Higehiro Season 2 Release Date: Is The Anime Returning?

Sometimes relationships don’t end on a positive end despite how the degree of love you put into one. Besides, we seem to be living in a world where people would leave no chance of taking an advantage of one’s vulnerability. However, Higehiro’s Yoshida goes against this very disposition and treats Sayu, the other lead character (who earlier had been living off by offering sexual services), on the show without having any underlying malice. The show realizes the nuances of love and is not built on some clichéd romantic drama with a sort of happy ending.

Higehiro Season 2 Release Date

Higehiro Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the anime aired from April 5, 2021, to June 28, 2021, with a total of 13 episodes, and owing to the mesmerizing story of the anime, fans are certainly ravenous to know the future of Yoshida and Sayu’s relationship. Despite, the accolades from the fans, as of now any official confirmation or news regarding the future of the anime remains non-existent, which only leaves us with the option of figuring out or predicting the future of the anime by ourselves.

Source Material

‘Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway’ or ‘Hige o Soru: Soshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou’ is based on its source material which in this case happens to be the light novel, of the same name. The series consisting of 5 volumes was written and illustrated by Shimesaba and booota respectively, while it was published by Kadokawa Shoten and Kadokawa North America were its English publishers.

Lack Of Content

The first impediment in answering this question comes in the form of a lack of content. As mentioned earlier the light volume was made up of only 5 volumes running from February 1, 2018, to June 1, 2021, and was adapted almost completely by the first season of the anime. Therefore nothing of the light novel remains to be made use of for the further seasons. Until or unless Shimesaba decides to work on an lv sequel it is hard for the show to make a comeback.

However, we don\t want to leave on a negative note, Shimesaba recently announced the coming of Higehiro: Another Side story which will cover the titbits from both characters’ lives but won’t necessarily be a sequel. What this also implies is that the chances OVA release or a movie is also high, we just have to wait for an imitation from the makers.

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Higehiro Season 2 Release Date

If we set aside, the lack of content, every other factor seems to go in the favor of the anime. For eg, the popularity is indubious as the show has an above-average rating of 7.4 on MyAnimeList and 7.5 on IMDB. Moreover, it was able to sell 1759 units of its Blu-ray\dvd’s in the first week of its release, which is pretty decent given the fact that the anime has digital outlets to make its presence felt. It was also on Crunchyrolls’ list of top 10 popular anime frequently.

To conclude, the possibility of the reoccurrence of the anime doesn’t seem to be altogether grim, if the original creator decides to resume or announce the sequel to the LV, then it would take almost 2 or 3 years for us to witness the second season again.

Name Of The ShowHigehiro
Season NumberSeason 2
Genreromantic comedy
Higehiro Season 1 Release Date5 june 2021
Higehiro Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Higehiro Season 2 Characters

Manabu Kamkita acted as the director of the show while Deko Akao was the writer. The music throughout was Tomoki Kikuya’s. The studio involved in the show’s production was Project No. 9 Which is reputed for its creation of ‘CHOYOYU: high school prodigies have it easy even in another world’ and ‘Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life anime’.The show was licensed by Crunchyroll and Muse communication.

Higehiro Season 2 Story

The story commences with Yoshida, a young handsome salary man working for an IT company who after having gathered enough courage confesses her liking to her crush, Airi Gotou. Unfortunately, he gets rejected and in order to find solace in his grief of rejection he goes out to sip on some booze. In his intoxicated state, on the way back finds a high school girl and gets offered to spend a night with him. When he finally comes up to his senses in the morning, he finds that she was living in her apartment, after having revealed how until now she was making a living for herself, Yoshida decides to let her stay in his apartment, and from there, their love begins to blossom.

Higehiro Season 2 Trailer

The audience was pleasantly surprised by this anime, which had a lot of romance and drama and received good reviews. The second installment has been the subject of ongoing rumors, so it seems to sense that fans would look for its trailer as well. We lack the trailer for Higehiro Season 2 because there is no information available on the show’s future.

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