The Kings Of The World Part 2 Could Arrive This New Year!

Welcome to the world where the kings are penniless and have nothing to their name except a friendship that could put the entire state’s money to shame. The Kings of the World is a movie centered around five homeless teenagers out to conquer the world. They have no resources, no allies, and only one mission: to take from the world what’s theirs. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy for them to weave through a world of cruelty and violence.

With chaotic energy burning throughout the movie, you are in for an amazing visual delight. We have witnessed such a brilliantly crafted and amazingly delivered movie. Why wouldn’t we be yearning for a sequel? Here are the updates on the renewal status of this movie!

The Kings of the World Part 2 Release Date

The Oscar-nominated Kings of the World, winner of the San Sebastian International Film Award, has yet to be approved. Why? We all wonder the same, hoping for its renewal but getting no response from the makers. It’s been over three months since the film has been released, and yet we have gotten no confirmation for Part 2 from the makers. But thankfully, they haven’t denied the possibility yet.

With the first film breaking millions of hearts, we’re all hoping for a sequel soon. But it seems like the makers don’t share our passion and are delaying sharing updates with us. Hopefully, we will be getting a sequel this year, or at least a concrete release date. The Kings of the World Part 2 is expected to drop in late 2023 or mid-2024.

Name of the Show/MovieThe Kings of the World
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberPart 2
GenreAdventure, Drama
The Kings of the World Part 1 Release Date21 September 2022
The Kings of the World Part 2 Release DateNot announced

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The Kings of the World 2: What Could Be New This Time?

The Kings of the World Part 2 Release Date

This jarring movie begins by introducing us to our first rugged teenager, Ra, portrayed by Carlos Andres. He is the caretaker of the other four and treats them like his own kids despite being a teenager. He steals from other people to feed his friends, who in turn take care of him in their own unique ways. Sere has a withered arm, but despite that, he is optimistic and brimming with contagious hope. The others, Cuebro, Nano, and Winny, are all rugged with sharp corners that slice up our hearts.

In the first part, we witnessed that Ra inherited a small piece of land from his grandmother, and the five of them embarked on a journey to claim it. In this sequel, we might get to witness their struggle to adjust to the new life. We can be treated to the post-life of this road drama, and hopefully, it will be as heart-touching as the first part of The Kings of the World movie.

The Kings of the World Review: Is It Worth Our Time?

The Kings Of The World Part 2

Portraying the rawness of life on the streets, The Kings of the World has become the most celebrated movie of 2022, and rightfully so. If you go laser-scanning the movie, you’ll surely find something to criticize, like the notorious personalities of our Super Five teens. They steal gold, indulge in knife fights, and take pride in flaunting their forged thug-style personalities. Of course, they are not charting high on the sanity spectrum; in fact, they are dangling the edge somewhere between angelic hearts and devilish actions.

The hurdles they face on their journey seem too mundane unless you actually feel them. The broken bike they set off on is risky, of course, but it depicts their helpfulness in such a simple manner that it will definitely make your heart clench. But despite everything, the smile on each of our kings’ faces sends a loud and clear message: a friendship that could bear the harshest of struggles is worth more than any wealth.

Exploring The Kings Of The World Trailer

There is a swoon-worthy, eye-watering trailer available for this blood-curdling movie. You could easily binge-watch it on Netflix’s official site and on some other streaming services as well.

Where To Watch The Kings Of The World?

The Kings of the World is a Spanish movie artistically woven by Laura Mora and her insanely talented team. For us, online viewers, it is available on multiple streaming services, with Netflix topping the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created The Kings Of The World Movie?

Laura Mora is the creator of this strikingly moving series.

Is The Kings Of The World Worth Watching?

Yes, this movie is absolutely worth your time if you’re into watching the subversive journey of five hopeless teenagers.

Did The Kings Of The World Win The Title At San Sebastian International Film Festival?

Yes, this movie won the main prize at 2022’s San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Is The Kings Of The World A Spanish Movie?

Yes, this is an amazing road-trip Spanish drama movie centered around five homeless youngsters.

What Is The Original Name Of The Kings Of The World Movie?

Los Reyes del Mundo is the original title of this Spanish movie.

Is The Kings of the World Movie Based On A True Story?

No, this movie isn’t based on a true story.

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