Portals To Hell Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers

Portals To Hell is a paranormal reality television series which was premiered on the 26th of April 2019. The show currently has 4 released seasons with a sum total of 39 episodes and an average runtime of 43 minutes. The said reality show is widely known across the American audience and to those who are interested in supernatural, spooky and haunted adventures.

The show is given a rating of 6.2//10 on IMDb and received an audience rating of 3.9/5 via an audience rating survey. The google survey stated that 90% of google users actually liked the show. It sure is an interesting reality television series that is sure to give you spooky entertainment.

Portals To Hell Season 5 Release Date

Portals To Hell Season 5 Release Date

The fourth season of the series aired recently on the 9th of April of 2022 and had about 13 episodes and the 13th episode aired on the 2nd of July 2022. Since then there has been no official announcement or hint about there being another season for the series. But of course, that does not mean that the series is canceled.

If we go by the cycle of them releasing the seasons then they would be releasing the 5th season sometime in March or April of 2023 as all the seasons to date have been released in these months at almost an interval of one whole year between them. Waiting for the 5th season would be worth the while too as it does leave you curious about what they will do this time and where would they go out exploring.

Name of the Show/MoviePortals To Hell
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 5
Season 1 Release Date26 April 2019
Season 5 Release Date9 April 2022

Portals To Hell Season 5 Cast

If there were to be the 5th season it would have the same cast as the hosts. The cast would be Katrina Weidman, Michelle Belanger, and Jack Osbourne.

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Portals To Hell Season 5 Story

The concept of the show is quite unique. It has the hosts wander around and investigate locations that are rumored to be gateways connecting our worlds with the spiritual world. They collect data about places that are said to be involved with paranormal activities.

They tend to go out to the places they find out about and investigate the place entirely to come up with answers to questions like what exactly are paranormal activities? Why are there only specific places where we tend to sense something weird and spooky? Is it possible to learn about the afterlife? If it is possible, how can we do it?

They have equipment that is necessary to record any sort of activities that tend to be missed by our naked eyes. They move along to these locations alongside other pros who are exceptional in this field of research. It is also stated that it might seem funny or fake to a lot of people but this show could just be the actual thing.

Portals To Hell Cast

Portals To Hell Season 5 Release Date

In the first season of the series, they investigated the Alaskan Hotel, Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Twin City Opera House, Eastern State Penitentiary, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Strawberry River inn, Emerald Hill Hell House, and LaLaurie Mansion. In the first season itself, they attracted a vast amount of audience with their work.

The second season of the series had 2 parts in the first part they investigated the Old Paulding Jail, The Shanghai Tunnels, Fort William Henry, Iron Island, Haunted Hill House, The Ohio State Reformatory, Thomas House Hotel, The Croke-Patterson Mansion, Cary House Hotel.

In the second part of the same season or the season referred to as the third season, they went ahead to investigate McCormick Farm, Grant Humphreys Mansion, Captain Grant’s Inn, Fulton Theatre, The Padre Hotel, Hotel Monte Vista, The Stephenson Building, Pennhurst Asylum, and Lake Shawnee Amusement Park.

In the third season of the series or the one referred to as the fourth, they went on to investigate the Hill View Manor, Taylor Trask Museum, fort Mifflin, Malco Theatre, Earnestine & Hazel’s, Hotel Paisano, The Enchanted Church, Eloise Psychiatric Hospital, Savannah Theatre, Missouri State Penitentiary, Kreischer Mansion, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, and Pamplin Historical Park.

Similar to all the previous season that has aired the fifth will also have the hosts visit famous places which tend to have more than a few rumors about something odd going on.

Portals To Hell Season 5 Trailer

Since there is a 5th season for the said series is not confirmed yet there are no official trailers out for the same.

Where To Watch Portals To Hell Season 5 Online?

If there were to be a fifth season it would be made available online on the Roku Channel, Philo, or Apple TV similar to the seasons that aired before.

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Portals To Hell Season 5 Release Date- FAQs

How Many Seasons Are Exactly There In Portals To Hell?

There are actually only 3 seasons but the second season was split into 2 parts because of which some of them count it to have 4 seasons in total.

Is Portals To Hell Based On A True Story?

Well yes, as they only visit places that are surrounded by rumors. Like we can’t state it to be accurate 100% but yeah it is more or less close to accurate.

Is There Going To Be Another Season Of Portals To Hell In 2023?

Yes, it is more or less speculated to release another season in March or April of 2023.

Is Portals To Hell A Scary Show?

It may or may not be scary depending on your mindset. But it does send some chills down your spine sometimes.

What Is The Concept Of Portals To Hell?

The show basically has its host visit places rumored to be related to paranormal activities.

How Many Episodes Of Portals To Hell Are Released To Date?

There are a total of 39 episodes in the Portals To Hell show distributed in 3 seasons.

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