Baptiste Season 3 Release Date: Seems Canceled But Not Canceled!

Is Baptiste returning with Season 3? Is the British TV drama series renewed for Season 3? A story that comes with a blend of crime and thriller, the various mysterious twists and turns incorporated into the show truly won our hearts. The audience is looking forward to Baptiste season 3. We can’t wait to see what happens next in this psychological drama series. The overall ratings of the show truly speak for the British drama series. All eyes are currently stuck on the third installment of Baptiste. But hey there do we have a concrete release date for Baptiste Season 3?

Baptiste Season 3 

Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

Are you still waiting to see Baptiste season 3? Are you still curious to learn more about the third installment of the show? But hey there, have you heard the latest announcement about Baptiste? The show is not coming out with season 3. We won’t give you false hopes, just like you, we were also expecting to see another season of the show, but it looks like the show was originally planned for only two seasons. Baptiste season 3 is not canceled as it was never on their line-up. They have already made their final statement, the official announcement has surely disappointed us. The show concludes with Season 2. Yes, the British psychological drama series ends with season 2. 

Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

We wish the rumors were true around Baptiste Season 3, but unfortunately, it’s not. It’s time to burst the bubble of imagination as we all know by now that the third installment is not happening. The first season of the show premiered in 2019, while the second season aired sometime last year. Initially, we thought Baptiste Season 3 would be released this year, particularly by the end of 2022. But as of now, we still don’t have a release date for Baptiste season 3. The show is not canceled but we are pretty sure about the fact that the show has decided to tell us goodbye! The second installment of the show wrapped up the story completely, all the loopholes were covered in Baptiste season 2. 

Name Of The ShowBaptiste
Season NumberSeason 3
Genrecrime thriller
Baptiste Season 1 Release Date17 February 2019
Baptiste Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Baptiste Season 2 Story

Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

Thinking about how the story of Baptiste concluded? Well, we are here to help you in that case. Baptiste Season 2 starts with deep and shocking revelations. Guess what, the hostage video was not accurate. It was fake and Baptiste now knows the truth. He thinks deeply and evaluates that both the abductors and anti-immigrant extremists were right! On the other hand in the story, we see Emma suspect something mysterious in Alex’s latest behavior. It looks like he is chatting with a girl online and they are about to meet somewhere! Emma along with Baptiste will be looking into this matter closely. 

The situation becomes worse when the right-wing politician Kamilla Agaston starts her speech and masked terrorists destroy it all for her. The shooting begins and the immigrant neighborhood of Budapest comes on their radar. In this accident, we see how Emma gets paralyzed! Later, we find out that Alex was also involved in the shooting. Baptiste manages to get a hand on him and we all know how he decides to kill Alex. Months passed by and then one day we see Baptiste’s wife has called for separation. The divorce papers lie with Baptiste. The investigation intensifies when we learn more about Kamilla and her husband Michael. Baptiste is shocked to learn that Kamilla knows Will’s current location. There is something cooking between Kamilla and Will, after all, she just dropped a bag for him!

Later, we see that Emma suspects another terrorist attack. Will is still determined to complete his mission, he is ready to destroy all those culprits who murdered his sister. Baptiste managed to catch Will and then the man confessed that all these days he was hiding in Kamilla’s basement. Does this mean Kamilla was helping the terrorist to hide?

Andras Juszt is also among the Gomorrah and we see how he gets a hold of Will and tries to beat him to death! Will tries to fight back but ends up in a coma. The story ends with Andras getting arrested and imprisoned. We also see how Emma opens up to the public and tells everyone that Alex was involved in the terrorist attack! She wants Baptiste to move to France and also tries to bring his family along. The story ends on an open note but the show is still not coming back with Season 3! 

Baptiste Ratings

This crime drama thriller series has an IMDB rating of 7.3 stars out of 10. The episodes of season 1 are top-rated.

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Baptiste Season 3 FAQs

1. Is Baptiste Season 3 Cancelled?

No, the show is not canceled but the story has ended with Season 2.

2. Is Baptiste renewed for Season 3?

Unfortunately, the British TV drama series, Baptiste, has not been renewed for Season 3.

3. Do we have a release date for Baptiste Season 3?

We wish we had one for you all, but sadly the show is not continuing further. That’s why we don’t have any release date for Baptiste Season 3.

4. Where can you watch Baptiste?

The British TV drama series, Baptiste Season 1 is available on BBC One. You can also watch it over Prime Video.

5. How many episodes are there in Baptiste Season 1 and Season 2?

Both seasons of Baptiste held 6 episodes each. All in all, the series had a total of 12 episodes.

6. Is Baptiste based on a true story?

No, the TV show, Baptiste doesn’t revolve around a true story.

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