Was Grant Wahl Gay? Here Are All The Details!

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve surely heard Grant Wahl’s name. He was a well-established sports journalist, notoriously famous for his contributions to the basketball and soccer fields. Wahl wrote about football and other sports as well, but he was a soccer expert. Not only did he write articles for a popular magazine, he even published books that made him a New York Times bestseller.

With such fame comes greater responsibilities. And Grant understood it very well. Since he started recording athletes’ lives and covering various sports matches, his personal life became a hot topic. With him openly supporting the LGBTQ community and crossing boundaries to do so, the question regarding his intentions has been constantly questioned.

Was Grant Wahl Gay?

Before his unfortunate death, Grant actively supported the LGBTQ community and tried to garner respect and equality for them. According to him, every human had an exclusive right to decide for themselves, and nobody could meddle with that decision. Throughout his life, he lived by that motto, and in the end, he died with it.

Grant was seen wearing a rainbow-colored T-shirt while covering yet another match. The questions regarding him being gay bloomed from there. Grant was happily married to Celine Gounder at the time of his death. The couple was seen happily doting on each other, and it seems like Grant Wahl was not gay. Instead, his brother, Eric Wahl, is, and both of them have been outspoken regarding that matter.

It is because of his brother that Grant wore that rainbow-colored T-shirt despite knowing that the country he was arriving in did not support transgender people. Qatar disallows anyone to wear rainbow-colored clothes during a match. But Grant did, and he was detained for it, but nothing broke his spirit. Even in his last moments, Grant actively supported the LGBTQ community despite not being a part of it.

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Was Grant Wahl Murdered?

Is Grant Wahl Gay

Grant Wahl was a public celebrity who remained at the center of controversies. Since he was a reputed sports journalist, his opinions were extremely valued. And though he often made sure not to criticize anyone or make random accusations, sometimes his emotions got the better of him. In his random emotional outbursts, he spoke out against the LGBTQ community’s injustice.

After the news of Wahl’s death took a toll, his brother, Eric Wahl, claimed that he was receiving death threats. Grant suddenly collapsed at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Qatar in late 2022 and was found dead soon after his abnormal pass out. The cause of his death was reported to be a ruptured aortic aneurysm. But the rumors regarding his death being a well-planned and well-executed murder have not yet dimmed properly.

Grant was already suffering from severe chest pain and was even diagnosed with possible bronchitis when he arrived in Qatar. He was on heavy medications, but his passion didn’t let him rest, which is why Grant boarded a flight and was ready to cover one more match. Little did he know that it was the last match he was covering for.

Grant Wahl’s Career Struggles

Wahl was deeply inspired by Bob Bradley, who was the coach of Princeton University’s soccer team. Grant started his career at a very tender age; he covered his first match when he was in his first year of university. His skills were greatly appreciated by Bradley, who supported Grant and made him a successful sports journalist.

For his actual first job, Grant interned with the Miami Herald. His work was slowly garnering attention, and his contribution to the soccer world was getting noticed. Wahl then moved out and started to work for other organizations, covering college-level matches. After becoming successful in that department, Grant aimed higher and proceeded to cover professional-level matches.

Grant has two books to his name: Masters of Modern Soccer and The Beckham Experiment. Both of his books have been warmly appreciated and were listed as bestselling books as well. Wahl has been an inspiration with his unyielding strength and focused approach to life.

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Grant Wahl’s Family Life

Grant Wahl Brother

Grant was born in Kansas and rose to fame because of his continuous contributions to the sports industry. Before his sudden death, Wahl hosted two podcasts every week and wrote multiple articles aside from reporting sports matches. Grant attended Princeton University, where he found his career path and life partner. Both Grant and his wife, Celine Gounder, hail from the same university and were happily married to each other.

Throughout his life, he spoke fondly of his brother, Eric Wahl, and supported him till the end. This is why Grant’s death shook his older brother Eric. Eric and Celine have been grieving his death openly, as has the entire world.

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