Todo Por Lucy Season 3: Is The Release Date Confirmed?

With the holiday season nearing, we are all looking for some relaxing television, aren’t we? Todo Por Lucy is one such Spanish sitcom that is sure to give you a relaxing evening. With a tinge of romance and a sprinkle of jealousy, this series has all the fun elements covered for us. Be it a hilarious comedy or a swoon-worthy romance, Tod Por Lucy has it all.

This series focuses on Lucy and Ricky, an extraordinary couple who have to face the drama of being in a relationship with their complete opposites. Though this series has a really simple storyline, its execution is what makes it such a grand hit. We have witnessed two seasons of this bizarre series; is a third on the way?

Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date

This is a series that will make you realize how absurd a relationship could be. It has an amazingly talented cast, a simple yet splendorous storyline, and chemistry that keeps sizzling throughout the two seasons. One thing that this series guarantee is stomach-aching, eyes-watering romance. And that’s exactly what we are looking for, aren’t we?

With the second season garnering tremendous popularity, the third season’s existence has become a gigantic question mark. Fortunately for us, the makers are insisting on a third season. According to the speculation going on, the third season of Todo Por Lucy is under development. Though the makers haven’t confirmed anything and there are rumors regarding the cancellation of the series, we are at an impasse.

The first season of this series premiered in December 2021, while the second season aired in April 2022. Season 3 should have at least been announced. But the makers are suspiciously quiet, and we have no idea when—or if—we will be getting Todo Por Lucy Season 3. Hopefully, we will get an official announcement soon.

Name of the ShowTodo Por Lucy
Season NumberSeason 3
Todo Por Lucy Season 1 Release Date20 May 2022
Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Todo Por Lucy Cast List

Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date

This twenty-episode series has a diverse cast that makes this series such a celebrated sitcom. The entire series revolves around Ricky, a practical engineer, and Lucy, who is his opposite in every possible way. While Ricky aspires to be a stand-up comedian, Lucy is all for letting her creativity be her profession. The couple embarks on a journey of acceptance that is brimming with endless hurdles.

While Lucy is brought to us by the adorable Natalia Tellez, Daniel Tovar portrays our straightforward engineer. The second-most adorable couple of this series, Esteban and Federico, is brought to us by the extremely talented Andres Zuno and Daniel Haddad. The other supporting characters of this romantic comedy include Sofia, Carmen, and Lety, portrayed by our favorites Alejandro Rodriguez, Yuiriria del Valle, and Carmen Beato. If we get a third season, all these characters are bound to return.

Summarizing Todo Por Lucy Season 2

The second season begins with Lucy and Ricky trying to give each other a chance. They decide to let their love bloom without restricting it. But, of course, it isn’t an easy task. Both of them have done irreversible things that weigh down their relationship. They gradually settle into a pattern and find a way to make the balance work for their relationship.

Throughout the second season, we witness random situations and how this couple deals with them. This randomness adds another layer of hilariousness to the series. The series ends with Lucy being pregnant and dreading Ricky’s reactions, which are far lighter than we were expecting. It’s a great watch if you are enjoying a leisurely weekend.

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Todo Por Lucy: Season 1 Review

Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date

Todo Por Lucy is more of a soap opera, only we have received all the episodes beforehand. In the first season, we get to witness the couple deciding to move into Ricky’s apartment. Lucy was impossible to convince, but she soon gives up and lets Ricky into her orbit. Then we are treated to other mundane episodes, which are the daily routines of this couple.

Overall, this series is a great romantic comedy. Although a bit absurd, it is a delightful series. But at times, we often pause the series and wonder why we are watching it because the series lacks any proper direction. The actors are phenomenal, and the comedy is on par, but it would have been great if we had a proper story.

Ratings of Todo Por Lucy

Check all the numeric data of the show here. Below are the images which show the analytics of 4.5 ratings out of 10 for the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did The Makers Cancel Todo Por Lucy Season 3?

No, the makers haven’t officially canceled the series.

Have The Makers Confirmed The Return Of Todo Por Lucy Season 3?

No, the makers haven’t confirmed it either.

How Many Episodes Does Todo Por Lucy Season 1 Have?

The first season of Todo Por Lucy has 10 episodes, all under 30 minutes.

Is Todo Por Lucy Series Worth Watching?

If you are into sitcoms and are open to watching a couple of dramas, then yes, this series is worth watching.

Is A Trailer Available For Todo Por Lucy Season 3?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for Todo Por Lucy Season 3. But hopefully, we will be getting a hilarious trailer soon if the series receives the green light.

Where To Watch Todo Por Lucy Series?

Todo Por Lucy is an Amazon Prime series. You can watch this utterly hilarious series there.

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