Shantaram Season 2 Release Date: Will The Story Continue Further?

Are you excited to take a dig at old Bombay? A show which takes us back to the 1980s, we are traveling to India, more specifically old Bombay! This Apple TV series truly impressed us a lot. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the famous Apple TV drama series, Shantaram. The first season of the show premiered this year and we can’t wait to see what happens in Shantaram season 2. But the latest rumors up in the air worried the fans out there, is the show truly canceled? Are the rumors accurate? Is the show not coming back with Season 2? Before your anxiety level gets triggered, let’s quickly start our discussion on Shantaram Season 2. 

Shantaram Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Shantaram has truly become a game-changer for Apple TV. We all thought Shantaram will surely get renewed for season 2. Our hopes for Shantaram Season 2 fired up even further when we saw the last episode of Shantaram Season 2. Guess what, the show ends with a cliffhanger and how could we forget about all the loopholes left in the tale? The golden period of Bombay is picturized in this story, the time when Bombay was experiencing the high of being the hot topic of the country. Moreover, Charlie Hunnam’s deep performance in the show grabbed our attention the most. 

The good news is the story can be continued further. The drama series revolves around the novel of the same name penned by Gregory David Roberts. Before we tell you more about the series, let us quickly review the renewal status of Shantaram Season 2. The popularity of the drama series, Shantaram is increasing day by day. The show had a total of 12 episodes and each one narrates to us an enticing story. Shantaram Season 1 premiered somewhere in October! The twelfth episode of the show streamed on 16th December 2022. Initially, we all think the show will get renewed for another run. 

But the lead cast member of the drama series, Charlie has recently been the victim of a spine injury. Looking at his situation, we strongly think he won’t work for a good 6 months and in the upcoming years as well his filming career will not meet with the high swings of popularity! This has worried the fans of Shantaram. Moreover, Charlie was recently captured in an exclusive interview and he was asked about the renewal of Shantaram. It looks like he still hasn’t been included in the main cast list of Shantaram Season 2. Apple TV has decided to cancel the show! The show is not renewed and we still don’t have any estimated or concrete release date for Shantaram Season 2. It seems like Shantaram will not be continued further by Apple TV!

Name of the Show/MovieShantaram
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Crime
Shantaram Season 1 Release Date14 October 2022
Shantaram Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Shantaram Season 1 Story

Shantaram Season 2 

This story revolves around Dale Conti, the main culprit of the bank robbery, the one who killed the policeman. Imprisoned in Australia, he was pretty sure he cannot escape from the bars. But life offered him a chance, the moment he gets a shot, he escapes from jail! He runs away to old Bombay! Dale transforms himself into Lindsey Ford, he gets pictured into a community doctor. He finally decides to quit his past life. 

Back in the slum of Sagar Wada, he meets with Prabhu and their friendship will truly touch your heart. But as the saying goes by, you can never run away from your past life, the same happened with Lin! The local criminal duo of the slum Khaderbhai and Karla soon take Lin into their radar. His life will get ruined again, all chaos happened because of the political stress around him! In this hustling lifestyle, Lin will also bump into the love of his life! To find out what lies in Lin’s future, you have to watch all the episodes of Shantaram season 1. 

Shantaram Season 2 Predictable Plot

There is still a bunch of source material left for Shantaram Season 2. If the show gets renewed, then the second installment of the show will be based on another novel penned by Roberts. This time we will be reviewing the story of “The Mountain Shadows”. Lin is ready to continue his adventurous journey. A second escape is waiting for him. Can he change his future again? Lin has lost his two support systems. Khaderbhai has been murdered and Karla decides to marry the media mogul. Shattered apart Lin is at his lowest, but he must complete the mission assigned to him! A new life is waiting for him. He must impress the sage! But most importantly will he find the hope of living again? All these questions can only be answered through Shantaram Season 2. Let’s hope we soon hear some interesting updates on the second installment of the show.

Ratings of the Show

The show is good if you want to watch it. We will suggest you watch it as it got 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Shantaram Season 2 FAQs

1. Is Shantaram renewed for season 2?

Sadly, Shantaram is not renewed for Season 2.

2. Is Shantaram Season 2 canceled?

Unfortunately, the rumors might be accurate, Apple TV might cancel Shantaram Season 2!

3. How many episodes are there in Shantaram Season 1?

The first season of Shantaram had a total of 12 episodes, all of which have been highly enjoyed by the audience out there.

4. Do we have a release date for Shantaram Season 2?

No, we don’t have any concrete release date for Shantaram Season 2. If the show gets renewed next year, then season 2 might drop out in early 2024.

5. Can you watch Shantaram online?

Yes, the show is available online, watch Shantaram exclusively just on Apple TV, you can either download the app or stream it online.

6. Is Charlie Hunnam returning for Shantaram Season 2?

As per his latest interviews, he is not yet added to the cast list of Shantaram Season 2.

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