Diane Kruger Net Worth, Relationship Status, And Much More!

Diane Kruger is a very popular and beautiful German as well as an American movie actress. Before stepping foot in the acting industry, Diane used to work as a fashion model and has run on many famous runways. She came into the limelight just after she received Trophee Chopard in the very famous Cannes film festival awards. She was born on the 15th of July 1976. This means she is currently 45 years old and, still so beautiful confident, and bold. She stepped into the acting industry in 2002 with her debut movie “The Piano Player”, which was with Josh Hartnett.

She, later on, received many film offers, out of which many films hit the box office. She is nominated for many awards and, also won many including best actress in the main lead, Best Cast, and many more awards. After she got famous and got successful in her career she backed the face and brand ambassador of many big companies like Chanel, Versace, and Loreal Paris.

Diane Kruger Net Worth

As of now, according to many official online websites and surveys, Diane Kruger’s net worth is almost 24 million dollars in 2021. Her net worth is mostly made by modeling. she is still active in the film industry and making good money out of her movies. She has been the face of many tremendous companies. Also, she has appeared on the cover of famous magazines like Vogue Paris and Marie Clarie. Even though she has aged up, but still her demand for modeling and movies hasn’t stopped. With this we can tell about her net worth is in the millions is valid.

Diane Kruger Early Life

Diane Kruger Net Worth

The famous actress was born in West Germany near Algermessen, which is near Hildesheim. Her real full name is Diane Heidkruger. Her mother Maria Theresa worked as a bank employee in a private bank. While his father Hans-Heinrich was a computer specialist and worked as a computer engineer. She was raised in a roman catholic family as a kid. She even attended a catholic school and churches. Her mother frequently used to send her to foreign exchange programs, so that she could improve her English.

In an interview, she also told that she had a Polish grandmother from one side. As a kid, she dreamt of being a ballerina. For, she also gave an audition for the Royal Ballet School of London. Unfortunately due to a cut injury on her knee, she was unable to join the school. She failed the audition and that’s when she decided to join the modeling industry. She then moved to Paris to make her career in modeling and hence she began learning French too.

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Personal Life Of Diane Kruger

Diane does not speak much about her personal life. Although we gathered much information about her personal life on social media and a few of her media interactions. Diane is very much fluent in languages like French, English, and German too. She also knows Latin, as she studied it for almost 8 years at school. In an interaction with the media, she told about her fear of horses, hence she does not perform any shots related to it. Also, she has dropped many roles just because of her fear of horses.

This fear of Kruger roots back in her childhood, when she was thrown off from an animal back. In beginning Kruger was into modeling but when she discovered her interest in acting. She decided to take lessons in acting at Cours Florent. She has also been listed among the 50  most beautiful people in the world since 2004. Also in the top 99 women of 2010. In the same year, she was also made the latest face of Calvin Klein’s new perfume line. In 2017 Ruger made a special appearance in a german movie “In The Fade” which was a big hit. For her special role, she received many awards. This role made her more famous all over the world.

Diane Kruger Relationship, Boyfriend, and More!

Back in 1999, Diane started dating a french director and actor Guillaume Canet. They also did a few movies together. In 2001 they got married on 1st September. After 6 years they got divorced. When asked Diane about her unsuccessful marriage, she replied that both careers made them apart and kept them away from each other.

Then in 2006, she was in a relationship with Joshua Jackson for 6 years. But then they also got separated. Again in 2016, she dated Morman Reedus, one of her film directors. They even had a daughter together in 2018. Now Kruger is dating the director of the famous zombie-based series The Walking Dead. Till now there is no news about their separation.

Diane Kruger Career

She has taken her acting training from the Cours Florent. Then she did small roles in various French films. She debuted in the industry in 2022 opposite Dennis Hooper and Christopher Lambert. In 2007, she also hosted the opening and closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. Now, we will look at some of the most prominent works by Diane Kruger, she has worked on The 355 directed by Simon Kinberg, Unknown directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, Merry Christmas directed by Christian Carion, Inglorious Basterds directed by Quentin Tarantino, The Host directed by Andrew Niccol, and many more.

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