The Glory Characters: Find Out Who Makes This K-Drama A Blockbuster!

When justice isn’t served, revenge starts to blossom. When the cathartic choices of someone else start ruling you, morals become a foreign concept. Your shattered heart and tainted conscience hardly become obstacles; only revenge stays at the forefront of your brain. The Glory is a brand new K-drama centred around a woman who was brutally bullied and left to fend for herself.

High school is one crazy ride; we all know that, right? The inferiority complex is nothing new; we all know how we ignored the occasional remarks. But with Moon Dong-Eun, the bullies have left her life tattered down to pieces. The Glory is known for its action-packed, eye-watering drama that will settle deep in your heart. Who else could we thank for making this drama series such a great hit other than the brilliant actors? Here is the list of all the characters you’re about to witness in the Glory series.

The Glory Characters

Symbolizing the morning glory which represents the rebel against the gods, The Glory has expanded its reach from South Korea to the world in such a short time span. Written by the amazingly talented Kim Eun Sook and directed by the most popular Ahn Gil Ho, The Glory is a gory revenge drama thriller. We are no strangers to revenge stories, but revenge K-dramas are something we don’t ever want to miss. And this revenge drama doesn’t fall short on any forum, that’s for sure.

Long before the series premiered, Netflix released nine character posters. These posters definitely piqued our interest, especially with the dark backdrop, the harsh expressions, and the teasing one-liners. All these characters have a story, and each of their stories is equally engrossing, even if it seems overstretched sometimes.

To make The Glory a new year’s gift for all of us, the cast has definitely worked hard. And it shows every second you watch the series why it is so hyped up. Here is the list of the cast and characters of the infamous “The Glory” series.

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8. Lee Sa-Ra

Kim Hieora

It is one thing to make mistakes and atone for them, and completely another to brush them off like they were nothing. While the rest of the team members have no remorse, Lee Sa-Ra is burdened with guilt. Brought to us by Kim Hieora, Sa-Ra is shadowed by guilt and overwhelmed with life.

Le Sa-R is cruel, of course, but as an adult, she has realised her wrongdoings and is trying to make amends. She has started indulging in drugs and isn’t begging for mercy but for a chance to do right by Dong-Eun. Though she hasn’t received that chance yet, we don’t know what her fate might be.

7. Son Myeong-O

Kim Gun-Woo

Son Myeon-O is the hand that delivers the harshest of blows and executes the most violent of acts. As presented to us by Kim Gun-Woo, he is the one who has tortured Dong-Eun the most. Myeon-O cares only about money, and it gets evident when he starts to work as an errand boy for Jae-Jun.

His sole purpose in life is to achieve his goals relentlessly and make everyone’s life a violent mess. Though he bullied Dong-Eun in high school, as an adult, he makes up to her by helping him. But it is highly unlikely that he will be spared from Dong-Eun’s wrath even if he has disappeared at the end of the series.

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6. Ha Do-Yeong

Jung Sung-Il

When every character in the series will prove to you how money eats at morals, Do-Yeong will somehow try to prove otherwise. No, he is not all good, but he is better than the others, at least. Ha Do-Yeong, portrayed by Jung Sung-Il, is a rich businessman who knows how to dig out truths efficiently. He isn’t trustworthy, which comes with the territory of running a successful corporation.

When it comes to his wife, Park Yeon-Jin, Do-Yeong surpasses the heights of suspicion. Especially when our dark-eyed, revenge-obsessed heroine comes into the picture, his shackles start to rise. Do-Yeong knows deep down that Dong-Eun has ulterior motives, and those motives involve his wife. Meanwhile, his suspicion regarding Ye-Sol’s biological father being Yeon-Jin’s secret boyfriend, Jae-Jun, becomes strong. Though he has no confirmations yet, he is willing to believe his suspicions and stand with Dong-Eun. 

5. Choi Hye-Jeong

The Glory Characters

Sometimes, you get lost in the glitter of money and suppress your morals as a result. She is drawn to her teammates’ abundant wealth and is taken aback by it. Portrayed by Cha Joo-Young, Hye-Jeong is the last member of the bully group. She is attracted to her teammates’ abundant wealth and is blindsided by it. No matter how little authority she has in her team, she is still a part of the gang that tortured Dong-Eun and thus one more target.

Since The Glory keeps jumping from present to past, we have seen how the characters were in their teens and how much they have changed as adults. Hye-Jeong has realised her mistake and begs for forgiveness, but sometimes forgiveness is a gift the criminals don’t deserve. This air hostess is in for a nasty fate at the hands of Dong-Eun as well.

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4. Jeon Jae-Jun

The Glory Characters

The brain behind the monstrous acts is as responsible for them as the hands implementing the cruelty. Jae-Yun, brought to us by the talented Park Sung-hoon, is not able to see how he ruined Dong-Eun’s life, just like he couldn’t see any colours. The heir to a ginormous golf course, Jae-Jun, doesn’t get his hands dirty. He is more inclined to bark orders at Son Myeong-O and get his work done.

Yeon-Jin is as cunning as they come, and while she is the epitome of secrecy, she generally shares her secrets with Jae-Jun. Ye-Sol is his daughter, and he is oblivious to it just like Yeon-Jin’s husband is. This secret could be Jae-Jun and Yeon-Jin’s ultimate downfall.

3. Joo Yeo-Jeong

The Glory Characters

In a moment of distress, an ally seems like an angel. Yeo-Jeong is one such ally who has offered Dong-Eun his help to kill her bullies. And since he is a medical student, his help is more than appreciated by Dong-Eun. Brought to us by Lee Do-Hyun, Yeo-Jeong harbours some sinister secrets of his own.

Yeo-Jeong has a dark past, maybe even gloomier than Dong-Eun’s, but he conceals everything perfectly. At least he is upfront about his blossoming feelings for Dong-Eun. All we have to wait for now is the verdict from Dong-Eun. Can love bloom in a situation where everything is about revenge?

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2. Park Yeon-Jin

The Glory Characters

Some people are better left alone. Yeon-Jin is one such person who should have been left alone with her cruelty and arrogance. Coming from a super-rich family, Yeon-Jin knows how to cover her tracks well. She has no remorse; she doesn’t realise that she has ruined life, and she dotes on nothing but money. Despite being a mother and married to one of the wealthiest men, she is left unsatisfied because of her endless desires.

Brought to us by the amazingly talented Lim Ji-Yeon, Yeon-Jin is the leader of the group that forced Dong-Eun to drop out of high school. She is unabashed by her dismissive nature, flaunts her rich lifestyle, and has an unyielding passion for cruelty.

1. Moon Dong-Eun

The Glory Characters

Robbed of a future, and stripped of happiness, Moon Dong-Eun is the main lead of The Glory series. She is out for revenge on the people who ruined her life and wants to portray a message to all the bystanders. Ever since the accident that tarnished her life, Dong-Eun has had nothing but vengeance on her mind.

With Song Hye-Kyo’s blank expression, deadly eyes, and fine performance, we have one powerful warrior. The bloodied lips and crushed dreams haunt Dong-Eun, and she is now out to defeat her bullies and snatch away their power. She is not above violence; in fact, she wants to brutally slaughter her abusers. Though violence is rarely acceptable, sometimes it is justified. And in this series, Dong-Eun proves that with her heart-wrenching story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Each Character Of The Glory Have Their Own Poster?

Yes, each character has their own poster with a unique one-liner that describes their personality.

How Many Episodes Does The Glory Series Have?

Part 1 has a total of eight episodes that are all under one hour long and are available for streaming.

Is The Glory A Revenge Story?

Yes, The Glory is the revenge story of Moon Dong-Eun, who was severely bullied in high school.

Is The Glory Series Worth Watching?

If you are into crime thrillers and dramas that centre around revenge stories, this series is for you.

Did Dong-Eun Win Against The Bullies?

No, the final battle is reserved for The Glory Part 2. But in the second part, we will definitely witness Dong-Eun’s victory.

Is There A Trailer Available For The Glory Series?

Yes, there is an astonishing trailer available for The Glory, Part 1.

Where To Watch The Glory Series?

You can watch this Korean drama series on Netflix easily.

Will There Be A Part 2 For The Glory Series?

Yes, there will be a Part 2 in which Dong-Eun will win the ultimate battle.

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