Is Mariah Carey Gay? What Does The Actress Have To Say?

Mariah Carey is an American singer cum songwriter who was born on the 27th of March 1969. She is widely known for having a vocal range of five-octave and is referred to as the “Songbird Supreme”. She does more than just sing; she is an actress and a record producer too. She is known for having a melismatic (singing a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes) singing style.

Adding more on to all of the above-mentioned stuff, she is also known for using the whistle register literally the highest register of the human voice and lies above the falsetto and modal register. At a time, she was also referred to as the “Queen of Christmas” because of her song named “All I Want for Christmas Is You” back in the year 1994.

Recently there has been an uproar around the facts that regard her gender and we are here to find an answer for the same.

Is Mariah Carey Gay?

Mariah Carey

No, Mariah Carey is not gay. She has always been made to face allegations that stated that she was secretly into women until she decided to come out about it. She specifically stated that she is not gay and that she does not care if people are happy spreading such rumors and it irrespective of all, it is still going to be false.

She further stated that it could be because she does not discriminate amongst people whom she considers or calls a friend. She is friends with gay women and that does not matter to her. She further added that their random speculations do not make her upset and she could not care less if a lie that she is gay would make her seem more excited.

Furthermore, she insisted that she is absolutely supportive of gay rights and is in favor of their basic rights campaign. At this point in time when being gay is not a tag but actually just a normal course of one’s life Mariah Carey is considered a Gay Icon. She has always been an active supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and that is very evident in her statements too.

As a human being, Mariah has faced a lot of her own troubles too. She was treated differently because of the fact that she was biracial and due to the fact that she had money issues. She has written songs from a perspective that is different because of the fact that she knew what it felt like to be treated differently.

Her songs tended to have a deeper meaning to them and the feelings that she portrayed in the songs successfully reached out to a huge bunch taking her to the point where she now belongs.

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Mariah Carey’s Personal Life

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born in Huntington, New York, and was named after the song “They Call the Wind Maria”. She is the daughter of Patricia a former opera singer and vocal coach and Alfred Roy Carey an aeronautical engineer. Since Alfred was half African Mariah’s mother Patricia was disowned by her family for having married a black man.

She had a hard childhood. She even had an incident when their family dog was poisoned by their neighbors and it only turned worse as even their car was set on fire by them. She was pretty much alone at home as a child as both her parents worked relentlessly to make a living. She began singing at the tender age of 3 trying to imitate her mother.

She had 2 siblings an elder sister named Alison and an elder brother named Morgan. Alison moved in with her father while Morgan and Mariah lived with her mother. She was excellent in arts, music, and literature in her school years and began writing poetry and lyrics when she was in high school. In 1987 she graduated from Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, New York, and began her vocal training with her mother.

Since she was trained by her mother in classical opera she never pursued a career in one and neither did her mother pushes her to do so. She worked as a demo singer and rarely visited her school because of which her classmates even referred to her as “Mirage”.

Later on, she moved into an apartment in Manhattan with four female students and that is also when she landed a gig singing backup for freestyle singer Brenda K. Starr.

Mariah Carey’s Social Media

For more personal and professional updates on Mariah Carey, it is suggested for you follow her on Instagram @mariahcarey and on Twitter @MariahCarey.

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Mariah Carey- FAQs

How Much Is Mariah Carey’s Net Worth?

Mariah Carey has a net worth of $320 million.

Does Mariah Carey have kids?

Yes, she does and in fact, she has twins who are 11.

Who Is Mariah Carey’s Current Husband?

No, she is not currently married but has a boyfriend named Bryan Tanaka.

How Many Times Did Mariah Carey Get Married?

She got married twice. Her first husband was Tommy Mottola (1993 to 1998) and her second was Nick Cannon (2008 to 2016).

How Much Does Mariah Carey Earn From Her Christmas Song?

she earns about $3 million annually for her Christmas song,

How Old Is Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey is 52 years old as of 2022.

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