Is Treason Based On A True Story?

Well, this year is about to end but Netflix is surely doing a nonstop job of establishing itself in the field of films, web series, and shows. This December it has brought up many series that have gained worldwide prominence and how can we forget Wednesday broke so many records? Apart from Wednesday, the recently released movie, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is presently standing at number one on Netflix. These facts are enough to prove Netflix’s supremacy.

But, this article isn’t about Netflix but is all about the mini-series titled, Treason that has been released on this platform recently on 26th December 2022. This Christmas gift is being appreciated by the audience and soon after its release, this series gained an IMDb rating of 6.1 stars out of 10. Starring Charlie Cox in the lead character, Treason is a Spy thriller show created by Matt Charman. The story is all about an MI6 agent and his spy activities. If you have watched Treason, then you must have come across a question related to its relevance to real-life incidents. So, is Treason based on a true story? Let’s find out!

Is Treason Based On A True Story?

Is Treason Based On A True Story?

No, it is not based on a true story rather the entire plot of the series is a work of fiction. The overall setting of Treason is the work of Matt Charman and the screenplay writer did his job very well in executing the concept and idea. Matt is known for his writing for ‘Bridge of Spies.’ It was inspired by real-life events and focused on some of the CIA agents who were active during the Cold War. However, clearing all the rumors creator clarified that Treason does not shows any real incident related to an MI6 agent.

The central character in the Treason plot is a young guy who took over as MI6’s chief and later finds himself in an unexpected position where he is the leader, which is a harsh reality and as well as challenging. Treason has lots of action and thrill that make it worth watching. However, some of the reviews say that the story could have been written in a better way and hence the execution could have been more proper.

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Treason Cast

The main character has been played by Charlie Cox as Adam Lawrence. Ciarán Hinds is in the series as Sir Martin Angelis while Samuel Leakey’s character is named the same, Samuel Leakey. In addition to these characters, Ella has been played very well by Beau Gadsdon, and the character of Irina Belova has been acted flawlessly by Avital Lvova. Apart from these lead roles, Adam James, Tracy Ifeachor, and Alexandra Guelff appeared in the series as Patrick Hamilton, Dede, and Fran Gore. Lastly, Treason also has actor Brian Law in the character of Dan Tao.

In addition to these main roles, there were several other supporting characters without whom the series would not have been a success.

Treason Ratings

Since the show has been recently released, reviews and ratings are just at an initial stage. IMDB has rated Treason with 6.1 stars out of 10.

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1. Is Treason based on any real-life event?

No, it is a complete work of fiction.

2. Who is the main actor in Treason?

It has Charlie Cox (known as Daredevil) as Adam Lawrence in the lead role.

3. Who created the show, Treason?

This show has been created by Matt Charman.

4. What is the genre of the series, Treason?

Treason falls in the category of a thriller.

5. Where was Treason released online?

It is available to watch on Netflix.

6. What is the story of Treason about?

The story revolves around an MI6 agent and many action scenes follow.

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