20 Detective Movies In Hindi That Are Way Too Captivating!

Is it even a classic thriller movie, if it doesn’t have a touch of suspense and mystery? If detective movies are your go-to weekend plans, then you have headed to the right place. Not just Kollywood, but the Bollywood industry as well is trying to level up its entertainment game. Starting from jam-packed action movies to scary horror series, the talented directors and writers of the Bollywood industry are continuously leveling up their skills and capabilities. You might think classic romanticized Bollywood movies are nothing but over-hyped, but hey there have you ever binged on Kuch Kuch Hota? We bet you will fall in love with that movie. But let’s discuss romantic movies some other day, today we are focusing solely on thriller detective movies!  

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Thinking about what you should do this weekend, then what’s better than binging on some cool hit thriller movies? Unlike romantic movies, detective movies don’t follow the normal stream of drama and entertainment. Here one has to think deeply to assume what might happen next in the movie and that’s why detective movies are more entertaining and interesting than cheesy romantic hits. 

To make the process super easy, we have curated 20 special thriller detective movies for you which are filled with stunning twists and turns. Detective movies like Talaash and Kahaani have truly changed the game for the Bollywood industry. On popular demand, here are 20 exclusive detective movies which must be on your binge list.

20. Ek Hasina Thi

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

A classic thriller movie that tells us how destructive revenge can be! Featuring the very famous and iconic celebs from the Bollywood industry, Urmila Matondkar and Saif Ali Khan, surely nailed their respective roles as Sarika and Karan. At the beginning of the story, we saw how a sweet relationship develops between Sarika and Karan. But little did Sarika know that Karan was just playing a love game with her. The mystery lies within the suitcase! Being caught by the police, Sarika realised that the bag was filled with illegal firearms. She could now see Karan’s actual motives, he was just trying to take advantage of her innocence. 

As the story moves ahead, we will see how Sarika is framed in the criminal case and ultimately ends up behind the bars. Betrayal from Karan will change Sarika forever, she will no longer stay naive or polite! As she escapes jail to create chaos in Karan’s life, we will see how Sarika reveals Karan’s true personality to the whole world. To know how she unmasks those evil gangsters of the underworld, binge Ek Hasina Thi, exclusively just on Prime Video.

19. Bobby Jasoos 

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Vidya Balan’s most recent detective movie happens to be Bobby Jasoos. This is surely among those straightforward detective movies which come with a deeper message. As the name of the movie suggests, this story is about our private detective Bobby and her big investigation case, where she must find out the details about Niloufer, Aamna, and Ali. As Bobby tries to find these kids, she will soon learn more about the man who handed her this case.

The NRI Khan happens to be a man who lost his kids during the communal riots. He managed to get hold of the foster parents but then he lost those leads. To know whether Khan ever reunites with his three kids or not, you have to binge on Bobby Jasoos, exclusively just on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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18. Manorama Six Feet Under 

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Luck favors you when you expect the least, the same happened with Satyaveer. When he thought he was nothing but a failure, that’s when Mrs. P. P. Rathore knocked at his door. She happens to be the wife of the Irrigation Minister and she is highly impressed by Satyaveer’s novel Manorama. The main character of the novel, detective Raghu, impressed Mrs. Rathore a lot and that’s how the mischievous idea struck her mind. She wants nothing from Satyaveer but to act like detective Raghu! She thinks her husband is having an extra-marital affair and she wants to catch him red-handed. As Satyaveer gets on board with the investigation task, we will see how Rathore’s deep dark past unfolds in front of everyone. This movie was released back in 2007 and is still seen among the best thriller movies out there.

17. A Wednesday!

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Released in 2008, a thriller movie that surely deserves a place on your binge list. This story revolves around Prakash Rathod, an ex-police commissioner who suddenly gets terrified by a mysterious phone call. A mischievous man informs him that he has planted 5 bombs in different locations of Bombay and his one move can take thousands of lives! Rathod can stop all the bomb blasts, he just has to do one thing! He must abide by the orders of the caller.

The cops must release four terrorists and in exchange, he will not continue with his bomb blast mission. As we dig deep into this movie, we will see how the caller slowly reveals his actual motive. That mysterious man was originally trying to kill the four terrorists who had previously carried out numerous terrorist attacks in India and guess what, he succeeded in his plan! To know how he fooled the cops and how he managed to kill the terrorists, you have to watch “A Wednesday!”, exclusively just on Netflix.

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16. Jagga Jasoos 

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

When talking about detective movies, how could we forget about Jagga Jasoos? This is surely a fan-favorite movie, after all, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif nailed their respective roles as Jagga and Shruti. This story revolves around Jagga and his father Bagchi. As Bagchi sends Jagga to boarding school, he completely loses all contact with his son. Upon growing up, Jagga learns that his father has gone missing and that’s when he takes up the mission to resolve the missing case. This brings us to Shruti, the journalist who will be accompanying Jagga in his search. To know whether these two will ever find their way to Bagchi or not, watch Jagga Jasoos exclusively just on Netflix. 

15. No One Killed Jessica

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Another interesting mystery movie happens to be No One Killed Jessica! Will Jessica ever get justice? This story revolves around Jessica, a young girl full of life who was brutally murdered by Manish! All chaos happened because he refused to serve the drink to Manish! Being a famous politician’s son, Manish took the advantage of his father’s name and shot Jessica on her forehead. A ton of people present in the bar witnessed the event, but no one came up to stop the incident. But little did Manish know that Jessica’s sister will become a nightmare for him.

This brings us to Sabrina Lal, Jessica’s sister who will try her best to reveal the truth to the whole world! In her journey of getting justice for Jessica, Meera, an investigative journalist will also come up to help and support her, but this journey is not going to be an easy task for her! 

14. Talaash

Another iconic movie of all time happens to be Talaash, starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Rani Mukherji, a movie that revolves around Armaan’s accident. The story starts with Surjan and Roshni, who have lost their beloved son Karan. The incident occurred 8 years ago but guess what, being Karan’s mother, Roshni still can’t get over the fact that she lost her son. Surjan too feels the same but an important case comes up to him. He must find out everything about Armaan. Moreover, he must also resolve the mystery behind ₹2 million! As Surjan tries to solve the mystery, a series of murders takes place, everyone is trying to hide the truth but Surjan will do everything possible to find out the main culprit behind the accident!

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13. Kahaani

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Featuring the very beautiful and talented Vidya Balan, Kahaani is surely seen among the best detective movies out there. It all started with the poisonous gas attack on Kolkata Metro. This attack killed many and one among them was Vidya’s husband. The news shatters Vidya and she goes through a miscarriage. To find out the culprit behind the gas attack, she pretends to be a pregnant woman who is looking for her husband named Arnab Bagchi. Her search narrows down to Damji and Bhaskaran. She might not be pregnant but she surely went through a miscarriage! The loss broke her but she stood again! Vidya is on a mission, she must find out all the evidence against Bhaskaran, and she must deliver the pen drive to Rana! 

12. Ittefaq

A movie released back in 2017, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Sidharth Malhotra. Ittefaq narrates the story of two sudden murder cases! It all revolves around Vikram and Maya, the two eyewitnesses of the case who are surely hiding something. In this same context, we learn about Dev Verma, the investigation officer who is ready to dig deep into this dual murder case. As he tries to resolve the case, we will see how he framed Vikram and Maya as the two suspects in the murder case. Can the cops catch the main culprit? Who is the main victim here? Who is responsible for the chaos? I know these questions are troubling you, so why not resolve all of them in one go? Watch the whole story of Ittefaq, exclusively just on Netflix.

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11. Drishyam 

20 Detective Movies In Hindi

Can the family dodge the cops? Can they hide the truth? Can they hide all the evidence of the murder case? Get ready to learn everything about the Salgaonkar family. It all starts with Sam’s missing case, no one knows where he went, and no one has any idea that he has been murdered by Anju! As Sam tries to blackmail Anju, she unintentionally hits him with a lead pipe and that’s how Sam got killed. As Vijay returns from work, Anju’s mother Nandini narrates the whole story to him and that’s where the hiding game begins. Vijay with his whole family comes under the radar of the police. Will Anju accept her crime? Can the Salgaonkar family handle the torture of the cops? To know the answers to this question, watch Drishyam, exclusively just on Jio Cinema.

10. Ugly

Another famous thriller movie of all time happens to be Ugly, released in 2013, this movie surely tells us how deeply a father can love his daughter. This story revolves around Kali and her mysterious kidnapping case. Featuring Ronit Roy, this movie takes us through the life of Shalini and her daughter, Kali. Even after marrying Bose, Shalini doesn’t feel happy in her life. As she struggles to keep up with her mental health, she completely loses touch with her daughter Kali. In this same context, we will also learn about Rahul, a struggling actor who is Kali’s biological father and Shalini’s first husband.

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9. Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh 

Vidya Balan is back on the sets of Kahaani part 2, this time we all saw her as Vidya Sinha. She lives with her paralyzed daughter Minnie. We are going back to West Bengal. It all starts with Minnie’s kidnapping case. This story tells us how a mother will cross every boundary to reunite with her daughter Minnie! As she runs to find her daughter, we will see how she ends up in the hospital, she goes into a coma. A story that tells us how horrifying humans can become. As the cops get a hold of Vidya’s diary, we will see how she narrates the story of her past life. 

Her original name happens to be Durga Rani Singh, she was once a school teacher and that’s when she meets Minnie. As she gets to know more about Minnie, she learns a horrific truth about her unnatural behavior. It seems like Minnie was sexually abused by her Uncle and her grandmother didn’t do anything to stop the crime. Durga was not Minnie’s biological mother, but she will do everything possible to help her. Coming back to the present world, Vidya comes back to her senses and heads to her home! Can she solve the mystery? Will the cops help her this time? Will she ever reunite with her daughter? To know the answer to these many questions, watch Kahaani 2, exclusively just on Zee5. 

8. Special 26

Featuring talented actors like Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher, when speaking of thriller detective movies, Special 26 surely deserves a place on the list. The story starts with a group of common men who are trying to cope with their financial conditions. Everyone here is dealing with something or the other, the burden of financial distress has been stressing them for years. Thus, they come up with a master plan, the idea is to rob the famous politician who has filled his house with black money! Ajay along with P. K, Joginder, and Iqbal decides to dress up as CBI officers and thus begin their mission! Just when they thought everything was going as per their plan, things got misplaced as the original CBI officers came into duty and heard about their misdeeds! Can Ajay and his team escape from the real officers? To know what lies in their future, watch Special 26, just on Jio Cinema.

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7. Te3n

Featuring the very famous and honorable celebrity of all time, Amitabh Bachchan, Te3n narrates the story of John Biswas, a grandfather who will do everything possible to resolve the mysterious murder case of his eight-year-old granddaughter, named Angela. This brings us to Sarita Sarkar, the police inspector who is ready to accompany John. Despite being discouraged, she will try her level best to resolve the sudden murder case. In this same context, a similar kidnapping case comes in front of Sarita! This time a little boy named Rony goes missing. But as Sarita tries to connect the loopholes of the mystery, we will see how John, being an old man, plots a revenge plan against Manohar. It is John who has trapped Rony, while it was Manohar who had kidnapped Angela.

6. Baby

Another incredible thriller movie of all time happens to be Baby. Featuring Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, and Taapsee Pannu, Baby surely deserves a special mention here. A movie that revolves around a group of terrorists who are planning to carry out a destructive mission in India. A special elite team is appointed to disrupt this mission. Ajay and his team are ready to hunt down the terrorists. As they start their investigation process, a series of unusual events related to the 2008 Mumbai attack opens up to them. Can they safeguard their nation from the upcoming terrorist threats? To know what happens next in the story, watch Baby, exclusively just on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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5. Badla

Another fan-favorite thriller movie of all time, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu happens to be Badla. Released in 2019, this movie revolves around Naina’s story, a young entrepreneur and a married woman whose life will soon crumble down when her lover goes missing and is found dead. As the police investigate, Naina becomes the main suspect in the murder case. This brings us to Badal Gupta, the incredible lawyer who will bring out the truth to us. A story about love, hatred, betrayal, and everything in between which will turn Naina’s life upside down! To know what happens next in this complex tale of lies, you have to watch Badla, exclusively just on Netflix.

4. Rahasya

A story about relationships, love, betrayal, and hatred! This story starts with the sudden murder mystery of Ayesha Mahajan. As the story moves ahead, we will see how her father, Dr. Sachin Mahajan becomes the main suspect in her murder case. But as the saying goes by, you can never hide the actual truth. CBI officer Paraskar starts digging deep into this murder mystery. As he starts his investigation process, the dirty dark secrets of everyone get revealed to us. The culprit is trying to hide the truth but the cop is determined to catch him at any cost. To know what lies in Sachin’s future, whether he will ever get out of jail or not, you have to binge on the whole story of  Rahasya, exclusively just on Zee5. 

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3. Wazir

Featuring the iconic, Amitabh Bachchan, Wazir is undoubtedly the most notable movie of 2016. This story revolves around Danish Ali, a former member of the Anti-terrorism squad. It all started when Ali’s daughter, Noorie, was brutally killed by the infamous terrorist named, Rameez. He couldn’t save his daughter but when he got another chance at Rameez, he made sure he won’t see the sun again. Despite orders from above, he went ahead and killed Rameez. Danish managed to take his revenge but at the same time, he is discharged from his duties, and gets suspended from ATS! Just when Danish was thinking of killing himself, he had an unusual encounter with Pandit Omkar Nath Dhar, a handicapped chess master and that’s when the actual story begins. To know what lies in the future of Danish Ali, you have to watch the whole story of Wazir!

2. Raat Akeli Hai

Featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, Raat Akeli surely took us by surprise in 2020. A classic thriller mystery revolving around a murder case! Everything seemed fine until Raghuveer got murdered! This brings us to Inspector Jatil Yadav, the man in charge of solving the mystery case. As the story moves ahead, we will see how Jatil discovers all the rotten family members of the Singh family. Everyone’s dark secret will come out, everyone becomes a suspect here! At first glance, you might underestimate the incredible skills of Jatil Yadav, but if you look closely then you might see how intelligent he is in reality! To know how he resolved the mystery case, watch Raat Akeli Hai, exclusively just on Netflix.

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1. Drishyam 2 

Will Sam’s case reopen? Seven years have passed by, and Vijay and his family have moved on from the tragic incident. But as the saying goes, you can never escape from your past life, the same happened here. Will the truth come out this time? The Salgaonkar family is under pressure again. Somehow, luck turned upside down. Can Vijay save his family again? Can he save his daughter Anju? Will Anju’s dark past haunt her again? The story is not over yet. The stage is again set for Ajay Devgan! If you still haven’t binged on Drishyam 2, then what are you waiting for? Drishyam 2 is currently streaming online, watch the whole movie, exclusively just on Prime Video.

20 Detective Movies In Hindi FAQs

1. Is Drishyam 1 better than Drishyam 2?

Both the movies, Drishyam 1 and 2, have got a rating of 8 on IMDb, it’s quite obvious that the two are equally loved by the audience out there.

2. Is Kahaani 2 better than Kahaani Part 1?

Kahaani part 1 undoubtedly had a crazy impact on the audience but in comparison, Kahaani 2 slightly failed to match our expectations.

3. Can you watch all these detective movies online?

Yes, almost all of them are available online, you can easily search for these on Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, and Jio Cinema.

4. Is Jagga Jasoos better than Bobby Jasoos?

If we go by the ratings, then Jagga Jasoos surely impressed us more than Bobby Jasoos.

5. Among Badla and Wazir, which one is most liked by fans of Amitabh Bachchan?

Whether he plays the role of a cop or a lawyer, Amitabh Bachchan never fails to impress us. All his movies are highly adored by the audience out there.

6. Does the Bollywood industry need more movies like Badla?

Over the years, the Bollywood industry has worked extensively on putting up better content for the mature audience out there and they are still doing the same. In the upcoming future, we surely hope to see more movies like Badla, Wazir, and Drishyam 2.

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