When Can We Have Coraline 2 Release Date?

2009 released American animation film Coraline is among the best-animated films of all time. Even after 13 years of its release people love to watch the movie and ask for a second part. This movie was based on Neil Gaiman’s popular novel Coraline. The story of young girl Coraline and her visit to the parallel world is a matter of interest for animation movie viewers till now.

There are many speculations in the industry regarding the release of Coraline’s part 2. If a second part of the movie releases, then it will be definitely very exciting for the audience all over the world. Coraline has been a very successful movie at the box office as well. It has earned more than a hundred million worldwide. And it is also among the highest-earning animation film. Therefore, now the audience is talking about Coraline 2. But when does Coraline 2 is releasing? What will be its cast and story? To know the details about Coraline 2, read the complete article.

Coraline 2 Release Date

Coraline 2 Release Date
Coraline 2 Release Date

Caroline has undoubtedly a great fan following. You may have also heard that Coraline 2 is releasing in 2022. However, there is no authentic information regarding the making of Coraline 2 and its release. So, it is merely a rumour that Coraline 2 is releasing in 2022. The makers haven’t made any such announcement. But it doesn’t mean that there are no chances of getting Coraline 2. In the near future Henry Selick, the director of Coraline may bring a second part. Till then fans can just wait and watch.

Caroline was released in 2009 which is 13 years from now. The movie was recognized by filmmakers and viewers worldwide. Today also the movie is liked a lot by viewers. Notably, Coraline is Laika Studio’s first feature film.

Coraline 1 Release Date2009
Coraline 2 Release DateNot Announced
Coraline 2 Release Date

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Coraline 2 Story

As there is no confirmation about the Coraline 2 making and release, there is no confirmation about Coraline 2 story. The first part of Coraline that came in 2009 was based on Neil Gaiman’s novella Coraline. If the makers decide to make a second part of the movie, then there is no information about what story or plat they could choose for Coraline 2,

The Coraline was however the story of an 11-year girl who visits a parallel world. Caroline with her family moves to a new apartment. As her parents were working, she remains quite upset with them for not giving her enough time. Amid this, one night she discovers a secret door in their new apartment. When she enters the door, she reaches a world that is the same as her own.

However, in this world everything is good and everything is like what she wanted. She went to that world repeatedly until she discovers something fishy about the place. Her mother in this world asks her to stay there forever. But, Coraline discovers that this parallel world is actually an evil place. Her mother in the parallel world has some evil intentions from which she has to protect herself and her family.

Coraline 2 Characters

The voice cast plays a crucial role in the success of any animated or stop-motion film. Coraline had an amazing voice cast that lead to the success of the movie worldwide. The lead character of Coraline was voiced by Dakota Fanning. Teri Hetcher gave voice to Coraline’s mother Mel Jones and her other mother. The voice of Coraline’s father Charlie Jones and other fathers was given by John Hodgman.

Additionally, Dawn French gave voice to Miss Forcible and other Miss Forcible, Jennifer Saunders gave voice to the character of Miss Spink and other Miss Spink, and Robert Bailey Jr. gave voice to Wybie. While the voice of the cat in the story was given by David Keith.

Coraline 2 Trailer

Coraline 2 Release Date
Coraline 2 Release Date

There is no trailer for Coraline 2. As there is no official announcement of the movie’s coming, there is no trailer. The makers, producers, writer, or directors of Coraline has not announced anything related to the second part. However, you can anytime check the accounts of Coraline’s makers for any update of a second part.

Where to watch Coraline 2 Online?

Henry Selick’s Coraline was released worldwide in 2009. It also made a huge collection of 124.6 million. Now to watch Coraline online, you must have an Amazon Prime subscription. For online viewing, the movie is only available on Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can take a free 30-day trial and watch the movie.

Coraline Ratings And reviews

With its unique quirky and captivating story, this film was able to stand an IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10. The audience reviews say that they really liked the film and some of them have regarded Coraline as a masterpiece.

Caroline: FAQ

1. Can children watch Coraline?

The film has many scary moments so children below 10 years should not watch this movie.

2. Is Coraline regarded as a Disney film?

No, it is not at all a Disney movie.

3. Is the story of Coraline adapted from a novel?

The story has been written why taking into account the story of a novel written by Neil Gaiman.

4. Is Coraline 2 canceled?

The chances for the film to return are very less since it has been many years and still we haven’t received any announcement regarding it.

5. Why the film is titled, Coraline?

The film has been given the title because of the titular character named Coraline Jones.

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