
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreAdventure series
Sky Rojo Season 1 Release Date19 March 2021
Sky Rojo Season 4 Release DateNot Announced

Season 2 of the series was released soon after the release of season 1, on 23 July 2021. Season 1 of the series has a total of 8 episodes and season two also has 8 episodes. Season 3 of the series has a release date of 13 January 2023. As of now the premiere of season 4 has not been released, so the fans have to wait patiently for it.

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Sky Rojo Season 4 Cast

Sky Rojo Season 4 Release Date

The cast of season 4 of the series has not been confirmed yet by the maker. We can expect some additional cast in the series or even some cast can be removed. Verónica Sánchez as Coral, Asier Etxeandia as Romeo, Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Moisés, Lali Espósito as Wendy, Enric Auquer as Christian, Yany Prado as Gina, Cecilia Gómez as Gata, Carmen Santamaría as Charlotte, Godeliv Van den Brandt as Rubí, Luisa Vides as Lupe, Penélope Guerrero as Tsunami, Iván Yao as Xuan, Daniel Prim as Walter, Antonio Fdez as Tony and others are the cast of the series.

Sky Rojo Season 4 Story

As of now, the story of season 4 is still unknown. The plot of season 4 depends on the plot of season 4. As of now, we have seen that Moises and Romeo have joined hands together to get revenge on Carol, Windy and Gina. Season 3 will come with a new plot to tackle revenge on them and then it might again end with a hanger clip like in season 1. The plot of season 4 might reduce some cast from the series. Most probably, we can expect to have fewer members in season 4, because mess keeps happening in the series. We might lose some characters in season 3 of the series, which will be sad! As of now, only predictions can be made by critics and fans about the plot of season 4. They will be a great combo of Moises and Romeo in the series. It will be a lot of fun to watch the thriller story and the way they will seek revenge. As Moises’s brother was shot dead by the three women, Carol, Windy and Gina. Romeo is the owner of the fantasy club and he wants to take revenge on them because they steal his money and run away. Even women have their struggles to do such messy things. 

The story of the series is quite simple with lots of thrills. The series will keep bringing thrill to the audience and they will keep loving the new plots. As of now the plot of season 4 is not sure. 

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Sky Rojo Recap

The plot of the series revolves around three women lives, who were forced into prostitution. The three women were mentally harassed and were not good mentally and physically. Carol, Gina and Windy were the three unlucky women who were forced into prostitution. Their lives became miserable and they were forced to do the work against their will. The three used to work in a fantasy club, Las Novias Club in Tenerife. All the prostitutes who used to work in this club needed money. Money can make people do the hardest thing! The club was started and the creator of the club was Romeo. Romeo was quite clever, he always used to remain good in front of the prostitutes and made sure they all remained under his debt. The story comes with a horror part when Gina wants to leave his club. To leave his club she saved money to pay off her debt and also demanded a passport from Romeo. Roma rejected her offer by telling her about some other past debt. After getting rejected she stabs her breast with a pointed object. This part is interesting, when Gina hurts herself, Carol and Windy come to save her. But when Carol is unable to save she unexpectedly breaks the head of Romeo. All three become scared and confused, they try to run away from there. While running from the Club, they kill his secretary as well. All of them get flummoxed as they did two murders. After some time, they come to know that Romeo is alive and is all set to take revenge. The three did not have their passport to run away anywhere, so Carol decided to go back to the club and steal the money and passport from Romeo’s club. Romeo, Christian and Moisés were the people behind the three women. So, all three women plan to kill Romeo, Christian and Moises, but they fail to do so and get trapped once again. One unexpected thing that happened was Carol saved the life of Romeo!

Again we see in season 2 start that Romeo is saved by carol and Christian with his brother Moises wants to stay with Romeo. They want to settle in Namibia. Though you will find many problems in season 2. Carol is attacked by Romeo’s employees. Here Windy and Gina were trying to run away after burying Moises but they failed as they were caught by Cristian. Luckily, Windy pointed a gun at Cristian and they both ran from there. Windy had past problems with Christina, as he has abused her sexually. Once Windy and Gina leave from there, Christina saves Mossies as he is dug inside. After a long run and race Romeo finds the three of them. Romeo caught and buried them under the ground. Once they were dug up, Mossie felt guilty for the three and took them out. He gave them some money and told them to stay in the motel. Once Moises released them from the cemented concrete and helped them, Carol decided to take revenge on Romeo once again. Again we will find a mess in season 2! A huge mess comes, as Romeo kidnaps Mossie’s mother. To get revenge on Romeo, Christiana and Mossie decide to rob  Romeo’s things from Madeira.  Coincidently, Carol’s group also decided to do the same! Here, in the whole scene during the robbery, Christina is shot and the three women run away. Romeo doesn’t save the bleeding Cristina, because of the misunderstanding. Now, to take revenge for his brother’s death, Moises joins hands with Romeo. 

The entire story revolves around these main characters. The series is good and fans can watch it. As expected, the thriller series has a good plot and even the seasons ended with the hanger-flips. The characters are also very interesting. It was fun to watch the series. 

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Sky Rojo Season 4 Trailer

Sky Rojo Season 4 Release Date

The Trailer for season 4 of the series has not been released by Netflix. We can expect the trailer somewhere in 2023 or 2024. The first trailer of the series was released on 2 March 2021 by Netflix’s official YouTube channel. 

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Where To Watch Sky Rojo Season 4?

Sky Rojo season 4 will be available on Netflix if it is released. You can watch the entire season on Netflix, until then!

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Is Sky Rojo season 4 released?

No, there is no release date for sky Rojo season 4 yet.

When can we expect the Sky Rojo season 4?

We can expect Sky Rojo season 4 somewhere in 2023 and 2024

When was the series first premiered?

The series first premiered on 19 March 2021.

Is the trailer for Sky Rojo season 4 released?

No, the trailer for season 4 has not been released yet.

What is the IMDb rating of Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo received 6.5 out of 10 on the IMDb rating.

What is the release date of Sky Rojo season 3?

The release date for Sky Rojo season 3 is 13 January 2023.