Hitmen Season 3 Release Date Latest Information

Hitmen is a crime-comedy series that aired its first episode on the 6th of August 2020. There are two released seasons of the said series with each of them having 6 episodes. The show has been quite liked by the audience and that was also the reason for the series getting renewed soon enough for a second season.

The series got a rating of 76% on Rotten Tomatoes while IMDb gave it a rating of 5.5/10. Furthermore, the google users’ rating summed up to give the series a rating of 74%. The comedic understanding and timing are epic in the series and it makes it all the more interesting.

Hitmen Season 3 Release Date

Hitmen Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement or hint about the show being renewed for a third season. It was initially estimated at the time of the second season that the third season of the series might be released in the September of 2022 but since September went by and there has been no announcement about it we cannot quite put our hands on when it could release.

If there were to be a third season it would also be having 6 episodes in it similar to the seasons that were released before it. The series is said to bring laughter to even those who are pretty much in a dull mood. Let’s just hope the series gets renewed for another season soon enough.

Name of the Show/MovieHitmen
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 3
GenreComedy, Crime
Season 1 Release Date6 August 2020
Season 3 Release DateNot announced

Hitmen Season 3 Cast

If there were to be another season of the said series it would be having the same cast as the previous two seasons.

Hitmen Cast:

The main lead of the series is Tonyo Cornelisse plays the role of Liz and Mel Giedroyc plays the role of Jamie. Then we have Sue Perkins playing the role of Fran, Asim Chaudhry playing the role of Charles, and Stephen Boxer playing the role of Mr. K.

Continuing on, we have Katherine Parkinson playing the role of Kat Gaitskill and Andrew Brooke playing the role of Nikhil.

The main cast of the series is widely appreciated for being compatible with each other and their acting together makes the series all the more worth watching.

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Hitmen Season 3 Story


If there were to be another series it would be following the same storyline as the previously released two seasons.

Hitmen Season 1 Story:

The story of Hitmen basically revolves around two assassins’ best friends namely Fran and Jamie. They are basically termed as misfits and in the world, they live they can only depend on one another. In the first season of the series, Fran and Jamie end up killing a drug lord way before time because of which they now hire an actor to impersonate the drug lord.

The hired actor is rather enthusiastic about his job which is somewhat funny for such a serious situation. Fran is monitoring all his actions via a CCTV camera. The series turns out to be more interesting when Jamie finds out somebody is betraying them and thus they change the entire plan super quickly.

Hitmen Season 2 Story:

In the second season, their lives seem to be more normal than usual except for the fact that they kill people for a living. In this season their head a certain “Mr. K” is the one who gives them directions. The two assassin misfits along with their ominous boss travel around in what seems to be a van to literally kidnap their targets.

Hitmen Season 3 Trailer

Since there has been no official announcement or hint of there being a third season for the said series it does not have an official trailer out yet. The trailer would be released around 4 to 8 weeks before the release of the third season, so all we can do is wait for the show to be renewed for good.

Until then you can indulge yourself in watching the first two seasons of the series if you have not watched them yet. You can watch the trailer online on Peacock or YouTube.

Where To Watch Hitmen Season 3 Online?

If there ever were to be another season of the said series it would be released on the same platform as the previous two series, that is, it would be released on Peacock as it is a Peacock original series.

If you have not watched the series yet it is recommended that you watch it as it would be entertaining at the least. Moreover, it is short with only a total of 12 episodes in both seasons.

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Hitmen Season 3- FAQs

How Many Seasons Does Hitmen Series Have?

The Hitmen series has 2 seasons as of now.

How Many Episodes Does Hitmen Series Have?

Hitmen series has a total of 12 episodes. 6 episodes in each season.

Is Hitmen Renewed For A Season 3?

No, the series is not yet renewed for a third season.

Is Hitmen Worth Watching?

Yes, it definitely is worth checking out.

What Channel Is Hitmen On?

The series is on SkyOriginal.

Where Is Hitmen Filmed?

Hitmen is filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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