Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date Recent Updates! 

Your wait comes to an end as Kathmandu Connection Season 2 is finally streaming on SonyLIV. Another epic season of the show has been released out there and we can’t wait to see what happens next in this epic thriller drama series. The first season of the show took us through the 1993 Bombay Blast, while Kathmandu Connection Season 2 mainly revolved around the hijacking of IS-814.

The story has become very complicated now and the audience is waiting to see more of it. We are undoubtedly looking forward to Kathmandu Connection Season 3. The second installment of Kathmandu Connection ended with a major cliffhanger and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for our investigators. On popular demand, here is everything we know so far about Kathmandu Connection Season 3. 

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date 

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date 

All eyes are stuck on Kathmandu Connection Season 3. But hey there, has SonyLIV shown the green flag to the third installment of the show? Is Kathmandu Connection coming back with Season 3? Do we have a concrete release date for Kathmandu Connection Season 3? What will happen in Kathmandu Connection Season 3? Well, there are undoubtedly endless questions on Kathmandu Connection Season 3. But sadly, we still haven’t received a renewal update on Kathmandu Connection Season 3.

The show has got a moderate amount of ratings out there and thus we still have kept our hopes high on Kathmandu Connection Season 3. Wajid will surely come back to create destruction. The bomb blast didn’t go as he planned but that doesn’t mean he will stop working on his mission. Going by the usual timeline of the show, we strongly think Kathmandu Connection Season 3 might be released somewhere in 2023 or 2024. 

Name Of The ShowKathmandu Connection
Season NumberSeason 3
Genrecrime, Thriller
Kathmandu Connection Season 1 Release Date23 April 2021
Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date Not Announced

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Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Story 

A brand new season of Kathmandu Connection has been released recently. As we saw in the last episode of Kathmandu Connection Season 1, Samarth Kaushik has been discharged from his responsibilities! Season 2 starts fresh with another round of detailed investigation. Samarth finally starts working on his actual investigation process. Meanwhile, the loudmouth journalist Shivani decides to visit Kathmandu again. Another brutal crime has happened and she is ready to dig it all, she must find out what went wrong, she is looking for the root cause! On the other hand, we see Sunny suffering! 

Sadly, as we move ahead in the story, we will see how Shivani gets killed brutally! Sunny runs away from the jail and we will see how he teams up with Wajid. It seems like Wajid is planning to execute a bomb blast and what’s better than using Sunny for his ultimate mission? But don’t you underestimate the capability of Mishra and Samarth, they are ready to stop Wajid’s destructive mission.

Wajid has only one thing in mind, he must make Pakistan the strongest enemy of India! The bomb blast has been scheduled to take place at the Indo-Pak border. Can Samarth and Mishra stop Wajid’s destruction plan? Can they stop the bomb blast? To know what ultimately happens in the story, you have to watch all the latest episodes of Kathmandu Connection Season 2.

What Will Happen In Kathmandu Connection Season 3?

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date 

Mishra ends up hospitalized but he is relieved to know that Wajid’s plan was flushed down by Samarth. Moreover, it looks like Sunny wasn’t working for Wajid! Sunny wants to fulfill his revenge mission and he was ultimately doing what he had in mind. He failed Wajid but now his life has come at risk! Moreover, Samarth still didn’t get a hold of Wajid. It’s quite obvious that the story is not over yet. Wajid is still a major threat to India and he won’t stay quiet. 

Samarth talked with Sunny and told him to update him about Wajid’s next move! The audience is highly curious to see whether Samarth will ever get his hands on Wajid or not! Moreover, the terrorist will be coming back to the story, this time with a solid attack plan! A lot of complex mysteries are about to come up in Kathmandu Connection Season 3. That’s all for now, to get more such updates on interesting thriller drama series, stay connected with us, just right here.

Kathmandu Connection Ratings

It is an average show with an IMDB rating of 5.8 stars out of 10.

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Kathmandu Connection Season 3 Release Date FAQs

1. Is Kathmandu Connection renewed for Season 3?

As of December 2022, Kathmandu Connection has not been renewed by SonyLIV.

2. When will Kathmandu Connection Season 3 roll out?

As per our estimates, Kathmandu Connection Season 3 might roll out somewhere in November or December 2023.

3. Can you watch Kathmandu Connection online?

Yes, you can stream all the seasons of Kathmandu Connection, exclusively just on SonyLIV.

4. How many episodes are there in Kathmandu Connection?

As per the schedule, Kathmandu Connection holds a total of 12 episodes.

5. Will Wajid plot another destructive attack on India?

Kathmandu Connection Season 3 will be filled with more intriguing twists and turns. Samarth failed to catch Wajid. The terrorist will soon come back with a solid destructive mission.

6. How many episodes will be there in Kathmandu Connection Season 3?

Following the lineup of Season 1 and Season 2, we do think Kathmandu Connection Season 3 will hold a total of 6 episodes.

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