Is Tumbbad A Real Story? Is The Movie Based On True Event?

Suspense, horror, drama, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and what else could we ask for? Tumbbad tells us the story of Hastar who still exists inside the old mansion. He is the beast who looks upon the mysterious treasure hidden deep in the mansion. Tumbbad is one of the best dramatic horror movies we have seen so far! The movie has got an IMDb rating of 8.2, which speaks for itself. The intense popularity of the movie has recently fired up the rumors and demands for Tumbbad 2. Well, just like you, we too don’t mind a sequel movie. 

But before we take you through the briefing of the sequel movie, let’s discuss everything about Tumbbad! The various twists and turns incorporated in the story made us think about whether the horror movie is based on a true story or not! The thin gap between reality and the imaginary has been covered up here. The movie is filled with unpredictable and complicated elements. So on popular demand, let’s begin the segment with the main question of the day.

Is Tumbbad A Real Story?

Is Tumbbad A Real Story?

Real horror movies do make a greater impact on the audience. There is no denial in the fact that movies based on real concepts or stories are cherished more than scripted films. Tumbbad is edited in a manner that will make you think that you are watching a true story! At a moment, we felt that Vinayak, Pandurang, and Raghav existed in real life. Tumbbad presents us with a highly complex story of how drastic poverty can be. Vinayak wanted to become rich and that’s why he didn’t fear facing Hastar. His greed ultimately draws him to a path of destruction. 

The characters might not exist in real life but Tumbbad does. Yes, the small village exists for Village. Tumbbad is located in Maharashtra. The movie was filmed in the actual village itself. Tumbbad is located in an area that experiences a good amount of rainfall every year. All the rainy scenes shot in the movie were happening in real life. The scariest part is the mansion or fort as you may say, exists for real. Yes, the mysterious mansion is present in Tumbbad. 

That’s not all, the story of the treasure hidden deep inside the fort might also be real. This is not our quoted statement. The villagers do believe in the story and this statement has been derived from their wording! This does give us goosebumps. But whether Hastar lives in the mansion or not is nowhere to be found in our research. Whether the old woman ever existed or not can’t be told accurately! A few believe the mansion is haunted since people avoid or rather refuse to visit it after sunset. The movie is based upon the pillars of actual mystery and suspense and that’s what makes it so special and unique.

The movie was released back in 2018 and people do love to rewatch it. Four years passed by and yet people would love to see Tumbbad 2. This tells us about the incredible popularity of the movie. If you still haven’t got your hands on Tumbbad, then you are surely missing out on a good horror movie. The creators might soon come out with part 2, so before you watch the sequel movie, don’t forget to binge on Tumbbad exclusively just on Prime Video.

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Is Tumbbad 2 Happening?

Well, the answer to this lies only with Rahi Anil Barve. The talented director of the movie is still silent on the sequel film. Tumbbad has leveled up our expectations. If they are planning to do part 2, then they have to come up with a solid and gripping storyline. Maybe they will bring back Pandurang! He managed to make his way out of the village. But the movie didn’t wrap up properly. Several versions of Hastar exist! Moreover, they might think of constructing a brand new story around Tumbbad 2.

How about a group of greedy men who will come down to this visit? This time the movie might tell us about the intense desires of the new generation. Maybe this time we will see some young and educated literates in the movie, who will come down to search for the Goddess of Prosperity. There are endless theories around Tumbbad 2. Some sources do think Tumbbad 2 will never happen as this might tear down the established image of Tumbbad. Well, we will keep you updated with the latest gossip around Tumbbad 2, till then, to get more such information on the latest movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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