Tumbbad 2 Release Date: Is This Popular Movie Coming Back?

We are taking you back to the year 2018, precisely 12th October when Tumbbad was released. A movie that will give you goosebumps. Beware, you must not wake her up! The old lady is in deep sleep and Hastar lies still in her womb. A horror movie that surely marks up to our expectations, Tumbbad is to date regarded as the best fictional horror movie out there. It’s not just a simple straightway horror movie. 

The greed which lies within you will eventually eat you up, isn’t this the main storyline of the movie? The burden of poverty will slowly eat your soul. The movie portrays a cruel version of greediness. We saw how Vinayak fell into the trap of gold coins, how he managed to lure Hastar, how he made those dough dolls, and how he ventured into the mansion! This story will bring shivers down your spine. 

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

A movie that was released four years ago is still inscribed fresh in our minds. Tumbbad speaks for itself. A horror movie that comes with a blend of fantasy and suspense. The mysteries lie within the old mansion of Tumbbad! The twists and turns in the movie made us wonder how a horror movie can be drafted this well! The exceptional and intriguing plotline of the movie surely took us by surprise. We were stunned to learn about the history of Hastar.

The death of Vinayak was unexpected for us. Pandurang was shocked to see his father’s monstrous condition. Vinayak wanted to become rich, he wanted to live a better life but instead of working hard, he decided to walk down the easy road. He returned to the village where lies the old mansion and the Hidden treasure. From finding out the way to gold coins to creating dough dolls to trick Hastar, this story is filled with critical complexities.

The movie ends with Vinayak turning into a monster. We will see how he got attacked by Hastar! Vinayak was killed by his son and the last scene of the movie gave chills to our bones.  what about the second part of Tumbbad? Pandurang left the village but Hastar still lives within the four walls of the mansion!  All eyes are looking for Tumbbad 2. We are curiously waiting to hear about the sequel movie of Tumbbad. But till now, we haven’t heard much about Tumbbad 2.

Let’s hope they soon think about the sequel movie. The creation of good movies does take a good amount of time. There is no doubt in the fact that Tumbbad has a massive fan following. Thus if there are any plans for Tumbbad 2, then the creators must match our expectations again. Our hopes are pretty high this time. We might not have a concrete release date for you but according to our estimations, Tumbbad 2 might drop somewhere in 2023 or 2024.  

Name of the MovieTumbbad
Part NumberPart 2
GenreHorror, Fantasy
Tumbbad Release Date12 October 2018
Tumbbad 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Will Pandurang Come Back To The Mansion?

Tumbbad 2 Release Date

Vinayak lost his life, and his greed for gold coins eventually finished him. Vinayak is gone but Hastar is still living. Pandurang knows how to get through the difficulties of the mansion, after all, Vinayak has taught him well. But it all collapsed when Pandurang brought down a dough doll. Little did he know that his small move would awaken the disastrous version of Hastar. 

His father decided to save his son but in return, his changed version scared Pandurang the most. He was shocked to see the deteriorated state of Vinayak. Pandurang might have left the village but he can always make his way back to Tumbbad. Another part of the movie will be much more interesting and informative! We should never forget that there are many versions of Hastar. Pandurang initially wanted the loincloth and we saw that his wrong move was one of the main reasons behind Vinayak’s death. 

Pandurang was scared, that’s why he fled away but just like his father Pandurang too might come back to the village. You never know what Tumbbad 2 might hold for us. He too might get frustrated with poverty! Moreover, this time when he goes back to the mansion he might see his father again. He killed his father but his father’s soul might still be trapped in the mansion, after all, Hastar doesn’t leave a soul alive!

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