When To Expect Splitsvilla Season 15 Release Date?

Following the game of love since season 1? Missing the saucy dramatic contestants of Splitsvilla? Well, then you have headed to the right spot! A dating show where a bunch of single young girls and boys are invited, all looking for the right match. For the past fourteen seasons, the young crowd of India has been obsessed with MTV Splitsvilla. From complicated love triangles to intense romance, from becoming best friends forever to picking ugly fights, the touch of drama you are looking for is here Splitsvilla Season 14 concluded recently and we can’t wait to see what happens next in Season 15. On popular demand, here is everything we know so far, about Splitsvilla Season 15. 

Splitsvilla Season 15 Release Date

Splitsvilla Season 15 Release Date

Splitsvilla Season 14 truly impressed us a lot, the surprise entry of Uorfi Javed truly changed the game a lot. We will surely take you through the previous season of this show, but before we do so let us quickly update you on the renewal status of Splitsvilla Season 15! Is the reality TV show coming back with season 15? Has MTV shown the green flag to Splitsvilla Season 15? The IMDb rating of Splitsvilla is really poor! But we also cannot ignore the fact that the young crowd still likes to binge on Splitsvilla. Moreover, we also cannot overlook the incredibly gorgeous host of Splitsvilla, none other than, the beauty queen, Sunny Leone. 

Keeping everything in mind, we do think the show will return with Season 15. The ratings of Bigg Boss were also pretty poor but instead of that, the show is very much famous on Colors TV. The fifteenth installment of the show is yet to be confirmed by MTV, but we strongly think the show will go for another run. If we go by the previous timeline of the show, then you can see an obvious release pattern. Brand new seasons of the reality show are released every year. Going with the same observation, Splitsvilla Season 15 might roll out next year, probably by the end of October or November 2023. 

Name Of The ShowSplitsvilla
Season NumberSeason 15
Splitsvilla Season 1 Release Date20 june 2008
Splitsvilla Season 15 Release DateNot Announced

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Splitsvilla Season 14- Story So Far

Splitsvilla Season 14 has begun and the reality show is back with an intense dose of drama and entertainment. The intense friendship and connection which developed between Uorfi Javed and Kashish Thakur won a ton of hearts out there. But we also cannot forget the fact that she was not a contestant, but a mischief-maker!

The show is still on and we can’t wait to see who takes the title home. The heated Dome sessions we witnessed so far were filled with dramatic fights and emotional breakdowns. But all in all, we are enjoying the various twists and turns incorporated in Splitsvilla Season 14. The cute friendship between Soundous and Hamid is also on our radar. Kashish Ratnani and Kashish Thakur became the first ideal match of the show, while Soundous and Hamid took up the second spot. A lot of fun and drama is waiting for us in the upcoming episodes of the show. We will surely keep you updated on Splitsvilla Season 14!

What Will Happen In Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 15?

Splitsvilla Season 15 Release Date

Looking for some juicy spoilers? Then you have headed to the right place, Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 15 is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the next episode of the show! The latest promo reveals three exclusive wild card entries are ready to create chaos in the Villa. In the last episode of Splitsvilla Season 14, Uorfi Javed came back to the show, this time not as a fake contestant or a mischief-maker but as a celebrity guest! Before saying goodbye to the contestants, she brought three exclusive wild card entries for us. Exciting tasks are about to happen in Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 15. It looks like the contestants are ready for an ugly “kabaddi” match!

What Is In Store For Us In Splitsvilla Season 15?

It is still quite early to talk about the next installment of the show. The showrunners of the reality series have recently incorporated some interesting modifications in the show. Oracle cards have brought major twists to the show. Two of the Oracle cards have already been revealed to us. Currently, all eyes are stuck on the Power Card. Moreover, this time, the show came up with the concept of the Isle of Mars and Isle of Venus, we are expecting to see the same in Splitsvilla Season 15 as well. 

Splitsvilla Ratings

This show has been rated as 3.9 stars out of 10 on IMDB. Here is the deep analysis of the ratings.

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Splitsvilla Season 15 FAQs

1. Is Splitsvilla renewed for Season 15?

MTV, the original production house of the reality TV show, Splitsvilla is still very much silent on the renewal status of the show.

2. When will Splitsvilla Season 15 roll out?

As per our estimates, Splitsvilla Season 15 might roll out somewhere in 2023, particularly during the winter season.

3. Did Uorfi Javed quit Splitsvilla Season 14?

No, the rumors are fake, Uorfi Javed didn’t quit the show rather she was a mischief-maker who was just invited to the show to create chaos among the contestants.

4. What is the connection between Tara and Sakshi?

Splitsvilla Season 14 is getting more dramatic day by day. As per our inner sources, Tara Prasad happens to be Sakshi Shrivas’s ex-boyfriend.

5. Is Sunny Leone dissatisfied with the contestants of Splitsvilla Season 14?

It looks like Sunny Leone is disappointed with some of the contestants of Splitsvilla Season 14. In the upcoming episode of the show, she might lose her calm at Moose Jattana.

6. Who will win Splitsvilla Season 14?

The winner is not declared yet, but the audience would love to see Soundous and Hamid as the winner of Splitsvilla Season 14.

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