Here Is The List Of The Top 12 HBO Max January 2023 Releases!

With the new year lurking on the horizon and the holiday season alluring us, we are all looking for a few more movies and series to entertain us. The movies that will leave us breathless and the movies that will make our stomach ache We are searching for a series that will make us feel a bit nostalgic and take us on a ride back to our childhood. Also, how can we add a bit of action and horror to our list?

The new year surely brings some joyful vibes, and with that comes the lazy winter. All we want to do on days like these is surf through the shows, wrap up in warm blankets, and enjoy the shows, right? Here’s a list of the top 12 upcoming HBO Max releases!

HBO Max Upcoming Releases in January 2023

Over the years, HBO has acquired our attention by streaming some stellar shows. It has surely strived hard to compete against popular online streaming services and has successfully become a well-renowned platform. HBO has been experimenting a lot over the past few years, and now all of these experiments have paid off and we are getting HBO originals.

Now that the new year is just mere days away, HBO has released the list of upcoming movies and shows it has planned to treat us with. Let’s see what HBO has in store for us, shall we?

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12. Game Theory With Bomani Jones Season 2

Game Theory With Bomani Jones

This is a talk show that dives deep into the sports world. It formulates theories based on Bomani Jones’ extensive knowledge and insightful nature. The sports world has so much to offer, including incredible players and spicy stories. Bomani helps us unravel those stories and give us a great time.

This series is so much more than just a talk show; it is an incredible series that has been loved by millions. With its first season grossing millions worldwide, the second season is sure to be a massive success. Bomani promises us all a humorous and sporting journey. And we are no fools to deny such a tantalizing offer.

Jones is coming back with hilarious jokes, stellar interviews, and some unique sketches based on the most popular game theories. Game Theory with Bomani Jones season 2 will air on January 20, 2023. This night talk show will definitely fill our nights with stomach-aching humor and insightful theories postulated by the talented Bomani Jones.

11. Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace Season 2

Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace Season 2

Prepare to be amazed by the interviews conducted with Chris Wallace in his unique style. In season 1, we have been treated to surprising revelations and true stories about popular celebrities. Wallace is no amateur; he knows what kind of stories we need and how to deliver them to us. He has been hosting a talk show for Fox News since the late 1990s and is now a well-known host.

The first season of this show has garnered numerous fans. It is all because of Wallace and his straightforward nature that we have gotten such an amazing show. Stars like George Clooney, Alex Rodriguez, and many more have appeared on this show. We are about to witness more celebrities this season who will reveal their true stories.

Who is speaking with Chris Wallace? Season 2 will premiere on January 8, 2023. Wallace mentioned in an interview that he is looking forward to making this show even better than the previous one. Hopefully, we will be having a great season with Wallace and his amazing guests.

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10. Support The Girls

Support The Girls

No, not a motivational documentary, this is the kind of reality punch delivered to us rather too sweetly. The bitter truths lurk beneath the extraordinary sarcasm, and the heavy emotions that flow throughout the series will most definitely make you fall in love with it. This movie is about Lisa Conroy, the manager of a local sports bar, who is hanging there by a single thread. She tries her hardest to somehow manage everything at the bar, but nothing seems to work in her favor.

With a moody boss who poses a threat to Lisa’s sanity, she has enough on her plate. But here comes the twist: a well-planned robbery that might turn into something more sinister. Conroy has only one mission, which is to somehow save the waitresses. But would that be so easy? This comedy-thriller deserves a place on your watchlist!

9. Yolo: Silver Destiny Season 2

YOLO: Silver Destiny Season 2

Pack a new animated series in your bag! Yolo is coming again to take us into the fantasy world of Wollongong. This cartoon series has attracted audiences of every age group with its unique storyline and wonderful characters. Nothing is as it seems in the world of Yolo, the adventures are intense, and the characters are extremely hilarious.

In the first season, Yolo, Crystal Fantasy, Sarah, Lucas, and Rachel embark on a journey to find positive vibes amid the crazy town of Wollongong. They yearn to find true love and achieve their professional goals at the same time. While Lucas is already head over heels for Sarah, she keeps running away from him.

The second season, Yolo: Silver Destiny, will transform all the fantasies into destinies. Maybe Lucas will finally get Sarah to accept his love, and Rachel will find someone special for her. Arriving on January 23, 2023, this animated cartoon series is all set to make us relive our childhood and most of our teenage years.

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8. Live Sports

HBO Max Upcoming Releases in January 2023

Recently, HBO has been expanding its streaming service to various locations and investing in new endeavors. One such endeavor is live sports. HBO has decided to premiere two Live Sports events in January 2023. Both of these events are highly celebrated sports matches we are all looking forward to.

USMNT vs. Serbia and USWNT @ New Zealand #2—these events are not only the highlights of 2023 for us but also for HBO. The first event will premiere on January 20, 2023. And the second one is set to air on January 25, 2022. Hopefully, we will get to witness these two thrilling events on HBO soon.

7. The Climb

The Climb

Surrounded by the luscious greenery and the spellbinding view of the mountains, The Climb is a series created for all rock climbers and their fans. It is a reality series that will depict the journey of amateur climbers, all of whom are challenging themselves and all of us. We’ve all seen the mountains’ magnificent beauty; now we’re about to witness their intimidating and ruthless side.

The Climb is a visual treat for all of us that will portray the true journey of rock climbers. Though these climbers are amateurs, their skills are definitely extraordinary. This series will polish those skills and give us a delightful experience. This thriller reality series is going to take us on a journey filled with the beauty of nature, competitive climbers, and the true essence of sportsmanship.

A promising trailer is already out, and now we only have to wait for the new year. This series will be arriving in three installments every Thursday starting January 12. Hopefully, it will be as amazing as the trailer has promised us.

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6. Velma


Scooby has always stolen the show, even if the mastermind in his gang was someone else. With his mischievous and bubbly personality, Scooby-Doo is our all-time favorite cartoon character. But now it’s time to delve deeper into Scooby Doo’s crew and uncover the super smart Velma. We have always seen her lurking in the shadows; now we are going to witness Velma under the spotlight.

For the first time ever, we are getting a show only for Velma. We will be solving new mysteries and seeing everything through the round eyes concealed behind those square glasses. Velma, an HBO Max original, will be a 10-episode remarkable series created and voiced by Mindy Kailing.

Velma Dinkley, our cunning yet innocent protagonist, will definitely steal the show this time. Though we won’t be seeing our beloved Scooby and his blunders, we will undoubtedly be reunited with other members of this gang. Shaggy, Daphne, and Fred will surely be returning in this new animated series.

5. The Menu

The Menu

Who doesn’t love food? We don’t think anyone can miss out on food, especially when it is served to us by the best chefs. Yeah, that kind of meal is dear to us. But this is not a cooking show; this is the kind of movie that will feed you, unhinged terror. It wouldn’t even let you swallow that nasty taste before you were fed another bite and then another.

We have the most luxurious restaurant in the world, the kind that serves gourmet meals that cost thousands of dollars but only to a limited clientele. And then we have the deep, dark secrets that won’t let us stay still for a second. There is a bit of comedy, there are a lot of scary scenes and sounds, and of course, the luxurious restaurant is a delight.

The Menu is a horror comedy thriller movie that is the perfect kickstart to a new month and a new year. Arriving on January 3, 2023, is sure to give you goosebumps and a stomachache! After witnessing the luxury on display in this film, be prepared to become lost in an imaginary fantasy.

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4. DC’s Stargirl Season 3

Dc Stargirl

As you might have guessed from its name, this series revolves around superheroes and their unnatural superpowers. This sci-fi adventure is sure to get a position on your list of amazing superheroes. It has all the elements to make you swoon and start fantasizing. A star-printed costume, a bright mask, and a fit girl are on their way to save you and the world.

The series showcases Courtney Whitmore, an ordinary girl who develops extraordinary skills. After learning about her stepfather’s gigantic secret, she gets trapped in the glamorous world of superheroes. Courtney becomes the inspiration for the new generation of superheroes before becoming a Stargirl herself.

DC’s Stargirl is an astounding adventure, a dreamy fantasy, and an enthralling thriller. With two wonderfully crafted seasons, this franchise has become renowned worldwide. The third season is all set to arrive on HBO Max on January 6, 2023.

3. Real Time With Bill Maher Season 21

Real Time With Bill Maher Season 21

This series has been an HBO original for 20 seasons, and now we are looking forward to season 21. Bill Maher is a name every talk-show fan has heard of. Maher is the inspiration for all the flourishing hosts and regulars like us as well. His sarcasm and the lightness he instills in various controversial subjects are the highlights of this series.

Featuring a highly skilled guest panel, Real Time With Bill Maher dives headfirst into numerous topics like politics and the media. The ever-changing panel offers their precious knowledge to us in an engaging manner. Maher takes care not to bore us while also imparting valuable knowledge.

The twenty-first season of the most popular American talk show is arriving on HBO Max on January 20, 2023. This show gives us an hour of Bill Maher unraveling diabolical conspiracies and sensitive theories. His infamous satire will be back, and we will be getting his professional insight on various touchy subjects soon.

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2. Matilda


Only watch this movie if you’re ready to shed a bucket of tears, if not an ocean. This 1996 family is coming to meet us again. It highlights the adventurous journey of Matilda. As portrayed to us by Mara Wilson, Matilda is a girl who is always submerged in books to escape the horror storm that is her family. She lives under strict rules with abusive parents and tries to escape her reality by creating a fictional universe.

Matilda dares to hope for a better future when she gets enrolled in a prestigious school. Unfortunately for her, this school is not what she dreams of. Instead, it is a nightmare filled with torture chambers, ruthless punishments, and a tyrannical principal. Miss Trunchbull, the heartless principal, enjoys inflicting pain on her students and has a magical way to get out unscathed.

Now, Matilda could run towards her parents, who don’t care an ounce for her. Or she could take matters into her own hands and use her supernatural abilities. Of course, she chooses to fight this battle alone, giving us an adventure like never before. We will be getting to watch this supernatural thriller movie on January 1, 2023.

1. The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

The most anticipated series of 2023 is ready to fill our lives with blood-curdling terror and ugly tears. We’ve already seen how a deadly outbreak affected our lives. In this series, we are about to witness a deadly fungal infection turn us, humans, into blood-sucking zombies.

In the post-apocalyptic Earth, Joel will have to forego his selfish smuggler’s life and become a better human. The connection between Joel, a self-centered smuggler, and Ellie, a lost child, is most certainly worth watching. While Joel has shelved his emotions because of his line of work, Ellie slowly pierces through his walls. Now, only if they would have met in an alternate universe

This duo will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and make your teeth chatter in terror. With zombies, a rustic Earth, and a duo trying to somehow get unscathed, The Last of Us is ready to top our must-watch list. Premiering on January 15, this series has made the wait for the new year even more excruciating.

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Are HBO and HBO Max two different platforms?

Yes, HBO and HBO Max are two different platforms but their owner company is one.

Is HBO’s Subscription Expensive?

No, HBO subscription plans begin at $99.99, which is roughly $10 per month.

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Yes, HBO is not available in all locations.

Will HBO Bring Back Old Films and Series?

Yes, HBO is planning to stream old movies and series starting in January 2023.

Will HBO Remove Some Movies And Shows?

Yes, HBO is shedding some underrated movies and shows.

Is HBO Streaming Sports Shows From January 2023 As Well?

Yes, HBO will begin streaming live sports matches and shows in January 2023.

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