All Might Vs Goku: Who Will Win A Match Between Goku And All Might? 

Anime fictional characters are way fascinating! Fans love to watch the fight and adventures of the superheroes in the anime. The anime is very interesting and fans want to watch them a lot. Deku, All Might, Naruto, Barut, Goku, etc are fictional superhero characters that fans are very interested to watch. They fight a faint each other. That will be fun. What if you bring all of the superheroes together and watch who wins? That will be a thrilling match and will make our day. Many YouTube videos are also available that will give you these thrills. That is always good to watch! Well, there are many video games based on the fictional characters of the anime. Crazy fans enjoy playing them. Recently, all the fans want to see the fight between these heroes. 

Today in this article we will tell you about All Might and Goku. Goku is a fictional character from Dragon Ball and All Might is a fictional character from My Hero academia. The anime series has a total of 153 episodes. The series is very good and fans loved it! My Hero Academia was first released on 3 April 2016. The anime has a total of 6 seasons. All Might is the one who gave powers to Deku. What if All Might and Goku come together in a fight? Who will win? Expected! Well, let’s see who will win. To know, scroll down! 

All Might Vs Goku

All Might Vs Goku

A fight between Goku and All Might will be fun to watch. Well, if we bring our two superheroes together, who will win? Talking about All Might. All Might is the one who did not have his powers from birth. All Might got the power of all for one. He got his strength known as a quirk, which gave him a lot of power. He used his power and strength and became the world’s top hero. His weakness is that he can’t bare to fight for a much longer time. All Might is very intelligent, he used his plus point in fights. His intelligence will benefit him in a fight and come up with a perfect strategy. He is the fastest in the world. He is old and very experienced.

Goku is a fictional character who loves to fight. He is often seen fighting and whenever he does not do so, he is engaged in his training. Viku is very strong and could lift 100,000 tons with just a finger! So powerful! He is considered the strongest fictional character of all time! He is faster than light and his power is very amazing. Goku’s ability to fly is the best advantage for him. He always focused on becoming stronger. He is very strong and has saved his world multiple times.

So in conclusion, it is very obvious that Goku is more powerful than All Might. All Might may be the fastest in his world but is not faster than Goku, because he is as fast as light. He is even very powerful and lines up fighting a lot. So, in a match between All Might VS Goku, Goku might win the match.

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About My Hero Academia

All Might Vs Goku

The story of my hero academia revolves around Izuku Midoriya (Deku). Deku has a dream of becoming a hero but he doesn’t have a quirk. Quirk is the superpower that everyone has in the place where Deku used to live. The story takes place in a world, where different people have different superpowers. Deku’s friend also has their quirk and used to make fun of Deku as he does not have his power. Deku and his friends were admitted to U.A. high school. The school teaches them martial art skill and training for their quirks. All might is the one who has Deku power.

He was impressed by Deku. Demu saved his friend without thinking about the consequences of his life. All Might is very powerful and experienced. He has amazing martial art skills. Deku gained his power and became very powerful. Bakugo was Deku’s best friend but after he gained his power he became his rival. He got envious of Deku because of his superpowers. Their fight in the series was mind-blowing. Ochako Uraraka is Deku’s love interest. They both are the lead couple.  

About Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is an anime series that was released on 26 February 1986. The series has a total of 153 episodes. The anime series is based on adventure, fantasy, and martial arts. It tells us the story of Goku who saves the world from his superpowers. He is a very powerful and amazing fictional character. The anime is very interesting to watch, if you have not watched it yet, then you should not miss it! 

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