Chained Soldier Anime Release Date & Latest Updates

Chained Soldier or Mato Seihei No Slave is a Japanese manga series that is set to release an anime adaptation. It is a Dark fantasy Action series that has been serialized on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and its online platform since the 5th of January 2019. It follows in a system where dimensional gates tend to open randomly all across the nation through which monsters come out and begin attacking civilians.

And since there are monsters there of course would be heroes or rescuers who would save you from these monsters. In this series, this role is given to women who have consumed a resource referred to as “Peach”. Peach is found inside these dimensional portals and tends to give the women who consumed it supernatural powers.

Chained Soldier Anime Release Date

Chained Soldier Anime Release Date

The fact that the manga series would be getting an anime adaptation is confirmed and is set to release the first season for the same in the coming year, that is, in 2023. The exact date or month for the same is not yet announced yet but, it is speculated to release in the first half of the new year.

The manga series has been well-appreciated for its artwork and harem. Since it is a harem, it is quite obvious that it provides fanservice but, adding more to that it does have a decent plot with good action and even romance. The series is overall humorous and bold which makes it worth your time.

Let’s hope that the anime adaptation does not fail to depict the manga in the way it should, and does provide us with the utmost entertainment.

Name of the Show/MovieChained Soldier Anime
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 1
Season 1 Release DateNot Announced

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Chained Soldier Anime Characters

The main character of the series is Yuuki Wakura a third-year high school student who ends up in Mato as a slave of Kyouka Uzen the woman who saved his life. Then we have Kyouka Uzen the Chief of the Anti-Demon Corps seventh division and the one who took Yuuki as her slave and her peach blessing is “Infinite Chain”. Then we have Himari Azuma a member of the seventh division whose peach blessing is “Will of the Azure Cloud”.

Then we have Shushu Suruga the resident powerhouse of the seventh division with her peach blessing being “Imperial Liberation”. Then we have Nei Ookawamura the youngest (11-year-old) member of the seventh division with her peach blessing being “Sure to Find Promise”. Then we have Tenka Izumo the chief of the Anti-Demon Corps Sixth Division with her peach blessing being “Ame-no-Mitori”.

Continuing on we have Yachiho Azuma a member of the sixth division with her peach blessing being “Eastern Engraving”. Then we have Sahara Wakasa another member of the sixth division with her peach blessing being “Angry Sheep”.

There are multiple other characters in the series who tend to influence the plot of the story. But the above-mentioned characters are the most important ones who are paving the way for the storyline to move in.

Chained Soldier Anime Story

Chained Soldier Anime Release Date

The story of the said series revolves around Yuuki Wakura and his owner Kyouka Uzen. As already suggested it is a harem-based series. In the world, Yuuki resides strange dimensional gates have begun to pop up leaving a gateway for monsters to attack the human civilization. A squad of rescuers called the Anti-Demon Corps was formed as a way to deal with these monsters while protecting civilians.

The Anti-Demon Corps comprised of women who ate “Peach” a resource that is available in the dimensional gate, this Peach thingy seems to give superpowers to every woman who ate it. Kyouka Uzen is one of these warriors and the chief of the seventh division of the Anti-Demon corps. She saves Yuuki from a demon and ends up claiming him as his slave.

It is later portrayed that Kyouka wishes to become the Supreme Commander and her slave and the main character Yuuki Wakura fights alongside her as her supporter who wishes for her dream to come true.

Chained Soldier Anime Trailer

The official trailer for Chained Soldier was released a few days back on the 17th of December 2022 on
ぽにきゃん-Anime PONY CANYON’s Youtube channel. It currently has about 424K views and 15K likes. If the story seems a little confusing for you to read it is suggested for you watch the trailer for the same before the anime releases.

By doing so you can make sure that the anime is the type you like and if not you can just save time by not starting it.

Where To Watch Chained Soldier Anime Online?

The anime adaptation of the Chained Soldier would be made available on Crunchyroll. It seems to have good animation and pace. Hopefully, it would turn out to be one entertaining series.

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Is Chained Soldier Really Getting An Anime Adaptation? If So When?

Yes, it really is getting an anime adaptation and it would be released sometime in 2023. The exact dates for the same are not out yet.

Is Chained Soldier A Harem Anime?

Yes, it is a harem anime.

Is Chained Soldier Good?

Yes, like I ain’t sure if I could call it really good but it sure is a good way to pass time. Like it is entertaining for sure.

Does Chained Soldier Have Any Action?

Yes, right after harem and romance, the next thing the series focuses on is action.

Is The Girl In Chained Soldier’s Poster Esdeath?

Well, Kyouka Uzen does resemble Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill! to some extent but of course, they are not the same.

Is The Story Of Chained Soldier Similar To That Of Solo Leveling?

Like yes, we do have dimensional portals that open and let monsters in while giving a few superpowers to countable people. even though it seems similar at first glance they are different.

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